Monday, August 13, 2012

Raw Preview 08/13/12

Tonight's 3-hour episode of Raw will be the final edition of the show heading into SummerSlam 2012.  It's been a tumultuous past few weeks, with CM Punk turning the WWE Universe upside down, and now he'll be looking to gain an advantage against his two opponents for a Triple Threat match.  Last week saw Punk try to stand tall by knocking down John Cena and Big Show in the ring yet again.  However, this time Big Show was prepared with his KO punch, which he used to drop Punk and Cena.  That left Show standing tall as Raw ended.  What will happen on tonight's show?

It's also been rumored that Shawn Michaels may make an appearance on Raw yet again.  HBK is scheduled to serve as Triple H's corner man when The Game faces Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.  Lesnar told HBK last week, "I'll see you sooner," indicating he'd be seeing him before SummerSlam.  However, there's no indication that Lesnar is scheduled to be on tonight's show.  Will Brock make a surprise appearance and go after the Heartbreak Kid?

Also over the past weeks, a feud has been brewing between Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho.  Jericho seemed to get the upperhand on the latest Money in the Bank winner several weeks in a row.  However on Friday's Smackdown during the Highlight Reel, Jericho was ambushed in the ring by Ziggler and bashed down by the briefcase.  It seems there's plenty of bad blood between these two superstars, as both want to prove they deserve the spotlight more.  Which one of them will claim it on tonight's episode before Summerslam?

Catch all of the action on tonight's 3-hour Monday Night Raw starting at 8PM EST on USA!

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