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Raw Results 09/03/12

Raw Results from Chicago, IL:

When Raw opened Cole showed footage of how Jerry Lawler never made it out for his entrance on commentary before the show.  They showed backstage footage of CM Punk attacking Lawler, with numerous referees restraining him.  Lawler got up and tried to go at Punk who delivered a big boot kick to the face and then another while he was down, before refs backed him away.

The World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus arrived out to the ring to start the show and said the party never ends in Chicago, but it will end for one Alberto Del Rio.  CM Punk's music hit and he came out to interrupt Sheamus.  Punk told Sheamus not to try to talk to his hometown because they can't relate to him, they can relate to a guy like Punk who's from there.  Punk said the cameras didn't show backstage that Lawler tried to attack him from behind.  Punk said Lawler got what he deserved Chicago style.  Punk talked about teaching Lawler a lesson in respect in the cage last week until a white knight named "John Cena" intervened.  The Chicago crowd was clearly behind Punk tonight as he asked them if he turned his back on them and they chanted "No, No, No!"

Sheamus talked about Punk interrupting him which was just what Punk complained about Rock doing to him.  Sheamus said the difference was Rock had the guts to get in the ring.  Punk said he already layed out one goon tonight so Sheamus shouldn't push it.  AJ came out to interrupt and then announced she came up with some great matches.  One would have the challengers for the NOC title matches against each other: Cena vs. Del Rio.  The other would put Punk vs Sheamus in a champion vs. champion match.  AJ skipped down to the ring and around it, then back up the ramp and backstage.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Randy Orton by pinfall.  In the match, Orton had control and hit his DDT from the middle ropes.  He prepared for the RKO, but Ziggler managed to block it.  Orton rolled him up for a pinfall, with Ziggler reversing it into his own pinfall.  Ziggler secured Orton's tights to make sure he got the pin.  Post-match, As Ziggler and Vickie were heading backstage, WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz comes down to ringside to join Michael Cole on commentary.

They had a new anger management skit with Daniel Bryan and Kane having to show their anger collages off.  Bryan's was a sheet of paper with YES! and NO! written all over it.  He told the group he can't take the chants anymore.  Kane showed his paper and it was blank.  The doctor asked if that's how Kane feels inside.  Kane asked if they want to see how he feels.  He crushed up his paper and threw it in a trash can, then made the can explode with fire.  The teacher said they'd move on to talking about their families next.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated Cody Rhodes & Tensai via pinfall.  Late in this one, Rey hit 619 on Tensai with Cara following up with a missile dropkick.  Later, Cody lays out Mysterio from behind for a near fall.  Rey eventually hits a 619 on Cody which he hits, before tagging in Sin Cara to hit his leaping move off the top for the pin on Cody.

They showed another anger management segment where Daniel Bryan had to fall backwards and trust Kane to catch him.  Bryan was hesitant but then went for it.  Kane actually caught him.  The instructor asks them next to work together and catch Harold.  Bryan and Kane both let Harold fall and hit the ground.  Bryan tells Kane he trusts him and thinks he finally understands him.

CM Punk vs. Sheamus ends with a no decision as Punk decided to leave before the match.  Punk came to the ring and said since it's Labor Day a lot of people in Chicago probably took the day off, so they'll respect his decision to do the same.  He turns and walks out of the ring, then holds the title belt up at the bottom of the ramp.  Punk walks up the ramp and backstage.  Sheamus gets on the mic upset saying Punk just disrespected all the fans who wanted to see this matchup.

Backstage, Punk is walking with a smug look on his face as he gets to his ride.  AJ Lee comes rushing up saying he can't leave he has a match right now.  Punk says he's taking one of the personal days in his contract, then goes and gets in the car which takes off.  Matt Striker rushes up to interview AJ about what's going on with Raw and she asks who he is several times.  She tells him to go tell Sheams to stay in the ring and she'll find him an opponent.

Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger by pinfall.  Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez came to the ring for commentary.  During the match, Swagger had a late comeback after hitting his Swagger Bomb, but only get a 2 count.  As they continued fighting, Sheamus eventually gets the upper hand and puts on the Texas Cloverleaf to make Swagger tap out.

Post-match, Ricardo distracts Sheamus from the apron.  Del Rio attacks Sheamus from behind, but Sheamus manages to fight back.  Ricardo gets in the ring as Sheamus hits White Noise on Del Rio.  Sheamus sets up for a Brogue Kick, but Ricardo rushes over to push Del Rio out of the way, taking the hard kick himself.  Trainers came in the ring to check out Ricardo as Sheamus goes backstage.

Eve defeated Kaitlyn by pinfall.  Layla came to do commentary and ended up bickering with Miz during it.  He called her a 2 compared to Eve being a 10.  In the match, at one point Kaitlyn got kicked or hit in her midsection causing the ref to have to pause things to check on her.  Eve faked being concerned then as soon as Kaitlyn stood up she kicked her again, and hit a finisher for the win.  Post match, she pretended to check on Kaitlyn, and then got out of the ring.  Eve went over and smiled at Layla, extended a handshake. Layla shook her hand but gave Eve a stare.

