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Main Event Results 10/3/12

WWE Main Event results from Tulsa, OK:

After the video intro package, pyro exploded inside the arena as "Main Event" logo was shown on the big screen.  Michael Cole welcomed fans to the premier episode of the show on Ion, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Cole was in the ring along with Intercontinental Champion The Miz.    Miz said the "most must see champion" is now on the "most must see show on Wednesday night."  Cole and Miz hyped up Sheamus vs. CM Punk for the main event champion vs. champion match.

They fed to a video package about CM Punk, talking about all the obstacles he's had to go through in order to get to the WWE.  Punk said it never occurred to him that he was a character himself without needing to create one.  They showed early footage of Punk in the wrestling, with Joey Mercury and Paul Heyman commenting on him.  The footage ended with him saying "I'm the WWE champion and I command respect."

Punk was throwing punches in the locker room backstage with Paul Heyman standing by with the WWE belt.  Matt Striker asked Punk about the big match tonight.  Punk said he's been champion for 318 days now, but he's still not getting the respect he deserves.  Punk vowed to defeat Sheamus tonight to prove he deserves all that respect.  Punk said Paul Heyman would tell him why he'll beat Sheamus tonight.  Heyman held the WWE belt up to Striker's face and said "because he's the best in the world."

Josh Matthews interviewed Sheamus backstage about the CM Punk match.  Sheamus said tonight at the Main Event he'll show CM Punk respect the best way he knows how, "by taking this boot of mine and shoving it down his throat."

They showed a video package of Sheamus talking about how he watched WWE since he was 4 or 5 years old, and when he finally debuted in WWE he was on cloud 9.  Comments were given by Daniel Bryan and Triple H among others, with footage shown of Sheamus doing the Brogue Kick on multiple opponents.

As Sheamus came out to the ring before a commercial break, Cole said they'd be starting off with their main event tonight.

Punk made his entrance post-commercial break, and Heyman came to the ring with him.  Lillian Garcia introduced both champions before the match started.

CM Punk defeated Sheamus by pinfall in a champion vs champion match with no titles on the line.  Sheamus had the early advantage overpowering Punk and brought him to the mat for a hold.  Later on, Punk regained control and beat up on Sheamus in the corner.  After a commercial break, the show returned with Punk doing Sheamus' bashing move on the World Champ's chest on the apron.  Sheamus responded by grabbing Punk with his free arm and dropping him neck first against the top rope.  Cole noted that Punk is closing in on Diesel's mark for title reign in a month or two.  Punk regained control again, trying to wear down The Celtic Warrior with a headlock, as Heyman raised the belt up from outside the ring.  Later, Sheamus was about to beat on Punk's chest from the apron area, but Punk countered with a huge kick to Sheamus' head for a near fall before another break.

After break, Sheamus was laying outside the ring, but managed to get back up and hit Punk from outside, then launched himself over the top rope to take Punk down for a near pinfall.  Sheamus got ready for the Brogue Kick but Punk saw it and escaped under the ropes.  Sheamus rushed over and grabbed Punk who ripped the middle turnbuckle cover off, then threw it across the ring.  Sheamus managed to hit the bashing the chest move on the apron, then White Noise for a near fall.  Sheamus went for the Texas Cloverleaf, but Punk punched his way out.  Punk managed to get Sheamus to the corner for the running knee and then clotheslined Sheamus down.  Punk went to the top rope for the Macho Man elbow to collect another near fall.

Later, Punk went for GTS but Sheamus countered and put the Texas Cloverleaf on.  Punk was near the bottom rope though and managed to grab it to break the hold.  Later still, Sheamus managed to catch a charging Punk and hit the Irish Curse backbreaker.  However, as Sheamus rushed at him with the Brogue Kick, Punk ducked it and tripped Sheamus into the exposed middle turnbuckle.  Sheamus hit it and fell back.  Heyman yelled "cover him" and then Punk grabbed Sheamus' legs and sat on him for the winning pin.  Cole noted that Punk grabbed the tights to secure the pin.

Post-match, Matt Striker got in the ring to ask Sheamus about the end result to the match.  Sheamus took the mic from Striker saying he keeps hearing Punk asking for respect, and there's a reason he keeps asking and not getting it.  Sheamus vowed to get his hands on Punk again and give him The Brogue Kick.

Josh Matthews interviewed CM Punk back in the locker room about the controversial finish to the match before.  Heyman said Punk soundly defeated the World Heavyweight Champion just now, then asked what Matthews needs him to do to give him the respect he deserves.  Matthews said the WWE Universe wants Punk to face Cena at Hell in a Cell this month.  Heyman reiterated that Punk is "Best in the world" then told Matthews to just leave.

Cole plugged next week's match for Main Event, Randy Orton vs. Big Show.

Striker interviewed Big Show backstage who put his fist on camera to remind Orton of what he might got.

Santino Marella and Zack Ryder defeated Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd via pinfall in the tag team tournament to advance to the semifinals.  Late in the match, Ryder hit the Broski boot on Gabriel, before leaping over the top rope to take out Kidd on the outside.  Meanwhile in the ring, Santino put on the Cobra sock puppet and hit The Cobra on Gabriel for the pinfall win.  Santino and Ryder will advance to the semifinals to take on The Rhodes Scholars next.

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