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Raw Results 03/19/12

Raw started with CM Punk coming to the ring to discuss how upset he was over Jericho bringing up his dad's alcoholism last week.  He said Jericho forgot the facts, that his dad's overcome alcoholism and he's proud of him for that.  Punk said he's proud of being straight edge and now Jericho's plan has backfired because it will bring the monster in Punk out at Wrestlemania 28.

Jericho appeared on the big screen in a suit, live via satellite.  He said he apologized for bringing up Punk's dad and won't do it again.  He brought up Punk's sister though and talked about her being a drug addict.  That got Punk enraged in the ring to the point he swore several times on the mic and vowed to beat the "s---" out of Jericho at Mania.

Kane defeated Big Show by pinfall.  Cody Rhodes came to the ringside area to go on commentary, but put on some boxing gloves to mock Show getting beat by Floyd Mayweather at Wrestlemania several years ago.  The close of the match saw Show distracted by Rhodes to the point Kane chokeslammed Show off the corner for the win.  Post-match, Rhodes hit the Beautiful Disaster Kick on Show in the ring and then cuffed him to the ropes.  He punched away on Show for a while until refs got involved and Rhodes eventually took off.

David Otunga defeated Santino Marella by pinfall in a non-title matchup.  The finish saw Laurinaitis and Long ringside in another argument after JL tried to slip a foreign object in the ring to Otunga.  The distraction allowed Otunga to nail Santino with his finisher.

They had a promo for a "new" Japanese wrestler named Lord Tensai who is coming soon.

They had a video segment featuring The Rock talking in front of the Rocky statue in Philly.  He showed a picture of himself as a young boy in front of the same statue and talked about how he promised he'd become the greatest wrestler ever then.  He brought up legends like Mick Foley Ric Flair, Randy Savage, and talked about how beating Cena will validate that The Rock is the greatest of all time.

Daniel Bryan defeated Zack Ryder by submission hold in about two minutes.  Late in the match, Ryder was on the comeback, hitting the Broski boot and then going for the Rough Ryder.  However, Bryan countered it into the Labelle Lock to get the win.  Post-match, he got a kiss on the cheek from AJ.

John Cena was reportedly in a minor car accident while driving around Philly.  Cole said Cena says he's fine to compete but a marketing rep with Cena says otherwise.

John Cena defeated Mark Henry by pinfall.  Late in the match Cena hit the AA on Henry after ducking a move from Henry.  Post-match, The Rock's music hit and he arrived out to the ring.  He grabbed Henry and hit the Rock Bottom, then stared at an exhausted and shocked Cena.  Rock stood there a bit before leaving, having sent Cena a message.

The Miz came out demanding an open challenge match so he could be a part of Team Laurinaitis.  However, he lost to Sheamus in the match after the Brogue Kick.  Backstage, they showed Laurinaitis shaking his head in disbelief about Miz's performance.

Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler defeated R-Truth and Kofi Kingston by pinfall, after Ziggler hit the Zig Zag on Truth for the pin.  Vickie and Aksana fought outside the ring, requiring their respective wrestlers to hold them apart.

The main segment featured Shawn Michaels talking about how he's a big deal at Wrestlmania 28 as special ref in the Taker vs HHH match.  Both guys came out and got into it, with both vowing to end the other.  Taker reminded Michaels not to interfere in this and to keep it pure.  Taker also closed by telling HHH that Shawn Michaels is better than him.  That left HHH angry in the ring staring face to fae with Shawn Michaels.

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