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Raw Results 1/28/13

Raw Results from Las Vegas, NV:

They showed an intro video promoting Raw Roulette then talked about last night's Rumble winners: John Cena and The Rock.

Backstage, Vickie had three Raw Roulette wheels nearby: Superstars, Stipulations and Vickie's Vegas Challenge.  She said first match tonight is Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro, and spun the wheel to reveal a Special Guest referee stipulation.

CM Punk's music played in the arena to bring the champ out for a talk.  He complained about not officially losing and called it a Phoenix Screwjob, worse than Vince screwed Bret in Montreal.  He said in his world, "you don't get re-starts."  Punk said he's there tonight to cush The People and The Rock's party.  That brought out Mr. McMahon.  He said he would crash Punk's party again tonight.  Vince said he was told by a source that Punk was part of a scheme involving The Shield.  He said he had video to show which suggests Punk and Heyman were involved.  Punk said later tonight they'll have  Personal Performance Review, concering the video and Heyman's possible termination.

Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro via in a non title special referee match.  The Miz was special ref.  Late in the match, Cesaro had a nearfall and got into an argument with Miz about the count.  That allowed Orton to hit a bodyslam on Cesaro.  The two fought in the corner where Cesaro was overdoing the attack so Miz pulled him away. Cesaro shoved him, so Miz grabbed his arm.  They kept arguing but Miz saw Orton stalking Cesaro behind him, she he pretended he was wrong.  Cesaro turned to get hit by the RKO with Orton scoring the pinfall.  Post-match, Miz pretended to help Cesaro up, only to hit Skullcrushing Finale on him.

Backstage, the wheel spun to reveal "Make Me Laugh."  Vickie was shown on camera and Ryback.  She told him what he had to do and Ryback marched off.

After commercial, tennis stars Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf were shown sitting ringside.

Ryback was in the ring with Prime Time Players and Matt Striker.  The competitors had to be the first to make the crowd laugh.  PTP told a joke about Striker on a date, but the crowd booed their attempt.  Next up, Ryback said his joke involves about four hands, 20 fingers and "about to be unconscious."  PTP tried to attack Ryback, but he dropped Titus with a spinebuster.  Ryback hit all his big moves on Titus.  After Shellshocked, he turned his attention to Matt Striker, kicked him in the gut and hit Shellshocked on him.

Michael Cole talked about last week's WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Bob Backland.  Mick Foley is the first inductee for 2013, and tonight a third will be named.

Vickie spun the wheel and it landed on "Players Choice" with Wade Barrett getting to choose an opponent tonight.

Bo Dallas defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall in a non-title match.  The match lasted just over two minutes.  Barrett went for the Bullhammer after getting cocky, but Dallas ducked him and rolled up Barrett for the surprise pinfall.  Bo quickly escaped the ring with Barrett pretty upset at what went down.

Cody Rhodes spun the wheel backstage and it hit on John Cena.  Rhodes clapped his hands together ready for the match, with Cole saying the match is next.

John Cena defeated Cody Rhodes via pinfall.  During the match, Cena hit a fisherman suplex on Rhodes, which caused him to roll to the outside.  Rhodes grabbed a mic and yelled "I'm leaving!"  He tried to, but Cena grabbed him and put him back into the ring.  Cena hit all his big moves including Five Knuckle Shuffle.  He waited then hit Attitude Adjustment center ring to pin Rhodes.

After his win, Cena stayed in the ring to talk about winning the Rumble.  He spoke about having to face either Punk or Rock at WrestleMania 29.  He talked up both guys, including how he lost the Once in a Lifetime match to Rock at WM28.  Cena brought up the tough odds he'd have against Punk or Rock and said better odds might be challenging for the World Championship.  Cena said he won't wait to reveal who his opponent will be for WrestleMania 29.  He said "I, John Cena will challenge the WWE Champion."

Suddenly, Shield's music hit to interrupt Cena's speech.  They stormed the ring to start attacking.  Cena fought back a bit but was overpowered.  Sheamus rushed down to try to help and fought a bit but also got ovepowered.  Ryback was third man down and tossed two of the three Shield members out of the ring.  However, Reigns and Ryback got into a fight near the ropes with Ambrose and Rollins yanking down Ryback's legs to pull him out of the ring.  Sheamus tried to intervene again but got sent into the ringpost.

Cena got some energy back but Shield once again put him down.  They picked him up and hit the Triple Powerbomb to end things with Sheamus and Ryback both recovering on the outside.

