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Raw Results 05/27/13

Raw results from Calgary, Alberta, CD:

John Cena started off the show talking about how he had a week off to think about Ryback's challenge for Payback with the Ambulance Match.  Cena says he's decided to make the main event Three Stages of Hell with a Lumberjack match, tables match and ambulance match.  Ryback came out and told Cena to prepare to meet Satan.

Paul Heyman came down to the ring with Curtis Axel and suggests Cena vs. Axel tonight, since Cena is a fighting champion.  Cena suggests to Axel to stay far away from Heyman since he's no good.  Cena tells Heyman he's got a deal and the match is on tonight.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston via pinfall.  During the match, AJ pulled the turnbuckle cover over and distracted the ref.  Del Rio went for the cross armbreaker late, but Big E powered out of it.  Del Rio countered that for the win.  Post-match, AJ Lee kept yelling at Big E because her plan didn't work in the match.  Big E got up and just walked away from her as she kept yelling at him.

Backstage, Daniel Bryan was pacing around with Kane telling him he's not the weakest link.  Kane tells him to stop, saying they have a chance to get back the tag titles.  The two got into an argument, until Bret "Hitman" Hart showed up.  Bret gave the two a motivational speech putting D-Bryan over.

Dean Ambrose defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall to retain the United States Title.  Late during the match, Kofi gained momentum hitting a huge dropkick.  He hit a crossbody and had a near fall.  After a leaping right hand to take down Ambrose, he had a rollup, but Ambrose countered for a near fall.  After more back and forth, Ambrose managed to get his finisher and the win.  Post-match, The Shield came to the ring to celebrate, but Team Hell No came down to fight Shield off, ultimately clearing the ring.

Rollins & Reigns defeated Kane & Daniel Bryan via pinfall to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.  During the late stages of this, the four men started to brawl.  D-Bryan started to take control against Rollins, then Kane hit Rollins with a big boot.  Bryan took the fight out to the floor against Reigns.  Kane and D-Bryan eventually got into an argument on the apron.  Bryan leaped off the apron but Reigns caught him, sending him to the floor.  Meanwhile, Rollins took out Kane due to the distraction and got the pinfall.

Fandango defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall in a non-title match.  The Miz was announced as the guest referee.  During the match, Barrett pushed Miz down, then kicked Fandango to the outside.  Miz responded by hitting Skull Crushing Finale on Barrett, with Fandango getting the pin for the win.  Post-match, Fandango started to dance with Summer Rae, so Miz kicked him in the face.  Summer fell on top of him, so Miz counted a pinfall.

Backstage, Cena was preparing for his match when Shawn Michaels walked in, asking if he still wants to do this.  Cena says he doesn't back down from a challenge.  HBK tells him what Ryback did to him at Extreme Rules wasn't pretty.  Cena ignores that and walks off before commercial.

The Great Khali, Brodus Clay and Tensai defeated 3MB via pinfall.  The late part saw Brodus Clay get in the ring to take it to Slater, ultimately hitting a big slam on him and then getting the win.  Post-match, Clay got on the mic to tell everyone it's Natalya's birthday, so Khali led everyone in singing her Happy Birthday.

Chris Jericho hosted The Highlight Reel with Paul Heyman as his guest.  Heyman talked about his new talent Curtis Axel, saying he'll defeat Cena tonight.  Jericho says he's been a big fan of Axel for a long time.  Jericho then switches gears saying he wants to discuss Heyman's other client.  Heyman starts up about Brock Lesnar, but Jericho tells him to shut the hell up, and says he wants to talk about CM Punk.

They showed the last promo that Punk did on RAW.  Heyman says he and Punk will have an announcement in the next few weeks about Punk's return.  Jericho argued that Punk can't sit at home for six weeks and call himself "best in the world."  Jericho brings up that the WWE Payback PPV is in Chicago and challenged Punk to a match for it.  Heyman and Jericho argued a bit before Heyman accepted the challenge.

The Bella Twins defeated Natalya & Kaitlyn via pinfall.  Late in the match, Natalya put on the Sharpshooter on one of the Bellas, then stopped her from making a tag.  Things got rough though when Kaitlyn accidentally speared Natalya towards the end.  Kaitlyn got knocked to the apron and then one of the Bellas made the winning pinfall cover.

Backstage, Bret Hart talked to Curtis Axel about his dad Mr. Perfect.  He tells Axel he should get rid of that bum Heyman.  Axel says just because Bret knew his dad, doesn't mean he knows him.  He says Heyman's the only guy who would give him a chance before last week.  Axel vows to beat the champion later on.

Sheamus & Randy Orton defeated Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow via pinfall.  During the match, they showed backstage where Paul Heyman was giving a pep talk to Curtis Axel for his match.  Sheamus won the match by hitting White Noise and a Brogue Kick.

Curtis Axel defeated John Cena via countout.  Late in the match, Cena knocked Axel off the corner area and then hit a clothesline.  Suddenly, sirens started to make noise and an ambulance came driving out into the arena.  Cena left the ring and wandered up to the stage area.  Cena checked out the front and didn't see anyone.  The ref called the match as Cena was counted out.

Post-match, Cena goes to the back of the ambulance and finds nobody there either.  Suddenly, Ryback attacks him from behind and beats Cena up.  He brings Cena onto the stage and tries to charge at him, but Cena moves away.  Cena tried for the AA but Ryback slipped out of the move.  Cena shoved him off the stage, then looked back towards the ring where Heyman and Axel were celebrating the win.  Raw went off the air with Heyman holding Axel's hand up in victory.

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What about the commotion in the audience during the Cena/Axel match that almost took the attention of the match?

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