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Smackdown Results 12/18/12

Smackdown Results from Pittsburgh, PA:

MizTV had AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler as special guests. Big E Langston was with them.  Miz grilled them over the recent events at TLC and Raw.  AJ says Cena played with her heart and emotions and broke her heart, so she broke him.  Ziggler talked about how he stole the show and Cena's girlfriend.  Miz and Ziggler get into an argument but Langston levels Miz with a clothesline to end the show.

They had a segment backstage where Teddy Long asked Booker T to give a shot to Brad Maddox.  Booker says he doesn't trust the guy but Teddy says he's hungry.  Booker tells him he'll learn of his opponent right before the matchc tonight.

Damien Sandow defeated Sin Cara via pinfall.  The finish saw The Shield come through the crowd and then slide Rey Mysterio's mask into the ring.  Sandow took advantage of the distraction hitting his neckbreaker for the win.  Post-match, The Shield got in the ring to give Sin Cara a beat down.  Rollins did a knee drop onto Cara's hurt knee.

Santino Marella defeated Tensai via pinfall.  Late in the match, Santino hit the Cobra on Tensai, but it didn't phase him.  Tensai dropped Santino to the mat and went for a splash.  Santino moved away then rolled up Tensai for the win.

They had Team Hell No backstage with Kofi Kingston talking about an upcoming match.  Kane told Kofi to have eyes in the back of his head for the match tonight.  Kofi says he wants to get his hands on Wade Barrett.  Bryan talks about being upset he didn't win the "LOL Moment" Slammy last night.

Kofi Kingston & Team Hell No defeated Prime Time Players & Wade Barrett via pinfall.

They had Cena and Sheamus backstage talking about a match involving Big E Langston later.  Sheamus asked Cena what's up with he and AJ.  Cena whispers some stuff to Sheamus and he is surprised then chuckles.  Cena then tells Sheamus something else but says he was just kidding.

CM Punk comes to the ring on crutches with Paul Heyman.  He talks about holding the WWE title for 394 days now.  He calls out the fans for not voting him Superstar of the Year, and then talks about being upset Cena gave the award to Ric Flair.  Punk said Flair came back to earn a paycheck for his alimony.  Punk talks about how he's been carrying WWE on his back, but then is interrupted as Ryback's music hits.

Ryback comes to the ring and gets a mic, but Punk holds his crutches out to prevent any attacks.  Ryback says he's looking to the first Raw of 2013 for his title shot against Punk, and he will become champion then.  Punk and Heyman leave the ring as Ryback poses in it.

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro for the win in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Cesaro had a headlock on Ryback followed by some attacks.  Ryback eventually shook them off, and ran over Cesaro.  He hit Shell Shocked to get the win.

Backstage, Kaitlyn is walking on the way out for a match.  AJ comes up to wish her good luck, but Kaitlyn gets in an argument with her and says it's hard to be her friend.  AJ begins crying.  Kaitlyn says she has a title match to go out to, and starts to walk off.  AJ attacks her from behind.  Officials rush out to pull AJ off her.

Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres in a Divas Championship match due to disqualification.  The fight eventually went outside the ring, with Kaitlyn slamming Eve into the announce table.  Back in the ring, Kaitlyn goes for a move from the top rope, but Eve grabs hold of the ref's ankle.  Kaitlyn tried to pull Eve but Eve kept holding the ref's ankle and he fell down.  The ref calls for the bell for the DQ.

Backstage AJ is with Langston and Ziggler talking about how she's upset about earlier.  Big Show comes in and tells Ziggler if he tries to cash in, he'll knock him out.  AJ stops Langston from getting involved.

Brodus Clay defeated Brad Maddox by pinall.  Clay started off beating up Maddox for a bit, before he made a comeback for a near fall.  Clay ultimately hits his finisher to get the win.  Post-match, The Shield comes back and attacks Clay, hitting him with a triple Powerbomb move.

John Cena and Sheamus defeated Big Show and Dolph Ziggler due to disqualification.  Late in the match, Sheamus fought Show, with Show knocking him down with a shoulder block.  Ziggler comes in and gets a 2 count on Sheamus.  They go back and forth more with Ziggler hitting a big leg drop.  Show comes in again and gets control of Sheamus.  Show goes for the chokeslam but Sheamus counters and turns it into a DDT.  Cena gets in the ring, unloading on Ziggler.

Big Show and Sheamus ended up a in a brawl that goes up the ramp.  Cena goes for the AA, but Ziggler hits him with the Zig Zag and gets a 2 count.  Ziggler starts arguing with the ref and when he turns around, Cena hits the AA.  However, cena turns around and Big E Langston levels him causing a DQ.

Post-match, Ziggler hits his main move again on Cena, leaving him laying on the mat.  He stands over cena and AJ starts to skip around them.  AJ then helps Dolph get to his feet and starts to kiss him.  Langston stares ahead as AJ skips around him again.  As the show ends, AJ mocks Cena to his face.

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