Saturday, September 8, 2012

When Will Dolph Ziggler Cash in MITB?

Dolph Ziggler still holds that coveted blue Money in the Bank briefcase, which many believe will be cashed in for the World Heavyweight Championship, at some point.  There's also a belief by a number of fans, that Sheamus has become a boring and stale champion, as well as face.  While both of these are up for debate, the fact of the matter is Ziggler will very likely cash in at some point, if WWE doesn't have him lose the briefcase to some other star.

One prediction will be that Sheamus finds his Brogue Kick banned at the upcoming Night of Champions PPV.  The move was banned by Smackdown GM Booker T on Friday night in a match against David Otunga.  However, Sheamus still won the match, despite that.  He's got that submission hold, the Clover Leaf, and could very well pull that move out against Alberto Del Rio at NOC.  However, being in that position also leaves Sheamus vulnerble for a sneak attack from behind by Ziggler, Ricardo Rodriguez, or someone else. Wade Barrett could always get involved, attack Sheamus to start a new feud between the two brawlers, and ultimately give Ziggler the MITB cash in.

So far, Randy Orton has played the role of spoiler and intercepted or intervened before Ziggler had a chance to cash in.  However, Orton will reportedly have to take some time away for filming a sequel to John Cena's "12 Rounds" movie.  That film will be called "12 Rounds: Reloaded" and will go straight to DVD and Blu-Ray rather than theaters.  It was reported by Headline Planet days ago that Orton will be making a hiatus from his on TV appearances in order to film, so it's quite possible he'll have the role of helping strengthen Ziggler en route to the MITB cash in.

Could Ziggler be champion for a long stretch of time, say 5-6 months straight?  One of the potential scenarios could have Ziggler as the World Heavyweight Champion when Wrestlemania 29 rolls around in 2013.  He's got the annoying Vickie Guerrero as his representative to really get him over with the fans.  He held the championship very briefly once before, but never quite got that big push as champion.  As for his WM29 opponent, it could be someone like Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, or Sheamus, unless WWE decides to pull a surprise move and make Undertaker in line for another short title reign via a win at Mania.

WWE fans, when do you think Dolph Ziggler is going to cash in Money in the Bank?  At Night of Champions, during SmackDown, RAW, or another PPV?  Will it happen in the next several months, or early in 2013?

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