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Smackdown Results 1/11/13

Smackdown Results from Miami, FL:

The show opens with Booker T hyping up this Smackdown to be as good as Raw recently was in the new year.  He says tonight they'll have Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton.  Also, the Great One, The Rock returns to Smackdown.  And Big Show defends the World title against Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match.

Big Show was upset with Booker's decision and came down to the ring to argue about it.  He eventually grabbed Booker by the neck, backing him into a corner.  Alberto Del Rio rushed to make a save, kicking Show and dropkicking him.  He hits the enziguiri and dropkicks Show to the outside.  An angry Show yells from the outside that he'll destroy Del Rio tonight.

A video promo was shown of Antonio Cesaro entering himself into the Royal Rumble and vowing to win it.

Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro due to disqualification in a non-title match.  The Shield interrupted the match and attacked Orton to cause the DQ.  Ambrose and Rollins lifted up Orton and then put him on Reigns shoulders for the big powerbomb to leave Orton layed out.

They had a promo for the 20th anniversary of Raw on Monday, with a "Rock Concert."

Matt Striker interviewed 3MB backstage and they promise to beat Sheamus like and Irish drum in the Royal Rumble.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman were shown standing at Sun Life Stadium's field.  Punk talked about being a huge fan of Rock and his college football career.  He put on a Rock jersey from college, then talked about the Orange Bowl now being taken down.  He said it's gone just like Rock's glory days in WWE, because it's now the CM Punk era.  He says Rock can come back to Miami but can never go home.

Backstage, Del Rio and Ricardo were in the dressing room when Matt Striker interrupted for a comment.  Del Rio called Big Show insecure for attacking Ricardo and for insulting the Latino people.  He said tonight the last man standing will be Latino.

Dolph Ziggler & AJ defeated Great Khali & Natalya via pinfall.  Early on, Dolph escaped Khali's attack to tag in AJ.  She jumped on Khali's back, so Natalya came in and yanked her off. Natalya went for a Sharpshooter but AJ bit her hand.  Moments later, AJ bit Natalya's ear in the ring corner, then runs up the ropes to hit a reverse DDT for the pin.  Post-match, Big E Langston charged in the ring and took down Khali with a clothesline.  Ziggler hit Zig Zag on him.  Hornswoggle tried to come in, but got cornered by them and Big E hit his finisher on him.

Another Punk promo from Sun Life Stadium.  He talked about the people thinking Rock will beat him like he's a superhero.  Punk says the people don't deserved to be saved but to rot in hell.  Heyman says nobody is as talented as Punk, not even Rock.  The promo ended with Punk removing his Dwayne Johnson football jersely and tossing it down on the field, then walking away.

They showed 1999 video clips of the Rock & Sock Connection.

The Rock came to the ring for his big Smackdown return.  He does his "Finally..." lines and a shout out to Flo Rida in the crowd.  He talks about Punk failing to show tonight and the crowd does a "Cookie Puss" chant.  Rock says he will kick Punk's Cookie Puss ass and become WWE champion.  He asks Miami if they want to have some fun tonight, but Rhodes Scholars' music hits and they came to the ring.

Sandow and Rhodes said they're out to correct Rock, because they will become champion not rock.  Cody tells Rock he doesn't deserve this time and to get out of the ring before he has no choice.  Rock does a promo on them, talking about Cody having a dead caterpillar on his lip.  Cody says he's adult and can have a mustache if he wants.

Sandow interrupted and wanted to ask Rock 3 questions.  If he gets them right he can stay in the ring.  Question 1, who was the 19th president of the US...Rock answered "Rutherford B. Hayes b--ch!"  Next question, what movie won Best Picture in 1993?  Someone in the crowd yells out "Tooth Fairy," with Rock noticing that but saying, No.  He answers "Schindler's List."  Before Sandow can ask question 3, Rock asks him his own: "What happens if you combine a geological aggregate of minerals with its lowest form?"  Sandow says "you get rock bottom."  Rock tells him exactly, then grabs Sandow and hits the Rock Bottom.

Cody looked at Rock and tore off his jcket then charged at him.  Rock hit him with a Spinebuster and then the People's Elbow.  Rock did his famous line "If you smell....what The Rock, is cookin'!"

Sheamus defeated 3MB by pinfall in a 3-on-1 handicap match.  Early on, Slater ducked out of the ring and the 3 guys started backing up the ramp.  They changed gears and started to rush the ring with Slater sliding in first.  He gets taken down with a Brogue Kick, so the other 2 guys stop outside.  Sheamus gets the pinfall.  Post match, Drew and Jinder pull Slater out of the ring to carry him backstage.

Team Hell No defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Young went off the top rope towards Kane, but Kane punched him in the face.  Kane went for the chokeslam with Titus getting in to prevent it, but Kane grabs his neck too.  Both guys kick Kane to get out of it.  Daniel Bryan jumps off the top to hit double knees on the PTP.  Kane then chokeslams Young for the win.  Post-match, Kane sets off his pyro from the corners.  Bryan holds his ears then starts yelling "NO!" at the crowd.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.  During the match, Show hit a huge chokeslam which had Del Rio down for a 7 count.  On the outside, Show slammed Del Rio through the crowd barricade with ADR getting up at 9.  Inside the ring, Del Rio got nailed by a Big Show KO punch, but he rolled to the outside at the last second and stood up.

Moments later, Show tries to clock Del Rio with steel steps but backfires and hits himself instead.  Del Rio smashes the steel steps on Show 3 times causing injury to Show.  From there, Del Rio flips the commentators table over on top of Big Show.  That keeps Show down for 10 and Del Rio wins the World Heavyweight title.

Post-match, Del Rio celebrates in the ring as the crowd cheers him before Smackdown ends.

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