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2013 WrestleMania 29 Results Coverage

Welcome to results coverage of WWE's 2013 WrestleMania 29 Pay-Per-View. The annual sports entertainment extravaganza gets started at 6 p.m. EST on Sunday night, with plenty of big stars and big matches on the card. Among them are John Cena vs. The Rock, CM Punk vs. Undertaker, and Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar!

The official Pay-Per-View is set for a start time of 7 p.m. EST on cable, satellite and live stream video feed. However, a special live streaming pre-show begins at 6 p.m. EST online. Fans can see this at WWE's YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, or WWE website. The pre-show features a championship match as The Miz challenges Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental title.

Tonight has three main events really, with John Cena fighting The Rock for the WWE Championship, a return bout from last year.  Also, Triple H will take on Brock Lesnar in a match which could end The Game's WWE career.  Finally, CM Punk will attempt to end The Undertaker's legendary undefeated streak in their epic match, with Taker looking for vengeance after Punk has brought his deceased manager Paul Bearer into play as part of the feud.

Full results for all of the matches from WrestleMania 29 will be listed right below. The complete final results will be available here after 11 p.m. EST on Sunday night.

Use this link to refresh this page for the latest updated results!

WrestleMania 29  Live  Pre-Show

Josh Matthews and Matt Striker handled the WrestleMania 29 pre-show, hyping up the big matches. They encouraged fans to send out Tout videos with #ManiaMoment. Striker voted on his mobile phone via Facebook for which match would steal the show tonight.

They kicked it to Scott Stanford who was set up in the arena along with a panel of Jim Ross, Kofi Kingston and Dusty Rhodes. Each of them gave their thoughts on Mania tonight.

They showed a video package promoting the Jack Swagger's "America" campaign and his upcoming title match against Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title. Del Rio was shown as the hero, who came to America where anything is possible for anyone.

Matthews and Striker discussed the magnitude of WrestleMania and the possibility that Triple H's career will end tonight. They showed a video package chronicling the HHH vs. Brock feud.

They sent it outside to Tony Dawson with a huge group of fans outside of MetLife Stadium, who talked about all the fans that have come from all over the world to the Pay-Per-View and are ready to file inside.

Snooki was shown backstage tweeting when The Miz walked in and said she was Social Media Ambassador, then called her a "MILF - Mother I'd like to friend."  Snooki said she thought he meant the other thing.  Wade Barrett walked in and told her to tweet something, but Snooki said it was more than 140 characters.  Miz told her to tweet he's going to take the only thing that makes Barrett relevant, the Intercontinental Title.  Barrett threw another jab at the reality stars before they both said "Really," and Barrett responded, "Yes, really" then walked off.  Snooki told Miz not to worry because his spray tan looks awesome.

More from Matthews & Striker, before they sent it to a video replay of what happened in the bench press contest with Ryback and Mark Henry on SmackDown.

A female interviewer talked to Mark Henry backstage.  Henry talked about Ryback not matching his strength and power but gasping for air.  The interviewer started to ask a question about it being WrestleMania tonight.  Henry interrupted saying tonight will be memorable for Ryback, because tonight he's getting entered into the Hall of Pain.

They showed highlights of the press conference earlier this week for WrestleMania 29 with Triple H, Stephanie, Vince McMahon, John Cena and The Rock.

Scott Stanford fed to a video package about CM Punk vs. The Undertaker with the streak on the line.

A video package was shown about The Shield and Big Show, Randy Orton, Sheamus' upcoming six- man tag match, along with the feud that started it all.

The Miz vs. Wade Barrett
Intercontinental Championship Match

The Miz was introduced first for the match, followed by Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. Miz got control early, but Barrett quickly took over after a hard move in the corner. He hit Miz a few times, then slammed him up on the corner to hammer away on him. Miz ran at him then delivered a huge knee to the gut for a near fall.

Miz went for his running knee on Barrett in the corner, but Wade ran forward and caught Miz for Winds of Change to slam him down for a near fall. He went for the Bullhammer Elbow, but Miz ducked it and put on the Figure Four leg lock. Barrett fought to not tap out, then reached to grab the bottom rope and break it. Moments after that, Barrett hit Wasteland with Miz able to barely kick out after 2.

