Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Royal Rumble Participants: Entry & Elimination Positions

Last night's Royal Rumble was the standard 30-man match that is held each January, with the winning superstar getting a headline match at WrestleMania 29.  John Cena won the event, which had some interesting surprises and spots.  The grand finale came down to Cena vs. Ryback, with Cena able to escape Ryback's clutches and send him over the top rope for the win.

Listed down below are the complete orders of entry for all of the 2013 Royal Rumble participants.  In parentheses next to the individuals are the spot at which they were eliminated and by which superstar(s).  There were several guys eliminated by multiple superstars.

There were also at least two eliminations which were done by superstars who had been eliminated right before.  They include Kane dropping his partner Daniel Bryan on the outside floor after catching him, and Wade Barrett yanking Bo Dallas out of the ring after Bo had just eliminated Barrett not long beforehand.  Dallas had an impressive debut nonetheless, as he entered at #16 and lasted for a good portion of the match.

A few records were noted during the match, including the fact Cena won his second-ever Royal Rumble.  He joins Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan as the only wrestlers to win two or more Royal Rumbles.  Also, it was noted that Kane had entered his record 14th straight Royal Rumble match.  As for The Godfather, he may very well have tied Santino Marella for quickest elimination, but that remains to be determined.

01 Dolph Ziggler (#27 by Sheamus)
02 Chris Jericho (#25 by Dolph Ziggler)
03 Cody Rhodes (#12 by John Cena)
04 Kofi Kingston (#9 by Cody Rhodes)
05 Santino Marella (#1 by Rhodes)
06 Drew McIntyre (#2 by Jericho)
07 Titus O'Neil (#3 by Sheamus & Otunga)
08 Goldust  (#5 by Cody Rhodes)
09 David Otunga (#4 by Sheamus)
10 Heath Slater (#11 by John Cena)
11 Sheamus (#28 by Ryback)
12 Tensai (#7 by Kingston)
13 Brodus Clay (#6 by multiple superstars)
14 Rey Mysterio (#13 by Wade Barrett)
15 Darren Young (#8 by Kofi Kingston)
16 Bo Dallas (#21 by Wade Barrett)
17 The Godfather (#10 by Dolph Ziggler)
18 Wade Barrett (#20 by Bo Dallas)
19 John Cena - WINNER *
20 Damien Sandow (#22 by Ryback)
21 Daniel Bryan (#16 by Kane)
22 Antonio Cesaro (#18 by John Cena)
23 The Great Khali (#14 by Kane)
24 Kane (by Daniel Bryan)
25 Zack Ryder (#17 by Orton)
26 Randy Orton (#26 by Ryback)
27 Jinder Mahal (#19 by Sheamus)
28 The Miz (#24 by Ryback)
29 Sin Cara (#23 by Ryback)
30 Ryback (#29 by John Cena)

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