Monday, September 3, 2012

Raw Preview 09/03/12

Last week's episode of Raw took a turn for the worst when CM Punk and Jerry Lawler faced off in a steel cage match.  The main event saw Punk become bloodied up, and eventually defeat Jerry Lawler.  From there, Punk locked himself inside the cage with Lawler to further torment him, demanding the King call him "best in the world."  Lawler refused and Punk kept up his attack, with John Cena having to rush to ringside to get the cage raised up so he could chase off Punk.  Nonetheless, Punk sent his message loud and clear that he will beat opponents senseless if they don't show him respect.  What will John Cena have to say to CM Punk on tonight's episode of Raw, as they are weeks away from a Night of Champions title match?

Last week also saw an emotional speech from Triple H regarding his in-ring wrestling career.  The Game said Brock Lesnar actually made him question if this was the end of the line for his career.  A teary-eyed HHH thanked the WWE Universe and said he had hoped he gave them some memorable moments.  With that, some believe Hunter may have seen his final days inside a wrestling ring.  However, The Game has yet to make any sort of official announcement.  Will that come during tonight's 3-hour show?

And finally, there are several other stories developing as Raw takes place on Monday, which center around Raw General Manager AJ Lee.  In one situation, she has been under fire from critics for how she handled Vickie Guerrero in the ring.  Vickie has asked the WWE Board to do something about AJ attacking her, or she will.  Also, AJ recently sent Daniel Bryan to anger management group therapy, which Kane also showed up for.  However, it appears Kane has not been able to benefit from it, as he attacked David Otunga and then Josh Matthews for a second time on Friday's Smackdown.  Will any of these situations be resolved on Monday night?

Check out Monday Night Raw at 8PM EST on USA!

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