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Smackdown Results 12/28/12

Smackdown Results from Rochester, NY:

Video highlights were shown of MizTV featuring Miz with Dolph Ziggler and AJ to set up a match tonight.  Also shown was Sheamus defeating Big Show in the Lumberjack Frost match on Raw (non-title.)  The opening "live" segment featured Sheamus calling out Big Show for a World Heavyweight title rematch.  Show came out and laughed it off, saying he makes the decisions of who faces him.  He keeps saying Sheamus comes up short when it counts.  Booker comes out before they fight and says they'll put all the superstars names into a tumbler and the winner faces Show for the title tonight.

Brodus Clay defeated Primo via pinfall.  Clay hit the Aw Funk it for the win.  Post-match Rosa tried to get in Clay's face, but Naomi and Cameron knocked her down.

Backstage Sheamus tried to give Santino strategy to defeat Show later on.  Santino says he must learn the Brogue Kick.

Wade Barrett and Rhodes Scholars defeated Hell No and Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  Late in the match, Rhodes Scholars knocked Kane out of the ring, but Bryan took them both out.  Rhodes ended up hitting a Disaster kick on Bryan.  Barrett managed to get his Bull Hammer elbow on Kingston to get the pin.

Santino got injured, so Big Show talked to Booker saying tough break, now he gets a night off.  Booker says there will still be a championship match and brings the tumbler in again to draw a new opponent.  Show asks who his opponent is and Booker says not to worry.

Big Show is backstage asking Booker for time to practice.  Ricardo Rodriguez comes in with Booker saying he's Show's opponent.  Show asks why he thinks he has a chance to win the title.  He puts the belt on his shoulder and tells Ricardo to announce himsel as champion, then knocks him out.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Ryder missed on a Broski Boot attempt.  Cesaro hit an uppercut to the back of Ryder's head, then hit his Neutralizer to get the pin.

Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz via pinfall.  Late in this one, Miz hit a clothesline on Dolph and then a double axehandle from the top rope.  Big E Langston was ringside to distract Miz, allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag from behind to get the win.

Post-match, Miz got on the mic telling AJ no matter which WWE superstar she is with, new Year's Eve will "end with a bang" for her.  Ziggler ran into the ring to fight Miz, with Big E Langston coming in to lay out The Miz.

Backstage, Booker was checking on Ricardo when Brad Maddox came in to ask for another shot at a WWE contract.  Booker told him to get out of his face.  He then tells him he has another chance, but it will be his last.  Del Rio comes into the scene upset with what happened to Ricardo.  Booker gives ADR the title match against Show.

Sheamus defeated Brad Maddox via pinfall.  Late in this one, Sheamus hit multiple moves including White Noise.  He followed up that with the Brogue Kick in a dominant performance over Maddox.

The Usos defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall.  The late part of this match say Young hit a big clothesline and then hit a gutbuster on Jey.  Jimmy managed to roll Jey outside of the ring.  Young tried to pick Jimmy up but Jimmy stole a rollup pin for the win.

A video from The Shield was played talking about how this year will go down in history for the scar they've left.  They say they're just getting started.  In 2013, they will cleanse WWE of the disease known as injustice.  They have no friends or allies and don't need any.  They will answer to nobody.  In 2013 justice lives and everyone will believe in The Shield.

Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio via disqualification.  Late in the match, Del Rio had control of things and attempted his cross armbreaker but Show pushed Del Rio out of the ring.  From there, Show got out of the ring to start walking backstage.  Sheamus came out and started brawling with him.  The whole Smackdown roster came out and tossed Big Show back inside the ring.  Del Rio hit an enziguiri kick and then Sheamus with the Brogue Kick.  Smackdown ended with Del Rio and Sheamus standing tall over Big Show in the ring.

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