Right after that, Miz took down Barrett and locked on another Figure Four leg lock. This time Barrett had nowhere to go and finally had to tap out. An ecstatic Miz rushed over and jumped on the ropes to start celebrating with his newly-won title belt.

Winner: The Miz defeated Wade Barrett via submission to win the Intercontinental Championship.

WrestleMania 29 Pay-Per-View Results

The PPV started off with a video and narrator Gov. Chris Christie talking about October 29th and Hurricane Sandy that brought unfathomable destruction and damage.  The video ended with a "Welcome to WrestleMania" from Gov. Christie before showing the live stadium and crowd.

Cole said there was a record crowd on hand approaching 80,000, before another video package was shown.  This time it was about awe-inspiring moments being born.  They showed footage from past WrestleManias including Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Stone Cold and The Undertaker.

Randy Orton, Sheamus & Big Show vs. The Shield

In the late part of the match, Show hit a Spear on The Shield to break up their Powerbomb attempt on Sheamus.  Show then went back to the corner and reached in for a tag to Sheamus.  Randy Orton slapped Show to tag himself in, which annoyed Show.  Orton hit his DDT from the ropes on Ambrose, then went for the RKO.  Rollins jumped from the top rope for a move later, but Orton hit an RKO mid-air on him.  Reigns hit a quick spear on Orton though, allowing Ambrose to steal the pinfall for the win as Big Show watched.  Post-match, Orton started arguing with Big Show.  Show knocked out Sheamus and then Orton.

Winners: The Shield win via pinfall over Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show.

Ryback vs. Mark Henry

Mark Henry defeated Ryback via pinfall.  Late in this one, Ryback was able to beat a near count out, getting back into the ring at eight.  Henry worked a bear hug on him, with Ryback getting to the ropes to break it.  Henry quickly clotheslined Ryback out over the top rope.  This time, Ryback got back into the ring at nine, with Henry putting another bear hug on him.  Ryback finally fought out of the hold, hitting away on Henry, before hitting a Meathook Clothesline.  He then was able to lift Henry up, but Henry grabbed one of the ropes and Ryback collapsed.  Henry then took the pinfall to cover.  After the match, the ref called for some trainers to check on Ryback.  Henry chased them off, but then Ryback got back up and hit a spine buster on Henry, followed by Shellshocked.

Winner: Mark Henry wins via pinfall over Ryback.

Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston vs. Team Hell No
WWE Tag Team Championship match

Towards the finish of this one, Daniel Bryan hit a running knee on Langston, but Ziggler ran up to hit Zig Zag on Bryan for a near fall.  Ziggler called for AJ to give him the briefcase, which Ziggler swung at Kane.  Kane ducked it, then hit a chokeslam on Ziggler.  From there, Kane tagged in Bryan and took out Langston, before Bryan hit a diving headbutt on Ziggler for the win.

Winners: Team Hell No wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston to retain the WWE Tag Team titles.

Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

Late in this one, Fandango went for his big leg drop but Jericho rolled out of the way.  Jericho apparently landed badly on his left knee on the Lionsault from the middle ropes.  Jericho tried for a Walls of Jericho but his knee was bothering him.  Fandango then grabbed him into a small package and stole the pinfall win.

Cole called it "one of Wrestlemania's biggest upsets."  Fandango stumbled to the bottom of the ramp where his dancer helped him to his feet as they backed up the ramp celebrating.

Winner: Fandango wins via pinfall over Chris Jericho.

They showed a video package about fans supporting The Rock as he comes to WrestleMania to defend the WWE title.

Diddy had a special live performance up on the stage of a medley of his hits including "Mo Money, Mo Problems" and "Coming Home."

They showed a video package to profile Jack Swagger's "America" and he and Zeb's campaign against Del Rio.

Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio
World Heavyweight Championship match

They showed the "Border Patrol" vehicle outside the ring decked out in camo.  Swagger and Colter cut a promo in the ring ahead of the match, finishing with their "We The People" phrase right before Ricardo Rodriguez came out on stage on crutches to introduce Del Rio.