Backstage, the wheel spun and revealed Lingerie Pillow fight causing Lawler and the crowd to get excited.  However, the camera revealed Tensai and Brodus Clay standing by with Vickie.  Tensai said he's a monster, not someone who wears lingerie.  Vickie said she can't have this with Mr. McMahon doing evals tonight.  Tensai left, and Brodus spun another smaller wheel to reveal "Dance Off."  Brodus made a face then told Vickie he'd let Tensai know about the match change.

After a commercial, Raw was back with Lawler in he ring with Brodus and Tensai (in a robe).  Tensai said he's shy, then opened his bathrobe to reveal a lingerie top with wrestling trunks.  Clay laughed bout it, as Lawler tried to tell Tensai the match had changed.

CLay and his dancers danced first, then Lawler tried to talk Tensai into dancing.  He said everything stays in Vegas.  Clay told Tensai to not take it so serious.  Finally, Tensai started dancing with Clay jumping in.  Tensai did some Gangnam Style, a lawnmower, shovel, and chest-bumping.  WWE showed Ron Simmons watching backstage who yelled "DAMN!" at the monitor.  Back in the ring, Tensai grabbed his towel/robe and walked up the ramp embarrassed.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio spun the wheel to reveal "Bodyslam Challenge."  Vickie laughed about it, saying Del Rio trying to bodyslam Big Show will be the greatest trick Vegas has ever seen.  Del Rio told Vickie in Vegas, anything can happen.

No winner in the Bodyslam Challenge between Alberto Del Rio and Big Show.  It ended up with Big Show KO punching Del Rio before the match even started.  Ricardo Rodriguez tried to stop Show from further damage, but Show shoved him down.  Show pulled out some duct tape and taped up ADR's arm to the middle ropes.  Ricardo tried to get in front of ADR to protect him, but Big Show grabbed him, tore off his jacket, ripped his shirt and slapped RR on the chest hard.  Show kept beating up RR to ADR's dismay.

Del Rio was fuming as he watched Big Show beat up Ricardo.  ADR kept trying to kick at Show but couldn't reach.  Finally, Show grabbed him by the leg to shove him down.  Eventually he hit a KO punch on ADR to knock him out.

Kaitlyn and Tamina fought to a no contest in a non-title Showgirls Lumberjill match.  Various divas were around the ring dressed as showgirls.  The match ended up an all out brawl towards the end with all of the ringside divas coming in to brawl.  Rosa's costume got ripped off to reveal a bikini on her.  Tamina was shown wisely out of the ring on the apron, watching as the fight was broken up.  Kaitlyn got away and held onto her divas belt.

The Rock came to the ring with the WWE championship belt and said he thanked his friends and family, but now its time to thank the fans.  He did his "Finally The Rock has come back to Las Vegas," and then said "And finally, The Rock is WWE Champion."

Rock brought up Punk disregarding the people and running his mouth for 434 days as champion.  Rock said Punk's crap days of telling the people they don't count are over.  He called him a homeless tattoo freak.  Rock talked about the start of a new era tonight "The People's Era."  Rock talked about partying in Vegas tonight, and they're all getting pie.  Suddenly, Punk's music hit to bring him out to interject.

Punk talked about how Punk was given the title just like everything else in life.  He said if Rock was a real man he'd come up the ramp and hand back the title to Punk, apologizing for disrespecting him.  Rock said if Punk had an ounce of manhood and nuts between his legs, he'd come down the ramp to the ring and take the title back.  Rock held out the belt but Punk didn't move.  Rock said Punk's got two choices, "face him like a man in the ring, or stand on stage like a punk-a--b---h."

Punk got angry and took of his jacket then went down towards the ring.  Punk stopped himself then said he's going to stand on stage "like a punk-a--b---h, because it's cool to swear, kids."  He said he doesn't act on Rock's terms, but his own.  Punk talked about all the upcoming live shows he's part of but said they probably won't fit into Rock's schedule, so he said he'll take his rematch at Elimination Chamber.  Rock accepted it and said the only thing Punk will take from him is an ass-kicking of a lifetime.  Rock finished off with his trademark "If ya smell, what the Rock, is cookin'".

Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow in a Tables match.  The match went over 7 minutes.  Towards the end, Sheamus blocked a splash attempt from Sandow, then hit his forearms to the Sandow's chest with Sandow on the apron.  He tried to hit a suplex on Sandow near a table to end things but Sandow blocked it.    Moments later, Sandow ran at Sheamus, but Sheamus scooped up Sandow, and got ready for White Noise.  He set up and rushed into the table to smash Sandow through it with White Noise for the win.

They had Superstar Karaoke with Zack Ryder vs. Great Khali.  Hornswoggle and Natalya were standing by with Khali.  Khali had to sing HBK's theme song, and mumbled through the words as he looked at the teleprompter.  When it was Ryder's turn, 3MB came out to interrupt.  Drew asked if they really call this music, then Jinder said they are music.  Drew did an air guitar pose right in front of Khali, and Khali chopped him down.  Ryder hit Rough Ryder on Mahal, then Khali hit a Chop on Slater.  Hornswoggle did the Tadpole Splash off the top rope onto Slater, with Cole and JBL complaining about what just went down in the ring.

Chris Jericho made his big return to Raw and waited out multiple chants in the ring before speaking.  Jericho said he was gone for just six months but it felt like six years.  Jericho said he fooled everyone and was the surprise of the Rumble.  He thanked all the Jerichaholics, then said it's something he'll never, ever, eveeeeeer forget, agaaain."  Suddenly, Dolph Ziggler's music hit and out came Ziggler, AJ and Big E.

Ziggler asked Jericho why he's there since he doesn't work there any more.  They kept going  back and forth with jabs at each other, but Ziggler went back to "you don't work here any more."  Vickie appeared on the Titantron telling Dolph she re-signed Jericho to a contract.  She then spun the wheel to reveal the match they'd be in tonight, a "Strange Bedfellows" match.  She said Ziggler and Y2J will team up against the strangest team in WWE - Team Hell No.  Kane's pyro hit and the tag champs came down to the ring, with Bryan doing his "NO" routine on the way.

Daniel Bryan and Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho via pinfall in a non-title Strange Bedfellows match.  Late in the match, Jericho shoved Bryan into Kane to set up an argument between them.  Bryan shoved Kane back as Jericho and Ziggler watched from a distance.  Ziggler tagged Jericho, and Jericho shoved Kane in the back then left the ring.  As Kane turned to see who shoved him, he saw Ziggler.  Ziggler asked Jericho what he was thinking, then turned around and got chokeslammed by Kane.  Post-match, Jericho headed up the rampas Kane and Bryan kept arguing in the ring.

Michael Cole introduced another Hall of Fame induction for 2013...Trish Stratus.  They showed a video package with all sorts of career highlights.  Cole called her perhaps the "greatest diva of all time."

Mr. McMahon had Paul Heyman in the ring for an evaluation.  McMahon asked Heyman a bunch of questions including if he ever had Brad Maddox or The Shield under contract.  Heyman said "No," but McMahon and the crowd weren't buying it.  He had the camera zoom in on Heyman's face and asked the crowd "Is this an honorable man?" and the crowd yelled "NO!"

Vince said he obtained some interesting video footage from several weeks ago.  He had it shown, and it revealed Maddox walking with Heyman down a dark hallway.  The camera shut off, but the audio was still on.  Heyman talked about how they picked Maddox from obscurity to help Punk secure the WWE title, but didn't expect him to keep coming back for more money.  He said when they pay the Shield, they pay them more, and they don't keep coming back for more money.  The video image returned, showing Shield next to Maddox.  He said he would leave, but Shield gave him a beatdown.

The crowd chanted "You Got Busted" at Heyman who was now pacing the ring.  Vince asked Heyman for a esponse.  The crowd chanted "Na na na na, good bye" at Heyman who tried to say the voice heard on the video wasn't him.  Heyman said someone must have been impersonating him, but McMahon still wasn't buying into the excuses.  He asked the crowd if Heyman should be fired and of course they were for it.  Mr. McMahon started to tell Heyman he was fired, but suddenly Brock Lesnar's music hit and out came Lesnar.

Lesnar got in the ring and stood next to Heyman, then patted him on the shoulder.  McMahon told Lesnar not to do anything he'll regret later on.  The crowd did a light "Triple H" chant in the background.  Lesnar instructed Heyman to back up, and Heyman tried to get Vince to leave the ring.  Lesnar started to pace around then suddenly scooped up Vince and hoisted him up, hitting the F5.  Lesnar left the ring as Raw ended with Vince layed out in the ring.

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