Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Main Event Results 11/7/12

Main Event Results from Birmingham, England:

Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall.  Big Show joined Miz and Cole for commentary.  When Sheamus was on his way to the ring he headed around to the commentary table and started to beat up Show, but got shoved down.  Refs came over to intervene and Barrett tried for a sneak attack but Sheamus guarded himself.

Late during their match, Barrett and Sheamus traded punches with Sheamus hitting multiple clotheslines to take Wade down.  Things went to the outside, with Sheamus launching off the apron to shoulder tackle Barrett down.  Later, Barrett avoided White Noise and managed to knock Sheamus to the mat.  He followed with a back heel kick for a near fall.  Barrett kept on, avoiding The Celtic Curse, and then hitting a Tilt-a-whirl Sideslam for another near fall.

Barrett went for the Superplex later, but Sheamus fought him off.  Barrett rushed back and swiped Sheamus' leg causing him to hit the mat.  Sheamus finally managed to hit White Noise, so Show got up with his title belt and left the commentary spot to head backstage.  Sheamus set up for and hit the Brogue Kick to finish Barrett for the win.  Big Show stopped at the top of the ramp and held up his championship belt to taunt Sheamus.

After commercial break and an outside shot of the UK area, Cole and Miz reviewed Sheamus attacking Show before the match, with refs intervening.

Backstage, Matt Striker interviewed Big Show.  Striker asked Show if he was concerned about his championship defense against Sheamus at Survivor Series.  Show shrugged him off and started to walk away to leave.  Striker begged him for some sort of comment, but instead, Show turned and gave him the KO punch to leave Striker face down on the pavement.

Miz and Cole were amazed by what just happened, but started talking about Mr. McMahon.  They went back to Raw showing footage of Brad Maddox talking to Michael Cole in the ring.  Maddox denied working with Punk or Heyman, saying he wanted to make an impact.  It culminated with Mr. McMahon offering him a WWE contract if he can beat Ryback in a match next week.

R-Truth defeated Heath Slater due to disqualification.  Slater had the late advantage, and went for a move on Truth.  He paused to do an air guitar, but Truth hit a back drop slam.  Truth continued with his momentum and hit a neckbreaker for a near fall.  s the ref was counting the pin, Jinder Mahal slipped into the ring and attacked him to cause the DQ.  Post-match, Mahal and Slater hit moves on Truth to drive home their point.

Cole talked up next week's big match, Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No for the tag team titles.  A video package was shown to hype it up as Main Event closed out.

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