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Raw Results 09/10/12

Raw Results from Montreal:

The show kicked off with Bret Hart making his way to the ring and getting a huge response from the fans cheering, chanting and singing.  He talked about how they've been in his heart for 15 years.  As he was continuing, CM Punk's music hit and he came out to interrupt.  Punk talked about how Bret wrote a book about himself and if Punk was ever egotistical enough to write his own book it'd be called "What If?" and talk about what if he and Bret fought at 1997 Survivor Series.  Punk said if he had fought Bret, he would've won, and the WWE would be dead.  Punk said because after he won he would've jumped ship to WCW and the Attitude Era would never have been born, and WWE would be dead. 

Punk started to go off about Hitman calling himself the best there ever will be, saying "you could call yourself the King of Memphis, but it doesn't make it true, does it Jerry?"  Punk asked Lawler how he was doing now.  Hart interrupted saying he had a long history with Lawler, but the guy at least showed up for their matches.  He said Punk left the ring last week like a coward before his match with Sheamus.  Footage was shown of Punk returning during the main event to attack Cena.  Heyman drove him away in a car.

Punk talked about how it was his hometown and he had to show John Cena about respect.  Punk asked Hart if he's going to use Cena as his "White Knight" tonight.  Hart said he spoke to Cena already and said he wanted to speak to the people first.  Punk kept vowing to defeat Cena on Sunday and put him to sleep.  Hart said Punk's putting all these people to sleep now.  Punk said he'll turn Cena into an "empty, broken shell of a man just like you are," and dropped the mic before leaving the ring and yelling "Best in the World" with his title held high as he walked up the ramp.

They announced that later on tonight Bret will interview John Cena ahead of his NOC match.

Cole announced that AJ Lee opened up voting on Twitter for CM Punk's opponent on Raw tonight: Brodus Clay, Jerry Lawler or Randy Orton: #PunkBrodus, #PunkLawler, #PunkOrton

There will be a Battle Royal held at 7:30PM EST on Sunday's Night of Champions Pre-show via YouTube, and Facebook to determine the #1 contender for the United States Championship.

Kofi Kingston & R-Truth defeated Antonio Cesaro & The Miz by pinfall in a non-title match.  The close saw Truth and Miz both go to the outside after the action broke down.  Cesaro ducked Trouble in Paradise once and try for a quick rollup.  Kofi kicked out and then hit Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Cole and Lawler reviewed the recent events from Raw and Smackdown which got Sheamus' Brogue Kick banned by Smackdown GM Booker T.  They showed Sheamus backstage talking with Bret Hart as Raw went to commercial.

They showed a segment from WWE headquarters earlier today where there was an official legal meeting involving David Otunga representing Ricardo Rodriguez in a neck brace with Sheamus across the table.  Otunga grilled Sheamus about his use of the Brogue Kick.  Sheamus admitted that if he had to do the Brogue Kick over again, he would.  Sheamus kept making a joke of the meeting, irritating Otunga and Rodriguez.  Otunga vs. Sheamus announced for later on tonight.

Eve, Layla & Kaitlyn defeated Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox and Natalya.  The close saw Alicia hit a superplex and a pinfall attempt on Kaitlyn.  She got hung up in the corner, and Layla tagged in.  Layla eventually hit a cross body for a 2 count.  She kicks Alicia in the face, but then Eve tagged herself in.  Eve then kicked Alicia and hit her neck breaker finisher to get the win herself.  Post-match, Eve celebrates with Kaitlyn and Layla, but they seem irritated by her stealing the win.

Backstage, Punk went to talk to GM AJ Lee, all angry that he has to fight on Raw tonight and Cena doesn't, plus he's irked the fans get to choose his opponent for his match.  AJ said it could be worse, she could make him face Sheamus.  She says since he bailed last week on the people, they get to decide his fate tonight.  AJ leaves, and Punk turns around to see Brodus Clay standing there smiling.

Punk arrived to the ring for his matchup and Michael Cole announced the results of the Twitter poll.  Punk's opponent is Randy Orton.  Cole announced that after tonight, CM Punk will move to 9th place all-time in WWE history in terms of length of WWE championship reigns.

CM Punk and Randy Orton fought to a non-finish when Dolph Ziggler and Jerry Lawler got involved.  Orton was ready to do his RKO, but Ziggler rushed into the ring to attack.  Orton dumped Punk out of the ring and hit a scoop slam on Ziggler.  Punk tried to come back in and attack, but Orton hit another scoop slam.  Eventually the two heels overcame him and Punk held Orton's legs in the corner.  Ziggler kept attacking, until finally Lawler stood up, already in his ring gear, put down his headset and rushed into the ring to make the save.  Orton and Lawler cleared the ring of the heels, then both went out of the ring.  Orton attacked Ziggler and Lawler attacked Punk as Raw went to break.