During the match, Del Rio had control and stepped on Zeb Colter's hand which was on the ringside apron.  From there, Del Rio kicked Swagger in the head to knock him to the mat.  Del Rio prepared for a big move, but Swagger countered it and slammed ADR down for a near fall.  Swagger put on a Patriot Lock but Del Rio countered it.  Moments later, Del Rio countered a near Swagger Bomb and then punched Swagger in the back 10 times before hitting a Backstabber on him.

Del Rio went for a Cross Armbreaker, but Swagger countered it and hit a Gutwrench Powerbomb for another near fall.  Colter kept yelling at the ref after the count.  Swagger got the Patriot Lock on again with Del Rio struggling to try to reach the ropes.  He got yanked back by Swagger, but then flipped him over and put on the Cross Armbreaker.  Swagger blocked it by clasping his hands together.  Del Rio hit his hands apart with it looking like it was over.  Swagger countered though and stood up to put the Patriot Lock on and wouldn't let up until the 4 count of 5.  Swagger did it a second time, then went for the Gutwrench, but ADR landed on both feet and hit an enziguiri to the back of Swagger's head.  Del Rio followed with a running kick to Swagger's head in the corner, then a pinfall.  Zeb Colter rushed over and put Swagger's foot on the ropes.

Outside the ring, Zeb Colter went after Ricardo Rodriguez and managed to steal one of his crutches.  Del Rio escaped the ring and got the other crutch to start stalking Colter.  Swagger got out of the ring and tossed Del Rio down then threw him into the crowd barrier.  Del Rio barely beat a 9 count into the ring and Swagger went to attack.  However, Del Rio quickly jumped on him and put on the Cross Armbreaker.  This time Swagger was forced to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio wins due to submission over Jack Swagger to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker

During the match, Punk worked to taunt Taker early on.  At one point, Taker got enraged and began to beat up Punk unmercifully outside the ring, tossing him into the timekeeper's area, and clearing off the commentators table for a move.  The ref warned Taker he'd disqualify him if he kept it up.

Later in the match, Taker was in control and got up on the ropes for Old School, but Punk tossed him off balance.  Moments after that, Punk mocked him by using the move on Taker.  Punk tried it again later, but this time Taker crotched him on the top rope and then punched him out of the ring.  Taker prepared for a running dive out of the ring but Heyman got up on the apron to block it.  Taker grabbed his throat, and the distraction helped Punk jump off the  corner to take down Taker.

At one point, Punk got chokeslammed down and barely escaped the pinfall.  Moments later in the match, Taker hit Snake Eyes, but then Punk came back with a huge heel kick to Taker's jaw for a near fall of his own.  Later still, Taker had Punk outside the ring and tried for the Last Ride.  Punk slipped off, then hit a kick to Taker's head, leaving him laying on the commentators table.  Punk then went to the ring and jumped off the corner for a huge flying elbow.  He hit it, but the table didn't collapse under Taker, and could have hurt both men.

The ref checked on both guys and Punk got back to the ring first.  Taker had to crawl back and at 8 looked in trouble.  He rushed to dive into the ring and beat the count barely.  The ensuing moments saw several big counters, including Punk escaping a chokeslam, Taker escaping the GTS and Taker hitting a Tombstone.  However, Punk kicked out of the pinfall sending the crowd into a frenzy.

The two men finally got to their feet and traded punches.  Taker looked to have a chokeslam ready, but somehow Punk hit the ref inadvertantly and knocked the ref down.  Taker gained control with the ref down and had Punk up for Last Ride.  This time, Heyman jumped on the apron and gave Punk the urn.  Punk smashed it on Taker's head and fell to the mat with him.  The ref came to as Heyman yelled at him, and Punk pinned Taker with his arms crossed.  However, Taker barely kicked out.

Punk stood up and mocked the cutthroat behind Taker, then picked him up for GTS.  Taker elbowed out of it, then had a Tombstone ready.  Punk escaped it and put Taker up for GTS, but Taker countered that one, and locked a Tombstone on him.  He hit the move and took the final pinfall with Punk out for the 3 count.  Taker is now 21-0.

Winner: The Undertaker wins via pinfall over CM Punk.  The undefeated streak is now at 21-0.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
No Holds Barred Match

In this match, there are no countouts and no holds barred. Also, if Brock Lesnar wins, Triple H must retire.  The Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels was introduced first, followed by Brock Lesnar who came out accompanied by Paul Heyman.  As Lesnar jumped up on the ring, fireworks shot off up in the air around the stadium. Triple H got introduced last and came out from a special King of Kings scene on the stage.

