Monday, June 25, 2012

Raw Preview 06/25/12

Tonight's Raw SuperShow will feature the return of Chris Jericho.  Jericho had been serving a suspension after a flag incident in Brazil.  However, the man who had been the top challenger for CM Punk's WWE title is back again.  Will he be going after Punk once again, or will Y2J have a new agenda now that he's back?

Tonight's episode of Raw will also feature the second audition of former General Managers.  This time around, Vickie Guerrero will be serving as the GM for Raw and Smackdown.  With Vickie in charge of Dolph Ziggler, one has to imagine she'll try to give him a favorable match or even a title shot.  It also probably means trouble for many other stars on the roster.  What will Vickie have in store for the Raw roster?

And finally, last week's Raw saw Triple H make the challenge to Brock Lesnar loud and clear.  The Game served notice on Lesnar's mouthpiece, Paul Heyman, by knocking him down on the mat.  This came after Heyman told Triple H "No" in response to his SummerSlam match challenge for Lesnar.  Triple H told Heyman it made Brock look scared, and Heyman tried to shrug off the "mind games."  However, he couldn't shrug off getting punched down by The Game.  Will Heyman, or Brock, have a new answer for Triple H on tonight's show?

Check out tonight's Raw SuperShow starting at 9PM EST on USA!

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