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2013 Royal Rumble Results Coverage

Welcome to coverage of the 2013 Royal Rumble results! Starting Sunday night, the match-by-match recaps and results will be listed out here from the latest annual WWE Pay-Per-View. This year's event features several huge matches including the 30-Man Royal Rumble, and The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE championship!

Also on the card, Team Hell No will put their Tag Team titles on the line against Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes, aka "Rhodes Scholars." Alberto Del Rio will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against the Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match, and The Miz will challenge Antonio Cesaro for the WWE United States title, on the live streaming pre-show!

The live stream online show gets started at 7:30 p.m. EST, while the official Pay-Per-View begins at 8PM EST online, or on cable or satellite television.  Check below for the latest updated results.

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Pre-Rumble Update: Bo Dallas won an NXT tournament on Saturday and will be one of the 30 men in the 2013 Royal Rumble match.

Tony Dawson and Matt Striker opened the live pre-show, and the camera showed off fans entering the arena with their tickets.  They brought up the free US Championship match, and then ran down the rest of tonight's PPV card including Rock vs. Punk, Rhodes Scholars vs. Hell No, and Big Show vs. Del Rio.

Josh Matthews interviewed and angry Big Show backstage about his Last Man Standing match for later tonight against Alberto Del Rio.

Rumble Live Pre Show
The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro
United States Championship Match

This match will be part of a Royal Rumble live stream pre-show on YouTube, Facebook and WWE's website starting at 7:30PM EST.  Cesaro had an early advantage and started to showboat.  Moments later, Miz had several near falls on the champ, and then used a headlock to keep Cesaro down on the mat a bit.  Cesaro got up and forced Miz to the ropes where he punched him in the stomach.  As Antonio hit the ropes, Miz tried to spring up towards him.  Cesaro had a huge move where he caught Miz mid-air and hit a backbreaker on him.

Cesaro had several near falls of his own before sitting on Miz's back against the middle ropes to choke him a bit.  A huge uppercut sent Miz down to the mat.  He had another near fall and was surprised he couldn't put Miz away.  Another big spot came with Miz running at Cesaro but Antonio catching him for another backbreaker.  Commentator Tony Dawson brought up how Miz lasted over 45 minutes in last year's Rumble.

Miz got clipped by Cesaro when he jumped at him off the corner.  Miz appeared to land bad on his knee and was limping afterwords.  Cesaro tried for a pinfall with the ropes as leverage and the ref spotted it.  Moments later, Miz had a near fall and then tried for a Figure Four with Antonio kicking him away.  Miz kicked Cesaro in the head near the ropes and the champ fell out of the ring.

Miz went out to go after Antonio, but it cost him, as Cesaro yanked Miz against the steel underlying structure of the ring.  That hurt shoulder affected Miz as Cesaro brought him back into the ring and hit the Neutralizer for the big win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro defeated The Miz via pinfall to retain the United States Championship.

A promo video opened talking about the Rumble match and highlighting some of the big winners over the years.  Highlights included John Cena, Kofi Kingston and The Miz, as well as previous winners Shawn Michaels, Triple H and The Rock.  They transitioned into a video package for CM Punk against The Rock, documenting Punk's lengthy reign, and Rock's long time away from WWE.

Pyro went off inside the Phoenix, AZ arena as Cole welcomed fans to the event.  Lilian Garcia handled introductions for the first match of the night, the World Heavyweight Championship match.

Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio
WWE World Heavyweight Title
Last Man Standing Match

Alberto Del Rio was walking backstage with Ricardo Rodriguez who was concerned about Del Rio being able to win another Last Man Standing match against Show.  Del Rio told him not to worry, he'd beat him again.  Just then, they walked up and Bret Hart was standing there.  He congratulated Del Rio and wished him luck tonight, talking about previously fighting Show and he's no easy opponent.  Ricardo was awestruck by Bret and kept shaking his hand, so Bret pulled out some Hitman shades to put on his head, as Del Rio escorted him away to head to the match.

