Monday, October 1, 2012

Raw Preview 10/01/12

Tonight's episode of Raw arrives one week after the surprising conclusion to last week's show.  The finale saw CM Punk fleeing backstage after he tried to attack a one-armed John Cena in the ring.  Punk got hit by Cena's secret weapon, a lead pipe, and quickly retreated to the back.  However, as Punk was holding his ribs and walking backstage, he saw Hardcore legend Mick Foley talking to someone.  Due to their earlier altercation in the ring, Punk went to have words with Foley, but instead kicked him down.  As Punk was walking off, he turned back to say something but instead stood in shock.  After several moments it was revealed that Ryback was there breathing heavily and staring down the WWE Champion.  Will this lead to a matchup or confrontation on tonight's episode of Raw?  Will Ryback have words for Punk, or vice versa?

Last week also saw more continuation of the relationship counseling for Daniel Bryan and Kane.  This time it was held at a diner in Buffalo, NY, with Dr. Shelby trying some unique counseling techniques.  While things didn't go quite as smoothly as Dr. Shelby had hoped, he seems to have the tag team champs on the same page.  They also received an official name last week as "Team Hell No," but now are awaiting their opponents for Hell in a Cell.  As a tag team tournament continues, which team will emerge as the #1 contenders for the tag team championships?

And finally, Raw continues to be run by the erratic AJ Lee.  Last week's show saw CM Punk and Paul Heyman playing with her emotions and taunting her in the ring.  Paul Heyman even went so far as to get down on one knee and propose to AJ, saying they could make the ultimate power couple.  AJ wasn't having it and smacked Heyman before storming off.  Also during the show, AJ reprimanded the new referee who had a blown call in the tag team match weeks ago, and led a meeting of her referees to try to rally them to do their best work.  Of course, AJ may still seem a bit off her rocker as she tries to manage the show.  Will her emotions get the best of her, or will she have big plans in store for tonight's episode of Raw?

Check out Monday Night Raw tonight starting at 8PM EST on USA!

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