Monday, March 5, 2012

Raw Preview 03/05/12

The Road to Wrestlemania 28 continues with tonight's episode of Raw.  Last week saw John Cena and The Rock come face-to-face in the ring once again.  These two are headed towards a classic battle at WM28 in Miami, and the war of words is heating up.  Cena one again criticized Rock for leaving the fans, and promised to be victorious at Wrestlemania.  However, The Rock has promised to defeat Cena as well.  What will be next on the card for John Cena as he prepares for The Rock at Mania?

Also, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels will make another visit to WWE Raw for tonight's SuperShow.  Michaels appeared in the ring weeks ago to try to convince his friend Triple H that he wanted to face The Undertaker again.  The Undertaker was able to use this to his advantage by baiting Triple H, suggesting that maybe HBK is better than him.  That was enough to make Triple H to challenge Undertaker to Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania.  With Michaels returning to Raw what will he have to say to Hunter now?

Tonight's Raw SuperShow will also feature Smackdown GM Teddy Long running the show.  Teddy and Raw interim GM John Laurinaitis will trade shows with JL running Smackdown on Friday.  Both GM's believe they are the man who should be in charge of both shows, permanently.  As one of his first matches for the Raw show, Long has booked Laurinaitis' legal councilman, David Otunga, to take on Great Khali.  What else will Long have in store for tonight's episode?  Will Laurinaitis get involved?

Watch the latest episode of Raw SuperShow tonight at 9PM EST on USA!

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