Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2012 Tribute to the Troops Results

Tribute to the Troops results from Norfolk, VA:

Sheamus & Randy Orton defeated Big Show and Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.  The match originally was won on a countout when Ziggler and Show left after two minutes.  However, Booker T came out and said the match would restart.  The second match lasted over ten minutes, with Orton getting the RKO on Big Show.  Sheamus followed up with a Brogue Kick for the win.

Fergie gave a video holiday message for the troops followed by members of the Fab Five from the Olympics gymnastics team.

Backstage, Layla was getting ready for a match when The Muppets interrupted.

Flo Rida performed his hit song "Let It Roll."

Josh Matthews talked to John Cena backstage bout ten years of Tribute to the Troops.  He said its an honor and privilege and the best way he knows to say thank you.  He said tonight's show is just getting started.

Ryback defeated Alberto Del Rio via disqualification.  Late in the match, Ryback started a comeback.  Ricardo got in the ring and tried to jump on Ryback's back, causing the DQ.  Ryback cleared the ring of ADR, then hit Shellshocked on Ricardo.  Ryback then grabbed Del Rio and hit him with Shell Shocked.

Kid Rock performed his song "Let's Ride."

Josh Matthews tried to interview Kermit backstage, but Fozzy came out to the door.  Fozzy said Kermit's nervous about being on MizTV.  They showed Muppets critics Statler and Waldorf making a joke about MizTV.

MizTV featured Kermit as Miz's guest and Miss Piggy.  Miz tried to talk about Kermit's on and off again girlfriend and their scandal.  Damien Sandow came out to interrupt, questioning what Miz has become.  He said Miz and Piggy are perfect for each other as overrated hams.  Piggy said the "bearded weird-o" was in for a world of hurt.  Miz tried to hold her off, the punched Sandow down himself.

The Miz defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall.  Miz was going to go for Reality Check late, but Sandow blocked and hit the spinning neckbreaker.  Sandow went for a lazy pin, which Miz turned into one of his own for the win.

Flo Rida performed "Wild Ones."

Michael Cole and JBL shared their Tribute to the Troops memories and showed video involving the first-ever Troops special.  It involved Undertaker, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, and a newer star, John Cena.  They showed clips of the show over the years.

R-Truth and Team Hell No defeaated 3MB in a six-man tag match via pinfall.  Late in the match, Kane hit a chokeslam on Jinder Mahal.  R-Truth tagged in and hit the Little Jimmy on Slater for the win.  Kane was surprised at what happened.  Truth asked Kane to do his pyro thing, so Kane did it, causing Truth to jump up and down.

John Cena defeated Antonio Cesaro via pinfall in a non-title matchup.  Prior to the match, Cesaro talked to Josh Matthews backstage about how every country, even the US, wishes it could be like Switzerland.  He said every superstar, including Cena, wishes they could be him.

During the match, i went to the outside with Cesaro trying to bash Cena into the announce table.  Cena blocked it, but moments later got sent into the ring steps.  Cesaro brought Cena back into the ring for a two count.  Cesaro hit a side slam and continued his momentum.  Moments later, Cena started up a comeback, and did the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  He followed with the AA for the big win.

Post-match, all the stars and divas came onto the stage.  Cena thanked the tropps from in the ring.  Cena thanked Muppets, Kid Rock and Flo Rida for tonight's show.  They had various wrestlers dressed as reindeer come out to lead Santa Claus on stage.  The wrestlers went out to the crowd to pose with troops and families.  Cena was shown as he tossed t-shirts into the crowd before the show ended.

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