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Raw Results 2/4/13

Raw Results from Atlanta, GA:

CM Punk came out to start off Raw, and brought up the video footage shown last week with Heyman, Maddox and Shield.  He said nobody saw him in the video, and if Heyman says he wasn't in the video, he wasn't - it was someone else.  Punk then brought up Vince McMahon getting what he deserved last week when Brock Lesnar broke his hip.  He said Vince had hip surgery just today.  Punk then vowed to get back the WWE title in a few weeks, when Rock will get what he deserves.  Booker T came out to interrupt Punk, saying Vickie asked him to come out and decide on Punk's fate.  Booker says the fans will decide it.  He tells them to download the WWE app on vote on Punk's opponent for tonight: Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, or Chris Jericho.

Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro via pinfall in a non-title match.  The close saw Cesaro trying to leave through the crowd, but Ryback grabbed him and threw him back in the ring.  Cesaro delivered a boot to Ryback's face, but misses on another attempt.  Ryback hit a powerbomb, then a Meathook clothesline before hitting Shell Shocked.

They replayed last week's incident with John Cena saying he'll face WWE Champion The Rock at Wrestlemania 29.  Shield attacked him and then beat up Orton and Sheamus too.

They looked at a video package of what Shield has done in WWE since they debuted at Survivor Series.

Backstage, Vickie asked Cena about the rumor she heard he was going to go call out The Shield.  Cena said they need to be stopped before he goes to Wrestlemania, and that will be tonight.

Jack Swagger defeated Santino Marella via submission.  Late in the match, Swagger hit a knee to Santino's gut, and then did a Swagger Bomb on him in the corner.  Swagger then put on the Ankle Lock for the win.  Post-match he went outside the ring to the announce table where Smackdown GM Booker T was on commentary.  Swagger asked him if he was impressed yet, so he can get a spot in Elimination Chamber.

After a commercial break, Cole said too many people were trying to vote at once on the WWE App so the voting is extended and will also happen on

Alberto Del Rio defeated Cody Rhodes via submission in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Cody charged on ADR in the corner but missed.  Del Rio hit a clothesline and backbreaker, then a big kick to Cody's face for a 2 count.  Del Rio ultimately battled back to put the Cross Armbreaker on Cody for the win.

Post-match, Del Rio talked about his former days of looking down on the people.  He says he is now champion for all the people who fight and work everyday to put food on the table.  He is interrupted by Big Show on the big screen.  Show tells him he's in a secure location at a hotel.  He asks for a rematch at Elimination Chamber.  Show tells ADR not to try finding him in the hotel, or it will be bad.  He says for Del Rio to send a contract over for the rematch.

Jerry Lawler revealed that Chris Jericho received 57% of the fan votes on the WWE App so he will be Punk's opponent tonight.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Kane were arguing.  Bryan told Kane he doesn't want him ruining his chances to get in the Elimination Chamber, so he asks Kane to stay backstage tonight.

Daniel Bryan defeated Rey Mysterio via submission.  Late in the match, Bryan went for a powerbomb but Rey countered, turning it into a 619 which he hit.  Rey went for the headbutt off the top rope, but missed.  Bryan quickly put the No Lock on for the win.

Post-match, Mark Henry made his surprise return.  He layed out Daniel Bryan at ringside before getting into the ring to slam Rey with a running powerslam.  He pulled Rey to the corner, but just then Sin Cara rushed out to try to save him.  Cara springboarded into the ring, with Henry catching him for a World's Strongest Slam.  Rey tried to fight off Henry, but got hit by the slam as well.  Henry pulled Rey back to the corner then hit a big splash off the second ropes.  He threw Cara out of the ring and then started yelling as his music played.

Later after a break, Daniel Bryan confronted Kane backstage for not coming out to stop Mark Henry.  Bryan asked for an apology but Kane mocked their friendship before walking off laughing.

Big Show is shown at his hotel on the phone with Booker T asking where the match contract is.  He gets a knock at the door, so he hangs up on Booker.  It's room service.  Show signs the bill and tells the waiter to leave without tipping him.

Sheamus defeated Kane via pinfall.  Late in the match, Kane hit a big DDT and was preparing for the chokeslam.  Daniel Bryan came running to the ring and got on the apron which distracted Kane.  Kane grabbed Bryan by the throat and pushed him off the apron, but when he turned around Sheamus was ready with the Brogue Kick to level him.

