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Raw Results 08/13/12

Raw Results from Dallas, TX:

The latest episode of Raw was the final show ahead of the 2012 SummerSlam Pay-Per-View, with a contract signing between Brock Lesnar and Triple H scheduled, and Shawn Michaels expected to appear live on the show as well.

CM Punk defeated Big Show due to disqualification.  During the match, Punk had gained control against Show, but Daniel Bryan came out claiming he could make Punk tap.  Bryan was upset he isn't wrestling for he WWE title at SummerSlam, so he rushed into the ring and put the Yes Lock on Punk, causing a DQ.  Show watched for a bit, then walked over and hi an elbow drop on Punk while he was down.  Suddenly, John Cena rushed out and into the ring to clothesline Show to the outside.  Bryan attacked from behind, but Cena managed to dump him out over the top rope.  As Punk got back up he shot a look at Cena.  GM AJ Lee came skipping out and said that Bryan and Show will now face Cena and Punk in a match tonight.  Punk and Cena kept arguing in the ring.

Backstage, JTG is talking to Kaitlyn about how he can't even get a match on a 3-hour show.  AJ walks up asking if he thinks she's doing a bad job.  JTG gets quiet, and AJ tells him to head to the ring and she'll find him an opponent.  AJ then asks Kaitlyn if she thinks she's unstable, but Kaitlyn says she can think of many words to describe her, but not "unstable."

Ryback defeated JTG by pinfall.  Ryback came out to a new entrance theme song for tonight's match.

They announed that Antonio Cesaro will face Santino Marella for the United States title during the SummerSlam live stream pre-show this Sunday.

Backstage, they had Roddy Piper rambling to Shawn Michaels.  HBK got a phone call and seemed to be from Triple H, who was stuck on his flight there.  Shawn says he needs HHH there because it's not his fight.  Michaels hangs up looking worried.

R-Truth defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  Late in the match, Slater had Truth grounded, but Truth made a comeback.  He hit a big clothesline and then a faceplant finisher for the win.  Post-match, Truth got attacked by Titus O'Neil and Darren Young.  Kofi Kingston is currently on tour overseas.

Cole and Lawler talked about how the World Heavyweight title match between Sheamus and Del Rio for SummerSlam was canceled by Booker T.  They showed a Tout video from Del Rio saying he'll speak with Booker on Friday's SmackDown about it.

Sin Cara defeated Tensai by pinfall.  Late in the match, Tensai went for the big splash with Cara moving away in the corner.  Cara hit a senton from up top, then later kicked Sakamoto off the apron, before sending Tensai into him.  Cara eventually won with a surprising pin out of nowhere.  Post-match, Cara rushed up the ramp in celebration.  An outraged Tensai attacked Sakamoto in the ring.

They had the latest "Piper's Pit," with special guest (as voted by fans) Chris Jericho.  It ended up with Vickie and Ziggler coming out to argue with Jericho.  Piper got involved, knocking Dolph for wearing pink.  Jericho promised he'll defeat Ziggler at SummerSlam on Sunday.  Then The Miz arrived out telling Ziggler he can be his guest in the ring, but Piper and Jericho need to get the hell out.  Piper yells no, and then Jericho lays out The Miz.  Jericho goes after Dolph, and throws Miz to the outside.  Ziggler tries to use the briefcase, but Jericho blocked it and tossed him outside.  After a break, a match was set up between Jericho, Miz and Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz and Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat match.  Late in this one, Jericho had Walls of Jericho on Miz, who started tapping out, as Vickie had the referee distracted.  Ziggler rushed into the ring and hit the Zig Zag on Jericho to steal the win.

CM Punk is warming up backstage when Eve appears to congratulate him on "the new CM Punk."  He says there isn't a new CM Punk, he's the same guy as before.  Punk says he fights for respect because he deserves it.  Eve said nobody believes that, especially not Cena.  Punk says he'll go tell Cena that himself.

Backstage, Shawn Michaels goes up to a buffet table, looking around all nervous.  Suddenly he turns around and Cena is there, asking if he's OK.  Michaels says yes just a bit on edge, then walks off. Cena turns around and Punk is there.  He says he won't stab anyone in the back but at SummerSlam he'll make sure Cena and Show don't walk out as champion.

