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Raw Results 1/7/13

Raw Results from Tampa, FL:

Raw opened with Cena coming to the ring to talk about the upcoming Road to WrestleMania and Royal Rumble.  He brought up Rock's return tonight.  Dolph Ziggler, AJ and Big E came out to interrupt, with Ziggler stating he'll enter the Royal Rumble just to make sure Cena doesn't win it.  AJ talked about how Cena insulted them last week and how he toyed with her heart.  Cena and Ziggler got into an argument, with Cena telling Dolph to come get his whooping in the ring.

John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.  Big E and AJ got thrown out from ringside during the match.  However, in the late part of the match, Cena shoved Ziggler off his back to counter a move, but Dolph knocked the ref to the floor.  Big E Langston ran back down to the ring to break the STF Cena had on Dolph.  He put Dolph's arm across Cena for the pin and took off, but by the time a new ref rushed down, Cena kicked out at 2.  Cena then hit the AA to win the match.

Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres via countout in a WWE Divas championship match.  The final moments of this one saw Kaitlyn in control and Eve continuing to flee the ring.  Finally, Eve took off through the crowd with Kaitlyn watching from the crowd barrier.  Kaitlyn got back in the ring and watched from the turnbucklees as Eve was counted out.

Santino Marella talked with Ricky Steamboat backstage about his Wrestlemania match against Randy Savage.  Wade Barrett came in to insult both guys and said the IC title means something now.  He calls Steamboat an old man just blowing smoke.  Barrett leaves and Steamboat asks Santino to let him be in his corner tonight so Barrett can find out how much smoke he blows.

Matt Striker was talking with Randy Orton backstage about the Royal Rumble when 3MB came in to interrupt.  They vow that one of them will win the Rumble and main event Mania.  Orton asks which guy will face him tonight and Slater says to "pick his poison."  Orton chooses Slater for his opponent.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes defeated Team Hell No by pinfall in a non-title win.  Late in the match, Daniel Bryan went off the top rope for a move but seemed to land bad on his knee.  Rhodes Scholars started to doubleteam him, working on his leg.  Kane came in to take down Sandow.  Cody hit a dropkick to send Kane into the barrier.  Bryan grabbed Rhodes and rolled him up for a near fall.  Cody kicked out and then continued targeting Bryan's knee before hitting Cross Rhodes for the win.

Randy Orton defeated Heath Slater via pinfall.  McIntyre and Mahal were ringside, but Orton knocked both guys off the apron late.  He brought Slater to the middle rope for a DDT, then moments later followed with an RKO for the win.  Post-match, he fought off Mahal and McIntyre and hit each with an RKO.

Wade Barrett defeated Santino Marella via pinfall.  Santino got some offense in, but Barrett was too much, ultimately hitting his Bullhammer elbow for the win.  Post-match, he attempts to attack Santino again, but Ricky Steamboat gets in the ring to hold him off.  Barrett leaves the ring and laughs it off.

Striker talked to Sheamus backstage about Royal Rumble when 3MB interrupted.  They said Orton got lucky earlier.  Sheamus tells them to go sing a song together and whoever is left standing after a Brogue Kick gets to sing Danny Boy.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Great Khali via pinfall in a non-title match.  The Miz was on guest commentary.  Late in the match, Khali went for Punjabi Plunge, but Cesaro prevented that.  Cesaro hit his big uppercut, then did a springboard off the ropes with a corkscrew elbow move.  He followed up by hitting the Neutralizer on Khali for the win.

Backstage, Brad Maddox tried to tell Paul Heyman he could help him and CM Punk.  He says he has his referee shirt with him and he could talk to Vickie about refereeing Punk's TLC match.  Heyman said he doesn't want him talking to Vickie.  He tells Maddox to go away and threatens him, before walking off.

Sheamus defeated Jinder Mahal via pinfall.  Late in the match, Sheamus took down both Drew and Heath Slater with Brogue Kicks on the outside.  He went back into the ring to finish up on Mahal, hitting White Noise and then a winning Brogue Kick for a pin.

CM Punk won the TLC match against Ryback to retain the WWE Championship.  The Shield attacked late in this one, as Ryback was climbing the ladder to retrieve the WWE title and the lights went out.  Ryback was able to fight them off out of the ring.  However, later still The Shield grabbed Ryback and beat him up with steel chairs, then did a triple Powerbomb, smashing Ryback through a table on top of half the steel steps.  Punk was able to climb up the ladder and then unhooked the belt by reaching behind his head and grinning the whole time.  Post-match, a teary-eyed Heyman clapped to applaud Punk's continued reign.

Cole confirmed it will be The Rock vs. CM Punk for the title at Royal Rumble.  They hyped up Rock's upcoming appearance on the show.

Matt Striker tried to get a word with CM Punk backstage who was with Heyman in the locker room.  Punk said he has no affiliation with Brad Maddox and doesn't even know The Shield.  He said he heard The Rock is going to come out and make a big speech, but he's going to go out there first and use the "pipebomb" microphone.

