Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Early 2012 MITB Match Predictions

As of Monday's Raw episode, one of the 2012 Money in the Bank ladder matches was revealed to the WWE Universe.  John Cena put his name into the match for the first time ever.  He was joined by three other former WWE champions who will compete in what used to be Raw's version of the match.

There is now an MITB match for the WWE championship contract, and one for the World Heavyweight championship contract.  As many fans know, the distinction between Raw and Smackdown is nothing more than two different TV shows and time slots.  The rosters have pretty much merged.

That said, this is a rather strange field of competitors for the WWE Title MITB match: Cena, Jericho, Show, Kane.  None of these guys are particularly aerial wrestlers, which has made for exciting highlights in the past.  Guys like Evan Bourne, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, and CM Punk have really made this match famous.  Cena, Big Show, Jericho, and Kane don't exactly conjur up images of high flyers or daredevils with a ladder.

Also, one guy who has really been buried is obviously, The Miz, who is a former WWE champion.  Shouldn't he be among the competitors?  It seems he's been pushed way down the competitive ladder, so to speak.  Maybe he'll start lobbying for a spot in the coming weeks.

With the WWE title MITB match, eveyone's logical conclusion seems to be John Cena will win.  However, strong "cases" can be made for both Chris Jericho and Big Show.  Both are heels who seem like the types who would cash in with a briefcase.  In the past, it's been all about heels, and Cena obviously isn't one.  With all that said, it seems as if maybe Cena and Show will cancel each other out, and Kane will get distracted by AJ.  That leaves Jericho to win MITB for this match.

Jericho's a good choice too, as he will brag and boast with that briefcase in hand, for as long as WWE wants him to.  He doesn't really need to wrestle, and can keep teasing when he will ultimately cash it in.  Jericho's done classic promos in the past, and it makes sense to have him continue on and on about winning the match and the contract.

As for the other MITB match, it seems that at least two competitors for that could be Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler.  That's if they aren't put into a match with Sheamus at the Pay-Per-View.  It's going to be interesting to see who is put into that match, as Randy Orton may still be suspended and not available for it.  Rey Mysterio would be a logical choice if they're going for former champions, as would Daniel Bryan, but he's going to be having a match with CM Punk.  Of course, that doesn't mean Bryan couldn't be a surprise entrant and winner, who cashes in later on.

WWE fans sound off below, who do you predict to win the WWE title version of the MITB match?

Who do you think will be in the other MITB match?  Who will win?

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