Friday, March 29, 2013

SmackDown Results 03/29/13

Smackdown Results from Hershey, PA:

The Rock came out to start off SmackDown and discussed Hershey, PA from when he was younger.  He started to cut a promo about John Cena and WrestleMania, but John Laurinaitis interrupts and comes down to the ring.  JL says that he was given permission to come out by Teddy Long.  He says Cena is the reason he was fired and wants to be in Rock's corner at WrestleMania.  Rock says it's up to the people to decide, and they boo JL.  Rock says he and Laurinaitis should send Cena a message together, but first they need to shake.  Rock then hit a Spinebuster and People's Elbow on Laurinaitis before leaving.

Chris Jericho defeated Wade Barrett in a non-title match.  Jericho said post-match he'd love to face the IC champ at Mania but guesses he'll face Fandango instead.  Fandango comes out and Jericho picks on his name.  Fandango walks to the ring but decides to just turn around and leave.

They had an interview featuring Paul Heyman talking to Matt Striker about the Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H match.

They had a weight lifting competition between Mark Henry and Ryback with Teddy Long and Booker standing nearby to officiate it.  During the contest, the two men achieved the same score.  Booker told them they have a no contact policy.  Henry dropped the weight bar across Ryback's neck and Ryback rolled around as if he was choking.

Team Hell No & Kaitlyn defeated Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston & AJ via pinfall.  Late in the match, Kane gave a big boot to Big E.  Kaitlyn scored the pinfall on AJ for the win.

They had a promo from The Shield directed towards their WrestleMania opponents.

Jack Swagger and Great Khali wrestled to a double countout.  Swagger put a Patriot Lock on Hornswoggle.  Ricardo Rodriguez came out and challenged Swagger to come get him, then Del Rio snuck in the ring and put an armbreaker on Zeb Colter.  Del Rio held onto Zeb and Ricardo hit him with his crutch.  Swagger tries to come back and Del Rio hits him.

They had a backstage interview with Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus about WM29 and The Shield.

They talked about an Arnold Schwarzenegger tweet where he talked about inducting his friend Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Sheamus, Big Show and Randy Orton defeated Rhodes Scholars & Antonio Cesaro via pinfall.  The action broke down late with Show shoving Sandow to Orton for an RKO.  From there, Orton and Show revved up Sheamus for a Brouge Kick on Cody for the pinfall win.  The Shield showed up post-match with Orton, Sheamus and Show chasing them off into the crowd before posing at the top of the stairs to end SmackDown.

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