Miz had Paul Heyman as his guest for MizTV.  They talked about Brock Lesnar hurting Mr. McMahon last week, with Miz accusing Heyman of setting it up.  He said he didn't know Lesnar would be in Vegas.  Vickie Guerrero came out and admitted she was the one who brought Brock back, as she signed him as an elite free agent.  She said she wanted to impress Mr. McMahon and had no idea Brock would hurt him.  She started to cry on Paul Heyman's shoulder about it.  Heyman then said he believes her and suggests a moment of silence.  Vickie says they need to pray for Mr. McMahon's well being.

Miz called them both bottom feeders and says it's only a matter of time before Vince fires them both.  He keeps going on until Brock Lesnar's music hits.  Lesnar makes his way down to the ring and gets in the ring to staredown Miz.  Miz finally shoved Lesnar, but Lesnar clotheslined him down.  He tossed Miz out of the ring and started to destroy the MizTV set, tossing chairs out of the ring at Miz, and then the couches out of the ring.  Miz gets back in and tries to attack Lesnar, but Brock overpowers him and ultimately hits the F5.  Heyman gets Lesnar to stop the beatdown and leave the ring.  Heyman left with Lesnar as Miz recovered in the ring.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall in a non-title match.  Late in this one, Barrett hit Winds of Change on Orton for a 2 count.  Barrett put Orton on his shoulders for a move, but Orton fought his way out of it.  Barrett blocked an RKO but then missed on his attempt with a big boot.  Orton then hit the quick RKO for the win.

CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho via pinfall.  Late in this one, Jericho went for a top rope move but Punk stopped him.  He picked up Jericho for the GTS, but Jericho countered to put Punk into the Walls of Jericho.  Punk made it to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Punk goes for another GTS, with Jericho going for the Walls of Jericho.  Punk blocked that and tossed Jericho into the ringpost, then hit a GTS for the win.

They showed a video for the latest WWE Hall of Fame inductee in 2013, Bruno Sammartino.

They showed Big Show at the hotel again.  He answered the door and it was someone with a contract for a rematch with Del Rio.  The man tried to say something else but Show told him to be quiet while he looked at the contract.  He signed it and handed it back to the man to take to Booker T.  Show opened the door and now Alberto Del Rio is there.  He pulls Show out into the hall for a fight.

The two went back and forth with Show tossing Del Rio into a piece of furniture, before kicking him around some more.  Show broke a leg off a table to try to hit ADR, but Del Rio sprayed him in the face with a fire extinguisher, then clocked him on the head with it.  Show was left layed out on the floor as Del Rio got in an elevator to leave the scene.

Brad Maddox was in the ring and talked about how he was an innocent viction that Paul Heyman preyed on.  He said he gave Vince McMahon the footage that he showed last week, so he is the hero.  He says it will be him who teaches Shield about justice, not John Cena.  He calls out Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns to come to the ring.

Shield's music hit and they arrived through the crowd to come down to ringside.  They told Maddox he is a rat, and threatened to give him the beating he really deserves.  Maddox taunts them to come give it.  The shield get in the ring, with Maddox hitting Ambrose.  The Shield is able to overpower Maddox and hit a Triple Powerbomb on him.

As Shield was still standing tall and yelling at Maddox, suddenly Cena's music hit.  They looked up the ramp but Cena wasn't coming out.  Suddenly, Cena appeared up in the crowd and started to walk down towards the ring.  Next, Ryback's music hit and he was shown coming through the crowd.  Finally, Sheamus' music hit and he came down through the cowd as well.

The three guys surrounded the ring, but Shield escaped and started to head up the ramp.  Just then they were stopped in their tracks as Randy Orton came out from backstage with more guys from the locker room.  Shield retreated and got back in the ring.  Cena, Ryback and Sheamus each got on different sides of the ring, then the apron.  They eyed each other, Shield, and then gave the signal, as they all rushed into the ring and brawled with Shield.  Eventually, the three guys from Shield fled the ring and escaped through the crowd.  Cena's music hit as Cena, Ryback and Sheamus were still in the ring as Raw went off the air.

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