Thursday, August 16, 2012

WWE Superstars 08/16/12 Results

WWE Superstars Results 08/16/12:

Scott Stanford appeared on the voiceover after the Superstars intro video was shown.  He hyped up Justin Gabriel vs. Damien Sandow in the main event.  The Uso's made their entrance performing their on-stage dance and chant for the first match of Superstars.  Michael McGillicutty and Johnny Curtis came out as the opponents.  Johnny Curtis was sporting a new hair style.  Both guys wore leather jackets as if they were a new team, and Stanford pointed out Curtis had "#letsgetweird" on his trunks.

The Uso's won by pinfall over Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis.  Late in this one, Jey rushed in save his partner who was getting beat up.  He managed to knock Curtis out of the ring but then got sent back to the apron by the ref.  Jimmy continued to sustain the doubleteam attacks for a bit, but then fought back against Curtis and punched down McGill.  Jimmy started the slow crawl across the ring and finally made a hot tag to Jey.  McGill also tagged in but was the recipient of Jimmy's fastpaced attack.  He revved up the crowd with the "Us - O!" chant, then did the hip splash in the corner, before hitting a Samoan backwards slam.  The match finished with a big Samoan Splash on McGillicutty for the pin.

Alex Riley defeated Drew McIntyre by pinfall.  Late in this match, A-Ry had the momentum after hitting a big spinebuster.  He hit a boot to the face and then did the A-Bomb off the top rope onto Drew for a near fall.  McIntyre regained control after hitting a bodyslam, but he missed on a leg drop from the top rope.  Riley capitalized on the mistake and hit his Final Score for the win.

Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel by pinfall.  Sandow repeatedly kicked Gabriel in the corner and used his boots on him, but the ref called him off.  Sandow hit his big elbow on Justin for a near fall.  Gabriel avoids a big punch from Sandow and sarted to kick away on Sandow, taking him down.  Gabriel hit a springboard crossbody for a 2 count, then a springboard moonsault for another 2.  Gabriel went to the top, but Sandow throws him off balance.  From there, Sandow knees Gabriel in the gut and then hits a neckbreaker for the win.  To celebrate, Sandow does his cartwheel in the ring.

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