Early on, Show chopped Del Rio down after he hit against the ropes.  Michael Cole talked about some of the previous World Heavyweight Championship matches on the Rumble card.  Show slapped Del Rio's chest, but ADR came back from the corner a bit, only to be slapped down after he jumped off the corner.  Del Rio managed to get a super kick and then a hurricanrana followed by a seated senton from the top rope.  The ref started his first count of the night with Show getting up within 5.  Later, Del Rio went for his cross arm bar submission, but Show picked him up and slammed him down to the mat.

Show brought a chair in the ring to use, but Del Rio kicked him to stop the attempted bashing.  ADR then used the chair himself to keep bashing it on Show as the crowd chanted "Si Si Si!"  Del Rio jumped off the corner with the chair but Show grabbed him with a hand around the throat to chokeslam him.  ADR was down as the ref counted, but Berto got up around 9.  However, ADR fell out of the ring and hit the floor.  Show went over and slammed ADR down for good measure to let the ref start a new count.

The fight ended up at the stage area near the Rumble set with Show smashing Del Rio into the set, and then smashing part of it on him.  He grabbed a table from near the crowd and brought it over to set up near ADR.  In another spot, Show got on part of the hanging set then pulled up Del Rio with him.  From there, he grabbed ADR around the throat and then threw him down through the table.  The ref began to count with Ricardo yelling to ADR from nearby.  ADR stood up at 9 to Show's surprise.  ADR fell right back down though.

Back in the ring, Show nearly got the KO punch but Del Rio escaped and slipped out of the ring.  Show pulled apart the ring steps though and tried to throw it at ADR who moved away near the ring post.  From there, Ricardo rushed over to hit Show from behind.  Show turned around and grabbed RR then threw him against the crowd barricade.  Show then charged at ADR near the timekeeper's area, but ADR moved away causing Show to crash through the barrier.

Show answered the ref's count, but Del Rio quickly grabbed a chair to bash on Show repeatedly.  Show's arm ended up draped across part of the steel steps, so Del Rio smashed a chair on his arm.  From there, ADR took a fire extinguisher and sprayed Show in the face as Show got back in the ring.  Del Rio locked the cross arm breaker on Show, and then Ricardo rushed over to the ropes with duct tape, he started frantically taping Show's legs around the bottom rope while ADR kept the hold locked on.  The ref started up the count after ADR released the cross arm breaker.  Show struggled trying to free himself but just couldn't, and eventually the ref got to 10.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio won the Last Man Standing Match against Big Show to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Matt Striker had Dolph Ziggler, AJ and Big E Langston backstage.  Ziggler complained about Vickie making him one of the first two competitors in the Royal Rumble.  Dolph said he's choosing #1 since that's what he has.  Striker reminded him only two superstars have ever won the Rumble at #1.  AJ interrupted asking Striker if he was trying to say Dolph can't do it.  Big E grabbed the mic from Striker and did his own interview asking Ziggler what his plans were after he wins the Rumble.  Ziggler said he plans to win the Rumble after entering at #1, then cash in MITB to win the WWE title later, and then go on to unify the two titles at Wrestlemania 29.

They showed pre-recorded bits from various Rumble participants including Antonio Cesaro, Prime Time Players and Randy Orton.

Rhodes Scholars vs. Team Hell No
WWE Tag Team Championship

Bryan vs Rhodes early on, with Bryan able to get Cody into a surfboard submission.  Kane tagged in to bring further pain to Rhodes for a near fall.  Sandow managed to tag in, but he ended up getting kicked on by Bryan repeatedly, before Kane tagged in to keep hammering away.  Kane kicked Sandow in the face to send him to the outside.  Cody rushed in the ring and Kane sent him outside.  Bryan then got involved with a suicide dive on Rhodes Scholars before tossing Sandow back in.  Sandow shoved Bryan towards the ropes and Cody pulled them down for Bryan to hit the outside floor.

