Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update: Jerry Lawler Collapses During Raw

During the Monday, September 10th, 2012 episode of Raw in Montreal, Jerry "The King" Lawler collapsed at his ringside commentary position.  It was revealed later on in the show when Michael Cole was shown on camera by himself and told WWE fans it was not part of the evening's entertainment.

Cole seemed to be choked up as he made the announcements.  At one point, Cole noted that Lawler was receiving CPR backstage and was being revived.  Later on, Cole said there would be no further commentary on the show, out of respect for his colleague.

TMZ reported on the incident, in addition to WWE's website and multiple other wrestling sites.  Lawler, age 62, was breathing on his own after the incident, and at last indication, was being prepared for a CT-scan at the hospital.  As Raw ended, the news sounded encouraging, with Michael Cole asking his broadcast partner to keep on fighting.

More information available here at WWE.com.

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