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Main Event Results 04/17/13

Main Event results from Knoxville, TN:

Main Event opened up with an over-the-top battle royal with the winner getting to take on Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Title.  Barrett's music hit to interrupt Cole and JBL as they were talking about the match.  As Barrett was insulting the competitors in the ring, Great Khali's music hit and he eventually came out to have a staredown with Barrett on stage.

Justin Gabriel won an over-the-top-rope battle royal to become #1 contender for the Intercontinental Title.  Great Khali, Alex Riley, Drew McIntyre, Santino Marella, Justin Gabriel, The Uso's, Primo, Epico, Yoshi Tatsu and Jinder Mahal were among the competitors in the match.  Yoshi was among the first superstars eliminated.  Khali eliminated Epico, then Jinder Mahal before raising his arms for a big yell.  At one point, all of the competitors tried to work together to push Khali over the top, but Khali fell to the apron and got back in.  Moments later, six men worked together to eliminate Khali with Barrett shown enjoying the moment backstage.

It came down to Justin Gabriel, Santino, Primo and Drew McIntyre.  Santino went wild and pulled out the Cobra to punch Primo out through the middle ropes so he wasn't eliminated.  Drew rushed over and tossed Santino out then beat up on Gabriel.  Drew threw him over the top but Gabriel held onto the top rope to skin the cat.  Drew rushed over and Gabriel head scissored him out of the ring.  Gabriel flipped back into the ring with Primo rushing at him, so Gabriel ducked and tossed Primo out to the floor to win it.

Matt Striker interviewed Gabriel in the ring.  Gabriel talked about how he used to be good friends with Barrett back in the day, then brought up Kofi Kingston winning the US title on Raw.  Gabriel vowed to win the IC title tonight too.

Cole talked about how there's a mess in the World Championship picture, then had highlight video shown from Raw involving Ziggler, Del Rio and Swagger.  Cole brought up that there will be a World Heavyweight Title triple threat match at Extreme Rules between Ziggler, Swagger and Del Rio.

After commercial break, they rolled part of CM Punk's in-ring speech from Raw talking about wanting that "next challenge."  He talked about taking on "The Streak" at WrestleMania, saying he pushed Undertaker to the limit.  Punk stopped talking then handed the mic to Paul Heyman before leaving.

Michael Cole read a statement from Paul Heyman suggesting fans shouldn't create rumors over Punk, and should maybe focus more on Triple H who has yet to respond to the challenge made for a match against Brock at Extreme Rules.  They showed Lesnar taking out 3MB in the ring on Raw.

Matt Striker talked to Wade Barrett backstage about his luck changing lately.   Barrett insulted Striker as a mediocre wrestler and interviewer.  Barrett said the "Barrett Barage" is going to take a turn for the better tonight, and it starts with Justin Gabriel.

Wade Barrett defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Title.  Barrett was in control as he clotheslined down Gabriel outside the ring right before a commercial break.  After break, they were back in the ring with Gabriel trying to start a comeback only to get kicked hard in the gut by Barrett.  Later in the match, Gabriel finally started to comeback, kicking Barrett in the head to leave him flat on his back.  Gabriel followed with a reverse springboard flip onto Barrett for a near fall.  Later, Barrett avoided Gabriel in the corner, but Gabriel jumped on the corner then delivered a mule kick to Barrett.  He prepared for the 450 Splash, but Barrett escaped the ring.  Gabriel went over to the apron with Barrett fighting him there before raking Gabriel in the eyes.  As Gabriel stumbled around, Barrett wound up for the Bullhammer Elbow and hit it to level Gabriel for the pin.

The show finished up with a look back at Ryback's pre-taped speech about why he attacked Cena on Raw last week.  They showed footage of Cena confronting Ryback in the ring, and Ryback leaving when Cena tried to get a fight.  The Shield came out from the crowd and went into the ring to beat up Cena, with Ryback just standing at the bottom of the ramp watching.  Shield Triple-powerbombed Cena down with Ryback heading up the stage to the back.

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