Backstage, Jack Swagger is disgruntled as AJ catches up to him saying he can't leave.  He tells her he's better than this several times.  He says Brock Lesnar left, Chris Jericho left and CM Punk left.  He says he's sorry, then walks off.

Another anger management session was shown.  This time Bryan said he thinks he is past his anger issues.  He tells Kane he will give him a rematch from SummerSlam any time he wants.  Kane thanks him saying one day he'll be happy to accept and do his best not to "eviscerate" Bryan.  Bryan gets irked by the comment saying how does he know he wouldn't tap out.  The two get in each others' face, and Harold intervenes.  They both turn and say "Shut up Harold!" causing him to leave the room.  Kane grabs Bryan by the throat.  The doctor/teacher finally loses it screaming at them both before leaving the room.  Bryan and Kane seem stunned by it.

Back on Raw, Cole says AJ Lee is letting fans vote on Kane and Bryan's match on Twitter.  It can be a singles match by using #WWEmatch hashtag, a tag match by using #WWEtag, or a hug it out, by using #WWEhug.

Backstage, Matt Striker knocks on the trainer's room door.  Out comes Alberto Del Rio and Striker asks for an update about Ricardo's condition.  Del Rio looks distraught.  David Otunga pops out from the room and says on behalf of his client, there's no comment at the time.  They go back into the trainer's room leaving Striker outside.

Ryback defeated Jinder Mahal by pinfall.  Late in the match, Ryback started a comeback hitting a huge slam and then a Powerbomb.  The fans started up a "Feed Me More" chant for him and he smashes Mahal down with a clothesline.  Ryback followed with his finisher the Shellshocked for the big win, then did another "Feed Me More" chant with the crowd for a bit.

Matt Striker knocked on the trainer's room backstage to try to find out about  Ricardo's condition.  AJ Lee came out, and Striker asked her about all the turmoil going on tonight with Raw.  She told him whoever he was to go tell Cena and Del Rio they will fight in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Daniel Bryan and Kane arrived to the ring for their match.  Cole got on the mic to announce the results of the Twitter poll: 55% voted in favor of #wwehug compared to 27% and 18%.  The fans started chanting "hug it out" with Daniel Bryan hesitant.  They backed away from each other several times.  Bryan kept yelling "NO" with the fans yelling "YES" back at him.  They did a chest bump which got the fans booing.  The referee instructed them on how to "hug it out."  Bryan finally went up and hugged Kane, but Kane didn't hug back causing Bryan to yell at him "you didn't hug me."  Kane hugged this time, but Bryan didn't hug back.  Finally they hugged each other at the same time and the crowd cheered the moment.  Cole said "Dr. Shelby is a genius, he should be nominated for the peace prize."  

They shook hands after the hug then Bryan slapped Kane on the arm.  Kane slapped his arm, then started hitting each other back and forth.  It ended up in a fight as the two started shoving back and forth, then the two fought on the outside.  Kane grabbed a steel chair and smashed Bryan in the gut, then threw the chair in the ring.  From there, Kane chokeslammed Bryan in the ring, then put the chair around his neck.  He got up on the corner preparing for a move, but 3 refs charged the ring and got in his way.  Bryan got up and smashed the chair against Kane, then took off up the ramp.

Santino Marella was shown walking backstage on his way out for a match.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino Marella via pinfall to retain the United States Championship.  Santino kept trying to go for the Cobra but found he was drawn towards Aksana.  Cesaro managed to kick him at one point, causing the Cobra sock to fall down on the mat.  Cesaro eventually finished him off with his finisher an undertook slam style move.

Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena by pinfall in a Falls Count Anywhere Match.  The match got brutal as it eventually headed onto the ramp and up towards the stage.  At one point, Cena picked up a huge speaker but Del Rio clipped his hamstring so Cena dropped it near Del Rio's Ferrari.  They kept fighting backstage, including the two crashing through the staging area where Punk attacked Lawler earlier.  Things eventually went into the interview area where they brok the set.  Del Rio tried to put Cena in the Cross Armbreaker, but Cena countered and got Del Rio up on his shoulders.  He hit the AA on some nearby crates.  However, out of nowhere, Punk appeared and delivered a roundhouse kick to the back of Cena's head, knocking him down to the floor.  Punk surveyed the damage, then went over and pulled Del Rio off the crates and put him on Cena for the winning pin.    After the win, Punk picked up Cena on his shoulders and then dropped him face first on the hood of a nearby car.  He crouched down and said "Respect" right in Cena's face.  Punk then went over and got into the passenger's side of the car and held up his title belt from the door area.  The car started to drive slowly with Cena on the ground below, and Paul Heyman popped his head out of the driver's side, looking down at Cena as Raw ended.

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