In the early part of the match, Triple H had control and was beating up Lesnar inside and outside of the ring.  As things progressed, Lesnar gained control and at one point slammed Triple H on the commentators table to make it collapse.  Lesnar let out a huge roar each time he hit a move.  At another point he hit a German suplex, throwing The Game onto the debris of the commentators table.  Lesnar chased Michaels a bit on the outside, then started beating up HHH more in the ring.  HHH got up to fight a bit but got knocked back down fast.

Triple H fought back from one of the ring corners, but Lesnar hit another German Suplex, throwing HHH across the ring for a near fall.  Paul Heyman kept yelling for HHH to "Stay down, it's over!"  Lesnar kept on beating on HHH to try to put him away, with Brock's lip bloodied up.  Triple H gained some momentum, but Lesnar reverse whipped him to the corner, sending HHH out of the ring to the floor.  Lesnar went out to stalk Michaels but made the mistake of taking his eyes off The Game.  Triple H ran him down and clubbed Lesnar down.  Later still, he hit Lesnar with a steel chair then pushed him back in the ring.  HHH got in and Lesnar slammed him backwards with a bridge pin for a near fall.

Heyman got up on the apron to yell at the ref, with Michaels getting on the opposite side.  Lesnar elbowed Michaels hard off the side of the ring, with HHH seeing it and responding with a huge spinebuster on Lesnar.  Later on, HBK got in the ring and went for Sweet Chin Music but Lesnar grabbed his leg to block.  He hoisted Michaels up and hit the F5 on him.  Triple H quickly kicked Lesnar in the gut then hit the Pedigree, but Lesnar barely kicked out.  The same result happened moments later when Lesnar hit the F5 on HHH.

Later on, Lesnar tossed part of the steel steps into the ring with Triple H and then rammed him hard with them as HHH got up.  Triple H kicked out of another pinfall, but barely.  Lesnar crouched down to taunt HHH in his face, but Triple H slapped him then started to punch away.  Lesnar blocked a move and went for his arm submission hold on The Game.  Triple H managed to fight out of it, with Lesnar trying for it two more times.  Lesnar went to sit on the corner to put more leverage on HHH's arm for more power.  The Game lifted up Lesnar who was wrapped around his torso, then slammed him down.

Lesnar went for a running move at HHH, who moved away causing Brock to hit the ringpost shoulder first.  HHH then hit a low blow on Lesnar and left the ring before slamming Lesnar's arm against the ringpost.  The Game went and grabbed a steel chair and smashed it against Lesnar's arm on the ringpost.  Back in the ring, HHH slammed the chair on Brock's arm on the steel steps.  Moments later, HHH put the Kimora arm hold on lesnar.  Lesnar called for Heyman to help.

Paul got in the ring with the steel chair, but Michaels got in and hit Sweet Chin Music to stop him.  After trying to fight it for several moments, Lesnar stood up and slammed HHH onto the steel steps in the ring.  However, HHH locked the arm hold back on again.  Lesnar again picked him up and slammed him on the steel steps.  Triple H put the Kimora Lock on for a third time with Lesnar again withstanding it and slamming The Game onto the steps.  However, this time HHH DDT'd Lesnar head first into the steps as pointed out by the commentators.  HHH crawled over and grabbed the sledgehammer, then as Lesnar stood up, he clocked him in the forehead with it.  The Game erupted in rage, then got Lesnar up to hit the Pedigree on the steel steps.  With that, HHH took the pinfall on Lesnar for the big win.

Winner: Triple H wins via pinfall over Brock Lesnar.  Triple H does not have to end his career.

They ran a video highlights package from last night's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Howard Finkel was in the ring and introduced all of the Hall of Famers for 2013 as they were up on stage. Mick Foley, Booker T, Trish Stratus, Bob Backlund, Donald Trump and Bruno Sammartino were all introduced to the crowd at MetLife Stadium.

They showed a promo for next year's edition of WrestleMania. WrestleMania 30 will be held in New Orleans on Sunday, April 6, 2014.

