Thursday, March 15, 2012

WWE Superstars 03/15/12

Josh Matthews welcomed fans to the show ahead of Wrestlemania 28.  Matt Striker was along with him for commentary on the opening match.  Justin Gabriel arrived to the ring first, followed by Hunico on the back of a low-rider back driven by Camacho.  Hunico cut a promo before the match about how he's had to earn everything he gets in this country.

Hunico defeated Justin Gabriel by pinfall.  Gabriel made a comeback late after dropkicking Hunico in the air.  He landed several kicks to take down Hunico, and dropkicked him out of the ring where Camacho checked on him.  Gabriel did a springboard dive onto both men to crash to the floor.  Gabriel did another springboard dropkick to the back of Hunico's neck, but couldn't get the pin.  Hunico did a suplex though for a near fall of his own.

Later, Camacho went over to try to rally Hunico from the side apron.  Gabriel was on the apron and yelled at Camacho to move, then kicked him away.  Gabriel climbed up for the 450 Splash, with Hunico able to get up and crotch him, then suplex Gabriel to the mat for a pinfall win.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston defeated Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins by pinfall.  Late in the match, the heels were isolating Kofi to keep him from tagging in Truth.  He finally escaped though and Truth came in to take down both Reks and Hawkins.  Kofi had a pinfall on Hawkins, but Reks came in to interfere.  Kofi tossed Reks over the top rope then went back on the apron.  The ref was distracted looking outside the ring at Reks and Kofi did the Trouble in Paradise kick on a stumbling around Hawkins.  Truth hit the Little Jimmy to finish Hawkins off.

They did the Raw Rebound which showed off mostly the Rock's "Let's Rock" song at the end of Raw this past Monday night.  He got the crowd into it with "Cleveland Rocks" to finish off the show.

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly in a non-title matchup.  Beth got an early advantage and taunted Kelly down on the mat, but Kelly made a quick comeback and did her handspring move followed by the Rikishi move.  Kelly did a headscissors and then went upside down over the top rope.  Kelly flew off the corner, but Beth managed to punch back to regain control.  Towards the end, Kelly avoided Beth in the corner and got a schoolboy rollup but Beth kicked out.

The close saw Kelly get her spinning headscissors move, but Beth yanked her against the ropes when Kelly walked up to her.  Kelly escaped the Glam Slam, turning it into a pinfall, with Beth escaping.  Beth signaled for Glam Slam again and this time hit it for the win.

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