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Raw Results 06/26/12

Raw Results from Fort Wayne, IN:

The latest episode opened with a video package about unstable AJ's involvement in the Kane, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan saga.

They show AJ backstage supposedly meeting with Kane, Punk and Bryan.  She says she needs to drift apart from Bryan, loses all inhibitions with Kane, and wants to be Punk's soulmate, but isn't sure what he wants.  She says maybe they should all go their separate ways.  The camera shows that AJ is talking to herself in a mirror.

Daniel Bryan defeated CM Punk (and Kane) by pinfall in a triple threat non-title match.  Late in the match, AJ arrived out just as Kane was going to chokeslam Punk.  She starts skipping around the ring as a distraction.  Punk slides out of Kane's chokeslam attempt, then hits GTS to eliminate Kane.  Moments later, Bryan delivers a big kick to Punk's head to cover him for the win.

They had a backstage segment with Del Rio walking in along with Ricardo Rodriguez to visit Vickie Guerrero.  Dolph Ziggler shows up asking for another shot at Sheamus for the World title.  Vickie says she's arranged a #1 contender's match with a contract attached to a pole.  First man to grab it, gets to face Sheamus on Smackdown.  Ziggler gets irate and smashes the vase of flowers that Ricardo brought to Vickie.

Big Show defeated Brodus Clay by pinfall.  Show targeted Clay's already-injured leg in this match, including smashing his leg against the ring post.  At one point, Show hits a splash from the second turnbuckle area.  Clay started to fight back with headbutts when Show went for a KO punch.  Clay tries to do a scoop slam on Show, but his hurt leg gives out, and Show falls on top of him for a pinfall.  Post-match, Clay's dancers and trainers checked on Brodus' knee in the ring.

After showing video footage of the Triple H and Paul Heyman incidents, they announce that Brock Lesnar will have his official answer for Triple H's SummerSlam challenge, next week on Raw.

They had a backstage segment with AJ and Kane talking about relationships.  Kane tells AJ he's not boyfriend material and enjoys eviscerating people.  He says he finds AJ mentally unstable and it's best if they stay away from one another.  He tells her goodbye and walks off.  AJ begins going crazy, smiling, then crying.

Santino Marella defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall to retain the US Championship.  The match was Santino's first Raw title defense since April.  In the end, he makes a comeback against Swagger after a powerslam.  Santino goes through his moves including the hip toss and a diving headbutt, before pulling out the Cobra.  Swagger grabbed Santino, but Marella countered into a DDT, and then hit the Cobra punch to win.

John Cena arrived out to make a big announcement, but got interrupted by Chris Jericho.  Jericho told Cena to make his big announcement, then get the hell of out his ring.  Cena said he plans to stop Big Show from winning MITB, and so he'll enter the match for his first time ever.  Jericho laughs it off, since Cena has no experience in this "career ending" match.  Jericho says he's entering as well.  Vickie Guerrero comes out and says there will be two MITB matches, one for a WWE Title contract and other for a World Title contract.  Vickie says Cena, Jericho, Show and Kane will compete in the WWE title opportunity MITB match, since it's only for former WWE champions.

Psycho Sid defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  Sid was the latest legend who came to Raw in anticipation/celebration of the upcoming 1000th Raw.  He defeated Slater with a big leg drop followed by a Powerbomb late in the match.

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio fought to no contest in a #1 Contender's match for the World Heavyweight Title.  The object of the match was to retrieve a contract hanging from a pole in the ring corner.  At one point, the two men fought near the corner with the contract falling to the floor.  They kept fighting to get it, but it kept falling out of their reach.  Eventually, Sheamus comes out to say they'll both be facing him on Smackdown this Friday in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Title.

AJ Lee won a Divas Beach Bikini Battle Royal.  The match included Layla, Tamina, Alicia, Rosa, Kaitlyn, Beth Phoenix and AJ.  Vickie Guerrero arrives out and puts herself in the match too.  Late in the match it came down to Layla, AJ and Vickie Guerrero.  Layla gets eliminated, then Vickie tries to toss AJ out.  AJ hangs on, then Vickie turns to see AJ smiling.  Vickie shoves her, but AJ starts up a big fight, and eventually kicks Vickie out of the ring to win it.  AJ does the Daniel Bryan "YES!" chants to celebrate her win.

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho due to disqualification.  In the late stages, Cena went for Attitude Adjustment, right after Big Show's music hit and he started to walk down the ramp.  Jericho elbowed out and put Cena into Walls of Jericho.  Show got into the ring, ran against the ropes and did a big elbow drop on Cena, causing a DQ.  He stared at Jericho, who allowed Show to take over, and left the ring.  Show delivered a KO punch on Cena, then locked him into a chinlock hold as Raw was ending.  He finally released it after the ref kept yelling at him, as Raw went off the air.

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