Justin Roberts announced to the crowd at MetLife Stadium that they've set an attendance record of 80,676.

John Cena vs. The Rock

WWE Championship Match

John Cena's music hit and he came out on stage to a lot of boos at MetLife Stadium. Cena left the ring and went over to slap hands with Michael Strahan in the crowd. The two men circled each other to start things off, before finally going at it. Cena ran right into Rock with a shoulder block to send him to the mat. They surveyed the crowd after backing to different corners, and then locked up, this time with Rock using a shoulder tackle to send Cena down. Lawler called this the "feeling out process." JBL said a place in history is at stake here, since Rock has defeated Cena last year, and Stone Cold and Hogan at different editions of Mania.

Rock got the upperhand and had Cena layed across the apron, before leaving the ring to beat on Cena a bit from the outside. Rock got back in the ring, only for Cena to pop up and clothesline him down. After a near fall, Cena put a headlock on Rock to wear him down some. Cole talked about Cena going into a downward spiral after losing to Rock last year.

Moments later, The Rock sent Cena against the ropes and put a sleeperhold on him on the way back. Cena used his strength and power to pick up Rock and slam him down, then took a pinfall for a near win. The two men countered each other's moves several times, with Rock putting on a Sharpshooter at one point, and Cena putting on the STF at one point. Both men managed to escape the other's hold though. Rock managed to roll over on Cena to turn the STF into a near fall. Cena catapulted Rock into the corner turnbuckle moments later, then hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle on him. Cena went for AA, but Rock fought out of it and shoved Cena to the ropes. Rock hit a Spinebuster then revved up for the People's Elbow, but Cena tripped him down and locked on the STF.

The Rock used his strength and pulled apart Cena's hands to get out of the STF. Cena charged at him, but Rock grabbed him for the Rock Bottom and then pinned Cena. Cena barely kicked out of it. Both guys got to their feet, and this time Cena hit his finisher, the AA. Rock powered out of the pinfall attempt, with both men laying on the mat to recover after the near fall.

Cena went for a legdrop from the corner, but Rock avoided it causing Cena to hit the mat. Rock hit the Spinebuster, then set up for People's Elbow and hit it. Rock with the pinfall, but Cena barely kicked out of it, then rolled out of the ring to recover. Rock recovered on the side of the ring before getting to his feet and looking a bit dazed. Rock then left the ring to go collect Cena on the outside.

Back in the ring, and Cena and The Rock traded punches. Rock ran against the ropes and flew at Cena with a cross body, but Cena caught him in the air and put Rock on his shoulders for the AA. Rock escaped it and hit Rock Bottom for a pinfall attempt, with Cena barely escaping it. With Cena down, Rock set up and did a You Can't See Me taunt on him. Rock ran the ropes but Cena sprang to his feet and grabbed Rock for the AA, hitting it and pinning Rock. Rock barely kicked out to send the crowd into another frenzy.

Later, The Rock grabbed Cena for another Rock Bottom. Cena countered and then hit Rock with his own move for another near fall. Cena got up and looked at his hand, then took off an elbow band to prepare to do the People's Elbow. However, as he went to the ropes Cena held himself there as Rock bounced up. Cena did the You Can't See Me, then ducked a move by Rock. Rock countered and hit Rock Bottom for yet another near fall. Moments later, Rock waited for Cena to stand. Rock went for the Rock Bottom, but Cena escaped it and hit the AA to finally put Rock away.

Cena is the new WWE Champion! Cole and JBL talked about Cena slaying his personal demons and finally winning the big one.

Post-match, The Rock was collecting himself in the ring.  Cena held up the belt looking at it then motioned towards Rock.  Rock walked towards him and the two had a conversation at the middle of the ring.  Rock shook Cena's hand and then hugged him.  Cena left the ring, and Rock's music played on with Rock looking around in the ring, thinking about what just happened.  Cena walked up the ramp holding the WWE belt as Rock's music kept playing.

Rock left the ring to slap hands with fans at ringside including giving kisses and hugs to his family.  He walked to the top of the ramp where he and Cena saluted each other, then raised one another's arms up as the fireworks shot off to close out the show with Cena holding up the WWE Championship.

Winner: John Cena defeated The Rock via pinfall to become the new WWE Champion.

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