Layla and Kaitlyn defeated Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres by pinfall.  Kaitlyn got the surprise pinfall on Beth after pushing her into Eve and then rolling up Beth.  On Friday's Smackdown, Kaitlyn takes on Eve to determine who will be Booker T's assistant on SmackDown.

CM Punk and John Cena won by pinfall over Daniel Bryan and Big Show.  The match became a bit of a "one up" type contest as Cena and Punk kept slapping each other's backs for blind tags.  At one point, Punk mocked Cena's You Can't See Me.  He tried to go against the ropes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Cena slapped his back to get in.  He did Punk's high knee in the corner and then a bulldog from the corner on Bryan.  Punk jumped down from the apron and backed off from the match with his title belt.  Cena still hit the AA and pinned Bryan for the win.

Post-match, Cena celebrates and Big Show rushes in.  Punk makes a save and knocks out Show with the WWE title belt.  Cena turns to see Punk standing there wielding he belt and looks puzzled.  Punk walks up and offers a handshake but Cena just looks at him.  Punk gets upset and leaves the ring.

Backstage, Josh Matthews catches up with Punk.  Punk says Cena went into business for himself and only really cares about himself.  Punk says Cena not shaking his hand is the ultimate sign of disrespect.  He said he'll teach Cena and everyone else about respect this Sunday at SummerSlam.

Damien Sandow defeated Christian by pinfall.  During the match, Brodus Clay arrives limping onto the ramp with his hurt leg wrapped up.  Christian tries to use the distraction but only gets a 2 count.  Sandow hits his neckbreaker finisher to win it.

They had the contract signing set up inside the ring.  Brock and Heyman came out, with Heyman continuing to taunt Michaels, inviting him to come out and tell Brock to his face that he thinks Triple H will win Sunday.  HBK arrives out and gets in the ring with a mic, but gets in a staredown with Lesnar.  Triple H's music hits after a while and he comes out, tearing off his suit coat and tie, then walking to the ring.  HHH stares at Brock as the crowd chants "Triple H!"  Triple H signs the contract, then Lesnar signs and throws the clipboard at HHH before leaving the ring with Heyman.  Lesnar just smirks at HHH from the outside and walks around the ring to the ramp.

Backstage, they showed Michaels having a conversation with Triple H about how he knows he's faced tought competitors like Undertaker or The Rock, but Brock Lesnar is on a whole other level.  Shawn says he'll be in HHH's corner, but Hunter needs to beat Lesnar on his own.  Shawn walks away leaving that to sink in for Triple H.

Matt Striker rushed to catch up with Big Show asking about how what happened in his match tonight with Punk and Cena affects him going into SummerSlam.  Show shrugged it off saying it doesn't.  He started talking more but then a commotion was heard down the way in the parking garage.  Striker rushed down to check on it, and the camera showed a car t-boned another.  As it got closer, Shawn Michaels was shown leaning out the window yelling at the other car, which had Paul Heyman in it saying "I'm sorry Shawn."  Just then, Brock Lesnar appeared and grabbed Michaels out of the car, he backed into the camera and it eventually cut to black, with Lesnar presumably beating up HBK as Heyman yelled "tell Triple H, we've got a message for Triple H."

When Raw returned from break, Cole and Lawler had the footage replayed.  The cameras went back to the scene with the busted up car and now various superstars standing around it.  A referee kept asking AJ where Shawn was, and she said she didn't know.  Triple H showed up asking what happened and where Shawn went.  AJ said Brock dragged him off.

All of a sudden, Lesnar emerged in the arena carrying Michaels on his shoulders, with Paul Heyman following behind.  Lesnar dumped Michaels in the ring and then got in with him.  Michaels got to his feet, and Lesnar hoisted him up, then hit the F5 before pacing around him.  Michaels tried to use Brock's leg to pull himself up.  Lesnar grabbed Michaels by the arm and locked on a UFC submission hold.

Suddenly, Triple H came rushing from backstage, but Heyman got on the mic warning him to stop.  He kept saying if HHH took another step, Lesnar would break his arm.  Triple H looked distrought as he held himself back.  However, Lesnar broke Michaels' arm anyway.  HHH rushed to the ring and Lesnar exited, then ran up the ramp with Heyman.  Heyman pretended upset that Lesnar broke HBK's arm.  Raw ended with Lesnar and Heyman up on the ramp as Triple H tore off his shirt in the ring ready to fight.

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