Later on, Sandow managed to gain control of things, hitting the Elbow of Disdain on Bryan for a near fall.  Cody came in to try to keep the attack up, but Bryan fought out of the corner to take him down.  Later still, Kane went for a double chokeslam but Rhodes Scholars forced him to the corner.  Bryan made a blind tag in as Rhodes Scholars took Kane down.  Meanwhile, Bryan set up on the corner.

Sandow tried to pin Kane but the ref told him Kane wasn't legal.  Sandow staggered back and turned around and Bryan hit a missile dropkick on him.  Cody came at Bryan, so Daniel shoved him away.  Kane was ready with the chokeslam.  From there, Bryan grabbed Sandow by the arm and locked on the No Lock.  Sandow tapped out giving Hell No the win.

Winners: Team Hell No wins via pinfall over Rhodes Scholars to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

A promo for the Elimination Chamber PPV for February 17th was shown.  The event will be in New Orleans, LA.

They showed the Rumble by the Numbers promo video.

Backstage, Team Hell No were talking about how everyone called them dysfunctional but they're still the tag team champions.  Vickie Guerrero walked up and handed them their #'s for the Royal Rumble.  Bryan showed Kane his number, but then Kane wouldn't show his.  Kane told him it's a bad strategy to reveal your number before the match.  Kane said "see you out there, partner."  Bryan said "not if I see you first," but Kane laughed "that's highly unlikely," and walked off laughing.  Bryan screamed "NO!"

Cole and Lawler talked up the Rumblefest, with the NXT tournament to produce a winner who would be in the Rumble match.  They showed video highlights.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

In the Royal Rumble match, two men start off the match (one of who will be Dolph Ziggler), and then 28 others enter in timed intervals. Competitors toss each other out over the top ropes to make eliminations, with the final remaining superstar crowned the winner. The winner receives their choice of a title match at WrestleMania 29.

Dolph Ziggler came out as #1, with AJ and Big E with him.  They stopped on stage where Dolph and AJ made out in front of Big E.  Ziggler left them and went down to the ring to show off and cut a promo on the mic.  Dolph said he doesn't care who #2 is so send them out already.  Cole noted only twice in history has someone won at #1.  Suddenly, pyro went off and Chris Jericho's music hit to bring him out as the #2 entry.  Cole talked about how the last time Jericho was seen, he lost in a contract vs. MITB match to Dolph.

The two men locked up to start things off, with 1:30 before the next superstar would enter.  Jericho got control of things early on.  Each man nearly eliminated the other, but they were able to hang on.  Jericho tried to push Dolph off the corner, then superplexed him before #3 hit, Cody Rhodes.  Rhodes and Ziggler started a double team attack on Jericho, but he managed to escape and put Cody in Walls of Jericho.  Ziggler was over to break it up.  Ziggler with a catapult move to send Jericho into the bottom rope, before Kofi Kingston came in at #4.

There were several near eliminations before Santino arrived at #5.  Santino ran through a comedy routine where he dumped the other four guys over the top but they all held on.  After a slap chop from Jericho and a super kick, Santino got eliminated first.  Ziggler tossed Jericho over the ropes, but Y2J held on to pull himself up to the apron.  Drew found himself eliminated after Titus got into the match.  For the #8 entry, a surprise return from Goldust as Cody shook his head about it.  They started to face off in the middle of the ring with Ziggler trying to attack.  Goldust dumped Cody over the top but he got to the apron.

More fighting between Jericho and Ziggler with Y2J trying to eliminate Dolph again.  Cole noted that the two men had lasted 15 minutes so far in the match.  Sheamus came in and cleaned house on all the other competitors hitting several big moves including bashing on Titus' chest on the apron before throwing Otunga into him.  Titus was eliminated.  More chest bashing for Otunga, who then received a Brogue Kick to send him out.