Kane and Daniel Bryan were arguing backstage over whose fault it was they lost to Rhodes Scholars.  They got into a "YES-NO" screaming match.  Vickie Guerrero stepped in and yelled "Excuse me!" then told them next week Dr. Shelby will be there to give them their latest evaluations.  She walked off laughing and Bryan/Kane got into another argument over whether Shelby is a monster or nerd.

The Big Show defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall in a non-title match.  After the bell sounded, Kofi went for a furious kicking attack strategy, backing Show to the corner.  The ref got in between them to try to pull Kofi away.  As the ref had Kofi wrapped up, Show landed his KO punch on Kofi to send him to the mat, then took the winning pinfall.

Cole and Lawler talked about Raw 1000 when Punk attacked The Rock.  It happened after Big Show interrupted the WWE title match with Cena trying to win via STF.  Rock came down to fight off Big Show and went for the People's Elbow, but CM Punk came in and clotheslined Rock down, then hit the GTS on him.

CM Punk came out to the ring with Paul Heyman to talk about his pipebomb speech and his "voice of the voiceless" speech.  Punk said some say he turned his back on the people, but that's a lie.  Punk said he meant every word he said in that speech, except for ice cream, because he looks out there and that's the last thing most of the people there need.  Punk said he made a conscious decision to sell out and cash in, as a rebel and anti-hero.  Punk said it doesn't matter how good you are in WWE, the more popular a superstar, the more money and opportunities they get.

Punk brought up Cena continuing to get title shot after title shot.  Other examples he brought up were Lil' Jimmy and R-Truth, Daniel Bryan's catchphrases and the fact Brodus Clay gets more spotlight than Tyson Kidd.  He said no superstar's been able to become successful without the people, until now, with him, the most successful WWE champion in recent times.  He said he's successful in spite of the fans and is the most honest guy in the company.

Punk talked about being neither weak or dishonest, like Edge or HBK, guys who retired and say they miss competing for the fans.  Punk told the audience "there's winners and losers, guess which ones you are?"  A WWE staffer got up on the apron to tell Punk they needed to go to break.  Punk said they don't go to break until he says to.  Lawler said he can't wait to hear from Rock, talking over Punk, who was still ranting in the ring as Raw went to commercial.

Raw joined Punk still in the ring making his speech, vowing to still be WWE champion one year from now on Raw in 2014.  He brought up The Rock coming back to try to tear down his legacy.  Punk listed all the guys off that he's defeated including Jericho, Show, Cena, Alberto Del Rio and Ryback, saying he's defeated all the fans' heroes.  Punk kept calling the fans losers and kept saying "you do not get to win."

The Rock's theme music hit and he came out to the stage as the crowd popped.  Rock said he had to hear everything Punk had to say so he knew the type of man he was dealing with at the Rumble.  He called Punk delusional, and said the real number Punk needs to think about isn't 414, but 20, because in 20 days, he has to defend the title against The Rock, so time's up.  Rock said Punk didn't reject the people, the people rejected him.  He told Punk he promised everyone ice cream and couldn't even deliver that.

Rock said Punk says he's the "voice of the voiceless" but there's no such thing as voiceless in WWE.  He said in 3 seconds the fans are going to chant exactly what Punk is "Cookie Puss."  The fans obliged Rock, and Punk called them puppets for that.  Punk said they still don't get to win, and Rock doesn't get to win.  Rock played up to the crowd doing his "Finally-" line with them.

Rock said he's back for 3 reasons: to entertain the fans, to stop Punk, and after 10 long years to win the WWE title again.  Rock called Punk "Popeye on crack," saying he looks like he needs a doctor.  Rock said when Punk became champion he also became the biggest jerk the world has ever seen.  Rock said when he's there, don't ever say The People don't matter.  Rock says Punk's the one who doesn't matter.

Punk layed the WWE championship belt down between he and Rock and got right in his face.  He called out Rock for his busy movie schedule and finally gracing the people with his presence.  He said Rock's finally graduated from the kiddie table to the big leagues.  Punk told Rock "your arms are too short to box with God."  Rock said Punk's going one on one with the Great One.  Rock said he didn't forget the last time they were in the ring when he hurt and embarrassed him with that GTS.

Punk said in 20 days, time's up.  He told Punk to go home and think about the next 20 days.  He told him to get another tattoo on his left ass cheek with various candy bars on it, as a way to remember how bad Rock kicks his candyass at the Royal Rumble.  Rock grabbed Punk and hit him with the Rock Bottom, causing Punk to roll out of the ring.  From there, the crowd chanted for Rock and he picked up the WWE belt to hoist it up, then threw it out of the ring near Punk on the outside.  Punk sat towards the bottom of the ramp holding the back of his neck and then picked up his WWE belt to smirk as Raw went off the air.

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