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WWE Smackdown Results 03/16/12

Smackdown opened with the return of Christian for "The Peep Show."  He had interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis and Smackdown GM Teddy Long as his guests to promote the Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny tag match at Wrestlemania 28.  Christian tried to get Teddy to give him another title match for being on his team.  Laurinaitis interrupted Teddy saying it would be an honor for Christian to be on his team and said if his team wins Christian gets another championship match.

Teddy Long tried to book Christian to compete in a match, but Laurinaitis said he's not medically cleared for action.  Long said instead Otunga can compete then, against the newest member of Team Long, Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston defeated David Otunga by pinfall.  Aksana, Santino and Christian were ringside while Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis were also on commentary for the match.  Late in the match, Teddy Long told the ref to toss Christian out from the ringside area.  Laurinaitis and Long got into an argument ringside, distracting the ref.  Otunga tried to use his belt as a weapon but Santino got on the apron and grabbed it from him.  Otunga punched Santino off the apron, but then got hit by Trouble in Paradise as he turned around.

They showed the Divas Locker Room door backstage, and then Daniel Bryan appeared in front of the door.  AJ shyly opened the door and stepped out wearing a slinky black dress, telling Bryan she didn't think it fit right.  Daniel told her to do a spin, then said it looked better on the mannequin.  He brought up how they're going to be the next WWE power couple like Macho Man/Elizabeth, or HHH/Stephanie.  He said he's got AJ a match next and if she win's she'll get a future divas title shot.  He said he'll be in her corner tonight to help her, just like in life.

AJ defeated Nikki Bella by pinfall.  Daniel Bryan was at ringside for AJ, while Brie was at ringside for Nikki.  Brie tried to do Twin Magic late in the match but Bryan told the ref they were trying to cheat.  However, the ref became distracted talking to Bryan and Brie yanked AJ down to the mat from the apron by her hair.  Nikki went for the win, but AJ countered into a hurricanrana for the pinfall.  Post-match, Bryan got in the ring and started jumping up on the corners raising his arms in victory over the win.

They showed the Raw Rebound with highlights from Rock's concert in Cleveland this past Monday on Raw.  They announced that The Rock's concert is available on iTunes right now.  Cole and Booker talked about who they thought was better in concert.  Cole announced Cena vs. Henry on Raw this Monday.

Backstage segment had Matt Striker interviewing Cody Rhodes about Big Show's Wrestlemania moments.  Rhodes said 364 days of the year, Big Show is the biggest there is, but on one day, Wrestlemania, he's a choke artist.  Rhodes said Show's never won a one-on-one match at Mania ever.  Striker said Rhodes takes on Great Khali next.

Cody Rhodes defeated Great Khali by pinfall.  Late in the match, Khali had control and went for the big chop near the ropes.  Rhodes avoided it and yanked Khali's neck against the top rope.  He got back in the ring with a springboard dropkick to take down Khali, then hit the Beautiful Disaster for the win.

Randy Orton came to the ring to demand that Kane explain himself and why he keeps coming after him.  Kane came out and reminded Orton of footage from last July when they competed in a Street Fight.  Orton won, and Kane got hurt.  Kane said the person who shook Orton's hand after that match ended is now gone, and he's been replaced by the monster Kane has always been.  Orton told him that was very enlightening, then taunted Kane to come to the ring and finish what he started.  Kane began walking down the ramp then stopped to tell Orton he wants his demise to happen at Wrestlemania.  Kane threw his hands up then down and let the pyro explode from the ringposts.

Big Show knocked out Drew McIntyre for the win.

Mark Henry defeated Yoshi Tatsu

Chris Jericho did another promo about CM Punk and alcoholism ahead of their Wrestlemania match.

Chris Jericho defeated Sheamus by countout after Daniel Bryan attacked Sheamus when the ref was distracted.


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