Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WWE NXT Results 03/14/12

Here are the latest WWE NXT results for the online show taped in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Uso Brothers beat Darren Young and Titus O'Neil by pinfall.  Late in the match, Jimmy was on fire in the ring and took down Titus with a reverse crossbody from the corner.  Young broke up a pinfall, then tried to hit his finisher on Jey.  Titus threw Jey out of the ring and tried to finish off Jimmy.  Jimmy countered him and hit a Samoan Slam, then tagged in Jey for the Splash finisher.

They showed a backstage segment with Alex Riley and Percy Watson joking about playing basketball.  They started walking down the hall backstage and bumped into Hawkins and Reks who started a fight.  William Regal came walking up and booked a match between the two teams adding that if Reks/Hawkins lose, they have to do his laundry.

-Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks defeated Alex Riley and Percy Watson by pinfall.  Watson made a late hot tag to Riley who came in to take it to Hawkins.  He went for a corner move after a splash on Hawkins, but Reks came over and hit him.  Watson rushed over to clothesline Reks out of the ring.  Hawkins tossed Riley from the corner to the mat, then hit a flying elbow for the win.
Hawkins shot an evil grin towards William Regal after the win.  Hawkins told Regal he'll need to find someone else to do his laundry.  Reks added that he and Hawkins are just getting started.

Maxine was backstage in an office replacing a photo in a frame.  As she stood up to leave, Kaitlyn came rushing in and bumped into her.  She said she was playing tag with Bateman, then said she almost missed her flight againt this week because someone tried to cancel her reservation.  Maxine pretended not to know about it.  Bateman came in and told them to play nice, then told Maxine to save it for their match later.  Curtis came in next and added in some creepy lines, before they all left the scene.

Michael McGillicutty came out in street clothes and watched what Tyson Kidd did to him last week on the Titantron.  McGill called Kidd "pathetic" and a "loser like every person there."  He chastised the crowd for yelling at him in the parking lot for his autograph.  McGill said about Tyson's rematch, it's not going to happen.

Kidd came out to respond talking about how he respects McGill and how he's been wrestling since age 16.  McGill said Kidd will never be a Hart no matter how much he tries or talks about it.  Kidd paused for a minute, then clocked McGill.  The two ended up tackling each other out to the ground and fighting to the announce table.  Kidd ultimately threw McGill back in the ring and nearly put the Sharpshooter on.  McGill kicked away and escaped the ring, then yelled at Kidd "You got your rematch, you're done!"

Regal and Matthews talked up the Rock vs Cena rap and rock concert from Raw.  The Raw Rebound was shown with highlights from the two wrestler's musical performances. More emphasis was placed on The Rock's lyrics dissing John Cena, with only a bit of Cena's rap shown.

Derrick Bateman and Kaitlyn defeated Johnny Curtis and Maxine by pinfall.  Late in the match, Curtis was using holds on Bateman with Kaitlyn trying to rally him from the apron.  Bateman fought out of the hold and hit Curtis, then Kaitlyn raked Curtis' eye, allowing Bateman to finish Curtis off.

Post-match, Bateman and Kaitlyn went over to kiss Bateman's mother.  Maxine got in the ring and started to yell at Curtis.  Bateman got on the mic to announce they're officially over.  He told Maxine he's done playing games with her, "so Kaitlyn, tag you're it."  Bateman planted a kiss on Kaitlyn to get Maxine upset in the ring.

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