Jerry Lawler & Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler & CM Punk via pinfall.  During break, AJ Lee set up the tag team match from the previous situation.  During the match, Ziggler escaped from a DDT through the ropes attempt by Orton, and dumped him out of the ring.  As both guys were down, Paul Heyman came down the ramp and went over to the side of the ring.  Punk dropped off the apron and they had a meeting with Vickie yelling, "Excuse me! There's a match going on here!"  They kept up their meeting, with Heyman going over and grabbing Punk's championship belt and handing it to him.  In the ring, Orton hit his finisher on Ziggler to get the pinfall win, with Punk and Heyman oblivious to it.  The two walked off and up the ramp to the surprise of Orton, Lawler, Vickie, and Cole.

Backstage, Matt Striker caught up with CM Punk and Paul Heyman walking, deep in conversation still.  He asked the nature of their relationship and stuck the mic in Heyman's face.  Heyman looked at the mic and glared at Striker, then looked at Punk.  Striker held the mic for Punk who stared at him a bit then said "I'm a Paul Heyman guy" before they walked off.

Cole and Lawler reviewed last week's hug involving Daniel Bryan and Kane in the ring.  It ended with Bryan hitting Kane with a steel chair on the corner of the ring.

They showed Kane backstage in an office with Daniel Bryan.  Bryan said "Well? I was told you had something you wanted to say to me."  Kane said the same thing to Bryan.  Someone else chimed in, clearing their throat.  Kane called the person off-camera "the most demonic evil force he's ever encountered."  The camera revealed it was Dr. Shelby from the anger management classes.  AJ popped in saying she asked Dr. Shelby there tonight.  He said he has a radical idea that could help them, but it will depend on their ability to trust one another.  Kane and Bryan turned to stare at each other as Raw went to break.

Raw Rewind showed Zack Ryder getting the big win over Heath Slater last week.  Slater was in the ring with a mic after the segment, saying last week Ryder did something he's never done with the ladies, "he got lucky."  Slater demanded a rematch with Ryder tonight.  Zack appeared on the big screen and told Slater he's not facing Ry-der tonight, but someone else.  Ryback's music hit and out came Ryback to Slater's dismay.

Ryback defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.  Goldberg chants broke out as soon as the bell rang, with Ryback shoving Slater all the way across the ring and through the ropes to the floor.  Slater managed to get a drop toe hold to trip Ryback against the bottom turnbuckle, then hit a neckbreaker.  Ryback kept withstanding the attacks and pinfall attempts.  Ryback made his comeback though, hitting a big clothesline, Powerbomb, and ultimately hit the Shellshocked finisher after marching around the ring with Slater on his shoulders.

Cole and Lawler talked up the WWE Tout app being the most downloaded app on the internet right now.

AJ Lee was backstage in an office when Darren Young and Titus O'Neil showed up to ask what she wanted and if it involved increasing their salary.  She said there's been a mistake and they're not the #1 contenders for the tag team titles.  They were puzzled saying they've beaten all the other teams recently.  She said there's one team they still need to beat: Daniel Bryan and Kane.  AJ said they'd get the chance to do that tonight.

Daniel Bryan and Kane defeated The Prime Time Players by pinfall to become new #1 contenders for the tag team championships.  Kane yelled for a tag once Bryan made his comeback, but he told him "NO!" then went for a high risk move.  Bryan missed on a diving headbutt, allowing Young to put a headlock on him.  After Bryan hit a series of kicks on Young to knock him to the mat, Kane slapped Bryan's back to tag in.  He took it to Young after punching O'Neil off the apron.  Kane hit his big clothesline from the top rope then grabbed Young and hit the chokeslam.  O'Neil rushed in and went at Kane, who dumped him out over the ropes.  Bryan managed to slap Kane to tag himself in then kept smiling about, upsetting Kane.  Bryan went over to grab Young, but Kane grabbed Bryan, then chokeslammed him on top of Young.  Bryan was laying on top of Young and got the pinfall win.  Post-match, Kane raised Bryan's arm up before Bryan fell to the mat.  Cole said Bryan and Kane will now become #1 contenders of the tag titles and face Kofi and Truth on Sunday.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Tyson Kidd via submission.  Del Rio was introduced by Ricardo Rodriguez wearing a neck brace.  At one point, Del Rio went to taunt Kidd and tried to put the Sharpshooter on.  Kidd blocked and countered, putting the Sharpshooter on Del Rio to the crowd's delight.  Del Rio withstood the move and got to the ropes.  Kidd then missed on a leg drop on the apron, giving Del Rio the advantage.  He attacked Kidd's arm and then quickly put on the Cross Armbreaker submission.  Kidd quickly tapped out.  Post-match, Del Rio got on the mic saying he just destroyed this Canadian peasant.  He told Sheamus it's nothing compared to what will happen to him.

