Monday, October 15, 2012

Raw Preview 10/15/12

Tonight's episode of Raw arrives just weeks ahead of the October Hell in a Cell 2012 Pay-Per-View and one week after a brutal match involving Vince McMahon, kendo sticks and an incident in the stands.  At the end of last week's show, CM Punk was given a huge ultimatum as he fled the ring after his match with Mr. McMahon: either face John Cena, or face Ryback in Hell in a Cell.  Punk was given until tonight's show to come up with which opponent he will face.  So will it be Cena or Ryback that Punk chooses?

Also on Raw, a #1 contender tag team is still to be decided to face Daniel Bryan and Kane at the Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View.  Last week saw the teams of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara as well as Rhodes Scholars advance to the finals.  Both teams are worthy contenders, but only one can get the big victory.  Meanwhile, Bryan and Kane are continuing to work on trying to get along and put aside their anger management issues in the ring, and outside the ring.  Will Dr. Shelby have any more special therapy methods for the tag team champions?

The other major stories to wonder about heading into tonight's show include CM Punk's potential opponents at Hell in a Cell.  John Cena is currently recovering from surgery on his elbow and needs to be medically-cleared to compete at the Pay-Per-View.  Ryback has been tearing through the competition and has now crossed paths with the WWE champion several times.  Will Ryback make any further intentions known to the WWE champion on Monday's show?  Also, will John Cena make a live appearance either via satellite or in the ring?

Find out all the answers and catch the excitement of the latest Raw episode starting at 8PM EST on USA!

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