Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Main Event Results 1/30/13

WWE Main Event Results from San Diego, CA:

Ryback appeared as a guest on MizTV to start off the show.  He told Miz he was a big fan of the show.  They discussed last week's match involving Antonio Cesaro, and that brought out the US Champ to send verbal jabs at both Miz and Ryback.  That set up the opening matchup of Ryback vs. Cesaro.

Ryback defeated Antion Cesaro by countout in a non-title match.  During the match, Ryback held Cesaro up in a standing suplex for about 10 seconds before dropping him.  Ryback continued to dominate the match, although Cesaro managed to knock Ryback out of the ring for about 9 seconds.  Ryback regained control later and went for Shell Shocked but Cesaro managed to escape.  He kicked Miz who had been on commentary, then escaped through the crowd.

They showed highlights from Raw Roulette's main segment involving Vince McMahon trying to fire Paul Heyman, but getting the F5 from a returning Brock Lesnar.

Prime Time Players were backstage with Tensai and made fun of him wearing lingerie during Raw Roulette.  Brodus Clay came in and told Tensai not to worry about it.  Tensai was upset, said it wasn't funny, then walked off.

Tensai defeated Titus O'Neil via pinfall.  Darren Young was ringside.  PTP was about to doubleteam Tensai during the match, but Brodus Clay came out to prevent it, and stayed at ringside.  Titus hit a huge bodyslam on Tensai during the match.  Later on, Tensai got Titus to the corner and mocked his dog barking he does.  Tensai ultimately won by pinfall.  Post-match, Clay inspired Tensai to do some dancing in celebration of the win.

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