Michael Cole was shown on camera by himself and fought back tough emotions as he revealed that Jerry Lawler had been taken backstage on a stretcher to get medical attention.  He said Lawler collapsed earlier.  Cole said CPR was being performed to try to revive Lawler and it was not part of tonight's entertainment on Raw.

Sheamus defeated David Otunga via submission in a non-title match.  After making a comeback and hitting forearms to Otunga's chest on the apron, Sheamus used the Clover Leaf to make Otunga submit.  Post match he hit the Brogue Kick on Otunga.  AJ came out to try to reprimand Sheamus, but she was interrupted by Smackdown GM Booker T.  He told her this was official World Heavyweight Championship business that he would handle.  AJ stormed off backstage.  Booker told Sheamus the Brogue Kick was banned, pending his investigation.  He said if Sheamus uses it again, he'll be forced to strip him of the World Heavyweight Title.

Michael Cole was on camera again and said he wanted to preface that this was not part of the entertainment tonight.  He said earlier tonight Lawler collapsed on the ground and was taken backstage where CPR was administered.  He added Lawler was transported to a local hospital.  Cole said Jerry is receiving oxygen, but is breathing on his on.  Cole said his prayers are with him, and out of respect to Lawler tonight there would be no further commentary on the show, but they hope to give some sort of update before leaving the air tonight.

Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio via pinfall.  The close saw Rey go for a senton from the top rope.  Cody caught him though and went for a Powerbomb.  Rey slipped out of the move then dropkicked Cody into the ropes.  The Miz rushed down and then got on the apron.  Rey kicked  him off, but the distraction allowed Rhodes to grab Mysterio and hit Cross Rhodes to win.  Post-match, Miz went to grab Rey for an attack, but Rhodes got up, grabbed Miz and hit Cross Rhodes on him.  He raised up the Intercontinental belt for a bit before tossing it on Miz and leaving the ring.

John Cena was shown walking backstage ahead of his upcoming interview with Bret Hart.

Michael Cole gave another update saying that in what appears to be some encouraging news, Jerry Lawler is responding to lights being shined in his eyes by medical staff.  He said Lawler will receive a CT-Scan next and in true Lawler fashion is continuing to fight.

Bret Hart had John Cena in the ring to talk about his upcoming match against CM Punk at Night of Champions for the WWE title.  The crowd got on Cena multiple times including a "You Can't Wrestle" and Cena waited it out saying, he loves that Montreal recognizes a true Hall of Famer, saying he couldn't lace Hitman's boots.  Cena said he appreciated Hart mentioning him in the same sentence as Hitman and Shawn Michaels, but that Punk is not much like Michaels, because Michaels never portrayed himself as something he wasn't.

Hart called Punk a "phony little punk" which prompted CM Punk to come out and respond.  Cena said he's calling him a phony little punk too if that irritates him.  He invited Punk to get down in the ring, which Punk eventually did as he kept talking about how both Hart and Cena were surpassed by someone superior to themselves.  He told Cena that he surpassed him, and that Shawn Michaels surpassed Bret Hart.  Punk also called himself better than Shawn Michaels.  Punk told Hart he's better than Stone Cold and The Rock too.

Cena shot back that Punk is a scumbag, hypocrite and dishonest person, so he can add that to his resume.  Cena said Montreal is a very honest city and the crowd says stuff that's honest whether they want to hear it or not.  Cena said for 300 days Punk has had the WWE championship but it's been irrelevant all that time.  Cena said there is "no you" to Punk, because he's been there for many years.  Cena said the night Punk the most noise was the moment Punk's microphone went silent.  Cena said no matter what he's done things as himself, but Punk has stolen moves from the late great Randy Savage, and changed his identity, all because he's yet to find himself.

Cena said Punk will need to search for a new identity at Night of Champions, because he's in serious jeopardy of losing the title.  Cena said he owes a favor to the Montreal fans and then spoke in French.  Cena began to translate but Punk interrupted saying Cena has stopped to the level of the locals by speaking in their language.  Cena got right up in Punk's face saying they are the reason they do this.  He knocked the mic out of Punk's hands saying at Night of Champions he's going to kick his ass.  The two got in each other's faces and almost had a physical confrontation but backed away.  Punk went at Hart, but Hitman punched Punk down, causing the champ to roll out of the ring.  Punk clutched his belt and looked insulted as he backed up the ramp angrily.  Cena and Hart celebrated in ring.

Michael Cole was shown on camera after the segment.  He reported that Jerry Lawler's condition is stabilized, he is breathing on his own, and his heart is beating on his own.  Lawler signed off for Raw encouraging his commentary partner to fight this, and asking fans to keep Lawler in their thoughts and prayers.  Cena and Hart raised each others' arms up at ringside before the show went off the air.

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