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Smackdown Results 09/28/12

Smackdown results from Buffalo, NY:

The opening had Big Show come to the ring to vow that he was the only one on the roster who can defeat Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship.  That brought Randy Orton out to talk about how Show has to go through him first.  Orton suggested Show might fall victim to an RKO later, and Show said maybe he'll get hit by a KO instead.  Alberto Del Rio came out to interrupt them, and got in the ring, only to get hit by Orton's RKO.  Orton left the ring with Show watching from inside.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Santino Marella by pinfall to retain the United States Championship.  Late in the match, Cesaro went for the Neutralizer from the corner ropes, but Santino did a backdrop to throw him down to the mat.  However, Santino missed on a diving move from the ropes.  That gave Cesaro the opportunity to hit the Neutralizer for the victory, to retain the title.  Aksana was not present during the match.

Matthews and Cole returned on camera to talk about Dr. Shelby's latest therapy for Kane and Bryan.  They replayed the first segment from Raw where they were in the diner with Kane dressed up as a water named "Gerald."

Beth Phoenix defeated Natalya by pinfall.  Beth extended her hand and Natalya shook as the match began.  They had a Tout before the match from Eve saying she takes her position very seriously and there will be series consequences for Kaitlyn's attacker.  Cole said Beth Phoenix called Eve a liar on Twitter.  During the match, Natalya managed to get the Sharpshooter on, with Beth ultimately able to crawl her way to the bottom rope to break it.  Moments later, Beth managed to hit the Glam Slam on Natalya, but Nat surprisingly kicked out of the pinfall.  From the corner, the two divas traded pitfalls with Beth able to roll through and pin Natalya.  Beth cried after the win with Cole saying it was an outpouring of emotions from this week.

Post-match, Eve's music hit and she came onto the stage.  Eve apologized to Beth for what happened on Raw.  Eve said all they know now is the assailant is a blonde.  Eve told Beth until the investigation is finished she is indefinitely suspended.  Beth was shocked and started arguing with Natalya, who took offense and kept saying "I had nothing to do with this."

Backstage, Teddy Long commended Booker on the tag team division lately.  Booker said he's proposed an 8-team single elimination tournament with the winners facing Kane and Daniel Bryan at Hell in a Cell.  All of a sudden, Beth Phoenix burst into the office asking if Booker saw what just happened with her getting suspended.  Booker was shocked by it, as Eve came in and told Booker she was acting in the best interests of his office.  Booker told Eve he didn't know of this and the decision was overturned.  Eve apologized to Booker and Beth.  After Beth left, Eve pretended that Teddy had recommended this to Eve, and then she said it's apparent Teddy is jealous of Booker being in charge and trying to make his administration look incompetent.  Teddy was flabbergasted by that and after Eve left, asked Booker if he really believed all that.

They did the Raw Rebound which covered Mick Foley on Raw, and CM Punk attacking him after the show.  The show ended with Ryback showing up to stare down Punk.

Wade Barrett defeated Zack Ryder by pinfall.  Early in the match, Barrett kicked Ryder hard in the gut, then hit a huge Gutwrench slam for a near fall.  He began punching away on Ryder in the corner, then yelled at the ref to back off.  One spot saw Barrett pick up Ryder and drop his legs against the rope to springboard Ryder onto a backbreaker.  Ryder made a late comeback, throwing a huge punch on Barrett to set him up in the corner for the Broski Boot.  Barrett rolled to the outside, but Ryder still connected on the Broski Boot.  Back in the ring, Ryder went to run against the ropes, with Barrett rushing over and clotheslining him to the outside.  Barrett rolled Ryder back in then hit the Souveneir Elbow for the big win.

The Rhodes Scholars defeated The Uso's by pinfall in Round 1 of the tag team elimination tournament.  Late in this match, the Uso's went on a huge run with Jey hip checking Rhodes in the corner.  Jey Uso hit a big Superkick on Rhodes.  The Uso's set up on the corner for a move, but Sandow yanked the one out of the ring.  The other Uso went for the big jump off the corner and Rhodes put his knees up.  From there, Cody hit Cross Rhodes to get the pinfall win.

The Rhodes Scholars will take on winner of Santino/Ryder vs. Gabriel/Kidd in the semifinals.  The other first round matchup has Prime Time Players vs. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth.

They showed the Bryan and Kane segment from Raw with Dr. Shelby at the diner, where Bryan and Kane each had to take a bite of the other's preferred meal.

Ryback defeated Tensai via pinfall.  Tensai had some early offense including a splash on Ryback in the corner followed by a series of punches.  Ryback blocked one, and then did a huge slam on Tensai to rile the crowd up.  Ryback went for his big clothesline with Tensai blocking it and then doing a huge Spinebuster for a near fall.  Ryback kicked out several times.  The conclusion saw Ryback able to hoist Tensai up on his shoulders and hit the Shellshock for the big win.  Ryback led the crowd in his "Feed Me More" chant after the win.

They showed Randy Orton walking backstage on his way out for the upcoming match.  Alberto Del Rio came out of nowhere and attacked Orton, knocking him to the ground and then shoving a big piece of set equipment on wheels into Orton. A referee showed up to get Del Rio out of there and check on Orton.  Cole said "we're supposed to have a #1 contender's match" as Smackdown hit break.

Big Show arrived to the ring, but when Orton's music hit, Alberto Del Rio came out instead.  Del Rio got on a mic on stage saying he'd be taking Orton's place tonight in the match.  All of a sudden, Orton appeared from backstage and attacked Del Rio, tossing him into the big WWE logo up on stage.  Orton, favoring his ribs, slowly made his way down the ramp with Show taunting from in the ring.

Big Show defeated Randy Orton via pinfall to become new #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.  Late in this one, Orton kicked Show as he was trying to get in from the apron.  Orton tried to suplex Show from the apron, with Show punching Orton in the gut and getting back in the ring.  Show set up for the KO punch, but Orton surprised him with an RKO.  Orton crawled slowly over for a pin with Show kicking out before 3.  Cole said it had to be the ribs injury which lessened the impact of the RKO.  Orton set up for a Punt Kick but as he charged Show grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him.  Orton kicked out of that, and an enraged Show picked him up for a second chokeslam to get the win.  Big Show will go on to face Sheamus at Hell in a Cell PPV for the title.

Post-match, Orton was getting back to his feet in the ring.  Show got back in and landed a WMD KO punch to lay him out on the mat.  Show got on the mic and delivered a message telling Sheamus "I guess I'll see you at Hell in a Cell."

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