Cody managed to get Goldust out on the apron, and then ran him against the ring post to eliminate him.  Just then, Rey Mysterio made his entry at #14. Cole noted that Rey won back in 2006 from the start of the match.  Darren Young was the next entry, making for PTP'ers entering the match.  He helped a bunch of other superstars dump out Brodus.  Next up, Kofi managed to head scissors Tensai over the ropes.  With Kofi on the apron, Ziggler rushed over and punched him causing Kofi to go flying off.  He landed on Tensai's back, and then Tensai slammed him on the commentators table.  Tensai had to leave the ringside area, with Kofi stuck on the commentators table.  However, Kofi cleverly asked for JBL's chair, and used it to pogo stick over to the ring. He had a quick elimination of Darren Young. Kofi's return was short lived as Cody managed to punch him out.

Another surprise return hit at #17 as The Godfather made his return with two females on his arms.  As soon as he got into the ring, Dolph Ziggler came over and dropkicked him over the ropes for the ultra-fast elimination.  Godfather put his pimp hat and glasses back on then left with the two women and the fans chanting for him.  Wade Barrett was in next and tried to eliminate Sheamus with the help of Jericho.  Sheamus got to the apron to hang on.

John Cena came in at #19 and everyone tried to attack at once.  Cena fought back and made two quick eliminations, sending Rhodes and Heath Slater out of the ring.  Later on, Bo Dallas tried to make a name for himself as he went to work on Cena in the corner and tried to toss him out, but couldn't.  Daniel Bryan came into the ring and started nailing kicks on Sandow then Ziggler and then Barrett, leaving three men down.  He went to eliminate Jericho with Sheamus coming to help, but Jericho grabbed the bottom rope to hang on.  Cena was also barely hanging on in another corner.

Khali came in at #23 and started to unload on superstars, then stood on Jericho's throat near the ropes.  Cole noted that Sheamus has lasted 20 minutes now as Cesaro tried to throw him out.  Kane arrived at #24 for his record 14th straight Rumble match entered.  He immediately went to eliminate Ziggler who one again survived on the apron.  Kane had the big elimination of Khali and as he was staring out at him, Bryan snuck up from behind and dumped Kane out.  Moments later, Bryan got knocked over the top rope but Kane was there to catch him.  Bryan was shocked and thought Kane might save him, but instead of helping out he dropped Bryan to the ground.

Randy Orton came in at #26 and hit a double DDT on Ziggler and Bo Dallas before RKOing Ryder.  Zack Ryder was eliminated next.  Cesaro tried to dump Cena out, but Cena hung on then got back in the ring to dump Cesaro out instead.  The Miz entered at #28 but Cesaro was going up the ramp, so Miz attacked him first before rushing down the ramp to get in the ring.  Bo Dallas got a big moment, eliminating Wade Barrett from the match.  Cole talked about how long Bo's been in the ring.  Wade Barrett came rushing back and saw Dallas near the ropes, then yanked him out of the ring.  He waited for him to stand up, then hit the Bullhammer elbow to level him.

Ryback entered at #30 and was able to get three eliminations quickly.  Moments later, Y2J started going crazy and nearly eliminated Sheamus.  Ziggler tossed Jericho over the top but Jericho hung on again.  However, this time Ziggler with a super kick to send Jericho out of the match.  It came down to Ziggler, Orton, Cena, Sheamus and Ryback for quite a finale.  Orton hit multiple big moves to lay out the other superstars.  He hit a DDT from the ropes on Ryback.  Ryback managed to get back on his feet and clotheslined Orton out of the ring to eliminate him.  Moments later, Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick to send Ziggler out.

Cena, Ryback and Sheamus faced off for the win.  Cena was about to get the Five Knuckle Shuffle onSheamus, but Ryback got up and leveled Cena instead.  Ryback was going to hit a move on Sheamus, but Sheamus countered and hit White Noise.  Sheamus prepared for a Brogue Kick and waited for Ryback to get up, but Ryback managed to avoid it and sent Sheamus out of the ring.  It was down to Ryback vs. John Cena for the win.  The two men faced off and looked p at the WrestleMania logo in the rafters.  Ryback started the Feed Me More chant with the crowd.  Cena started unloading.  Ryback responded with a big spine buster.  He prepared for the Meathook clothesline, but Cena avoided it then locked Ryback into the STF.

