Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Main Event Results 1/2/13

WWE Main Event from Richmond, VA:

Michael Cole and The Miz opened up Main Event in the ring.  They said they'd have an update on Punk's knee later in the show, then fed to a video about US Champion Antonio Cesaro.  Cesaro made his entrance to the ring, and then said his video package was typical American garbage TV.  Miz interrupted saying to take the first Air Swiss Flight out of town.  Cole got involved saying Cesaro's defeated all opponents, but never one like Khali.  They showed Khali's video next.

Backstage, Matt Striker tried to get an interview with Khali.  Hornswoggle ran into the scene and threw a towel on Khali's shoulder, saying he will win.  Natalya came in as well, and started to comfort Khali about tonight's match.  Khali told them to both shut up and said somethng like "you stress too much," before walking off chanting "USA."  Hornswoggle and Natalya joined in the chant.  Khali made his way to the ring as a video highlighted how he won the title shot via battle royal.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Great Khali via pinfall to retain the US Championship.  Late in the match, Khali was hitting big chops on Cesaro.  Antonio managed to duck one of them, and then hit a big uppercut.  He followed that by lifting Khali and hitting the Neutralizer for the win.

After the win, Striker tried to interview Cesaro about his disdain for the US.  Cesaro said it's about him being superior to all of the Americans.  He called out The Miz, saying if he has anything to say maybe he should face him like a man.  Miz did a pro-US promo, finishing with how the USA is Awesome.

They showed a video to recap how Kofi Kingston lost the Intercontinental Title to Wade Barrett on Raw.

They recapped Vince telling CM Punk that his knee injury would get checked out by WWE physicians.  If they cleared him, he would have to fae Ryback in a TLC match on Monday's Raw.  If not, Paul Heyman would take his place.  A new Tout from a WWE doctor said Punk had been cleared to wrestle, so Punk vs. Ryback for the title is on for Raw this Monday.

Kofi Kingston came out to do commentary with Cole and Miz.  He said losing the IC title was only temporary and he'd get back on track.  Barrett came out to interrupt.  Kofi said he respected Wade as a competitor, but the IC title was part of him.  Barrett said the title needs to be held by someone with prestige like him.

Wade Barrett defeated Yoshi Tatsu for first stage of Gauntlet Match.  Barrett hit the Bull Hammer elbow to get a pinfall.

Wade Barrett defeated JTG for the second stage of the Gauntlet Match.  Barrett avoided JTG's Mugshot, then hit the Bull Hammer to get the win, in about 2 minutes.

Wade Barrett defeated Justin Gabriel to win the third stage of the Gauntlet Match.  The match lasted over 10 minutes, with Barrett able to drop Gabriel on the top rope and then hit his Bull Hammer elbow for the pinfall win.

Kofi Kingston defeated Wade Barrett in the Gauntlet match to earn an IC title shot on Smackdown.  The match lasted nearly 12 minutes, with Kofi becoming a surprise entry into the match.  Kofi hit a series of strike moves late in the match before hitting Trouble in Paradise to win by pinfall.

Next week's show will feature Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus.

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