Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WWE NXT Results 03/21/12

WWE NXT Results from Newark, NJ:

Justin Gabriel defeated Curt Hawkins by pinfall.  Gabriel won it in just over 2 minutes after hitting the 450 Splash.

They had a backstage segment with Titus O'Neil and Darren Young hitting on Tamina.  The Usos showed up to interrupt, and left with Tamina.  Titus told Young to take care of business tonight.

Darren Young defeated Jimmy Uso by pinfall.  Late in the match, Young avoided an attack by Jimmy, then tossed him shoulder-first into the steel post.  He finished by hitting the Gut Check for the win.

Josh Matthews got a note at the announcers table that his car alarm was going off, so he left the scene.

Backstage, Maxine and Johnny Curtis devised a plan to get Josh Matthews away from William Regal.  Maxine wanted to get off NXT so she'd need to get close to Regal to seduce him.  They showed Josh Matthews asking Matt Striker to fill in for him.  Curtis attacked Striker, using a chloroform rag to subdue him, then stuck him into a crate.

Maxine went down the ramp to join William Regal for the next match, bringing a "care kit" with her.

Percy Watson defeated Tyler Reks by pinfall.  During the match, Maxine sat in for Josh Matthews with William Regal.  She was trying to seduce him, giving him a foot massage during the match.  Watson managed to hit Showtime Splash and then later the Percycution for the pinfall.

Tyson Kidd defeated Michael McGillicutty.  Late in the match, Kidd had a Sharpshooter on but McGill kicked out of it.  They traded pinfalls with Kidd eventually able to secure one for the win.  Post-match, McGillicutty said it wasn't over yet on a mic and promised to hurt Kidd - in his heart.

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