Ryback passed out from the STF, and Cena then lifted him up in a bear hug onto the corner.  Ryback fought back then jumped down onto Cena, smashing Cena's head into the mat multiple times.  Moments later, Ryback put Cena on his shoulder and tried to run him out of the ring.  Cena slipped off then shoved Ryback over the top and out of the ring.  Cena is your 2013 Rumble winner, and becomes fourth man to win two Rumbles (Stone Cold, HBK, Hogan).

Winner: John Cena wins the Royal Rumble after entering at #19.  He eliminated Ryback for the win.

The Rock vs. CM Punk
WWE Championship Match

In this match, Vince McMahon added a stipulation for CM Punk, that if The Shield interferes in the match, then Punk is stripped of his WWE Championship.

The match saw both men trade submissions later on, with Punk able to counter the Sharpshooter and turn it into the Anaconda Vice.  Rock managed to roll it over so he had Punk pinned back for a bit, but Punk kicked out.  Moments later, Rock was able to get the Sharpshooter on.  Punk struggled for a while looking like he had no escape, then managed to grab the bottom rope to break it.  Punk dropped out of the ring to try to get a rest, but Rock went after him.  Later still, Rock cleared off the Spanish announcers table, ripping the cover off and tossing the monitors to the floor.  Punk tried to flee back into the ring, but Rock grabbed him and smashed him face first onto the table.  Punk managed to get the upper hand though as they stood up on the announcers table.  He prepared for a GTS but Rock grabbed him for Rock Bottom.  However, the table collapsed under both men, making it look like Rock may have hurt his knee or leg badly.

Back in the ring, Punk seemed to have things in hand, but Rock was still going strong.  He hit the Spinebuster on Punk to leave him layed on his back, then set up for the People's Elbow.  However, just as Rock was about to hit it, the lights went out.  Cole and Lawler started yelling that someone was out there.  Cole started yelling that The Shield was out there, as the lights were still out.  Suddenly a huge crash was heard, and Cole screamed that Shield just Powerbombed him through a table.

The lights finally came back on and Rock was seen layed out on the smashed table in front of JBL, Cole and Lawler.  Punk went out of the ring and grabbed Rock to bring back in the ring.  He rolled him in, then over and took the pinfall for the win..

Post-match, Punk started celebrating as Cole kept complaining about how Shield interfered.  Punk and Heyman gloated in the ring as Punk's theme music played and he posed on the corner.  Suddenly, Vince McMahon's music hit and he came to the stage.  He reminded Punk of the stipulation about Shield.  He said nobody saw it, but it was obvious.  Vince said it's his official duty as the chairman to...Rock interrupted him on the mic.  Rock said "We're not gonna end it like this tonight, so let's restart this match, now!"  Vince signed off on that and ordered the match restarted.

Rock got in the ring barely able to stand in the corner, with Punk immediately attacking as the bell sounded.  He seemed in control and eventually got Rock back up for a GTS.  Rock escaped it and hit a Rock Bottom.  He followed up with the patented People's Elbow for the huge win.  Rock's music played on as he celebrated, holding the title up and looking at the WM logo.  Cole signed off thanking fans for watching the Rumble.

The PPV seemed to end, but then came back on with Rock holding a mic in the ring.  He said a referee was telling him they needed him to stand in a certain spot in the ring to get the right picture of him with the WrestleMania logo.  Rock said he's talking to the people of Phoenix though.  He thanked all the fans for their support and his family members for being there tonight.  He finished with his classic "If you smell what the Rock is cookin'" before heading up the ramp to shake hands with fans, sign a few autographs and go backstage.  The live feed stayed on with Justin Roberts thanking everyone in the arena for coming out and telling them to drive safely.

Winner: The Rock wins via pinfall over CM Punk to become the new WWE Champion.

Thank you for choosing WWE Characters the Blog for all your Royal Rumble results coverage. Make sure to stay tuned for more info on the results including elimination order, and also check out Monday Night Raw for followup from tonight's Pay-Per-View!

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