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Raw Results 06/10/13

Raw Results from Richmond, VA:

Triple H came to the ring to start things off on the latest episode of Raw, with a match against Curtis Axel.

Curtis Axel defeated Triple H due to disqualification.  During the match, Triple H had the control of things, but Vince McMahon came out and walked to ringside.  Axel gained control but then Triple H threw him to the outside.  Vince has them call the match, ring the bell and tells Justin Roberts to call it.  Post-match, HHH yelled at Vince from inside the ring.  Vince's music hit and he strutted up the ramp smiling.  HHH had the match re-started after Vince left.

Curtis Axel defeated Triple H by forfeit.  The match restarted and Triple H locked up with Axel.  Triple H put a headlock on him.  Vince McMahon was back to the ring area and once again had the match called off, causing HHH to get angry again.  He asks Vince what he's doing.

Vince started to leave, so Triple H went to Roberts and told him to announce a 60-minute Iron Man match.  The bell rings, but Vince comes to ringside and tells HHH he lost twice, so he needs to leave the ring now.  Curtis Axel leaves with Paul Heyman, with Vince going backstage too.  HHH looked on at them from the ring.

Backstage after a break, Triple H was upset telling Stephanie she needs to talk to Vince because if he has to, it won't end well.

Kane defeated Dean Ambrose due to disqualification.  Late in the match, Kane blocked a suplex attempt, then sent Ambrose down to the mat.  Kane jumped down with a right hand takedown on Ambrose.  Kane sets up for the chokeslam, but Ambrose goes to the outside.  Rollins and Reigns rush to the ring and start attacking Kane.  Post-match, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan run to the ring and make a save, clearing the ring of The Shield.

They bring up that Sheamus vs. Sandow will be on the Payback live stream pre-show Sunday.

Backstage, Kane, Bryan and Orton were all arguing when Vickie Guerrero arrived to the scene.  She told them Orton and Bryan will take on Rollins and Reigns in a tag team title match at Payback.  Kane is unhappy with the news, but Vickie gives him a United States title match against Ambrose at Payback.

The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes via submission.  IC title holder Wade Barrett was on commentary.  Late in the match, Cody was in control, working on Miz's legs.  He hit a slew of offense and went for the pin, getting a near fall.  Cody kept working on Miz's knees, but Miz was able to turn things around put on the Figure Four Lock for the win.  Post-match, Miz limped around with Barrett entering the ring.  Paul Heyman interrupted their confrontation, announcing that Vickie Guerrero has allowed Curtis Axel to participate in the IC title match at Payback, replacing Fandango.

Michael Cole leads up to a promo video talking about Mark Henry's return for next week.

Stephanie McMahon confronted Vince back stage about embarrassing Triple H out in the ring earlier.  Vince said he heard what they said about him, and said Triple H made his baby girl cry.  Steph says Vince made her cry. He said he cares less about Triple H's pride and more about WWE as a business.  He said he does the right thing for the business each time.  He suggests Steph keep Triple H away from him.

Chris Jericho came to the ring for a promo about his match Sunday vs. CM Punk.  He talks about how he needs to beat Punk and that neither of them will ever, ever be the same…Just then Dolph Ziggler comes out with Big E and AJ to interrupt.

Chris Jericho defeated Big E Langston via pinfall.  Late in this one, Jericho hit a cross body from the corner for a 2 count.  Ziggler caused a distraction, allowing Big E to run him over.  Suddenly, Alberto Del Rio rushed down to ringside and layer out Ziggler from behind.  Big E was distracted by it all, then turned around to a Codebreaker by Jericho for the pinfall win.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Sin Cara via pinfall.  Zeb Colter was there for the match on commentary.  He talked about Jack Swagger being injured and said he'd be back soon.  Meanwhile in the match, Sin Cara went for a cross body from the top late, but Cesaro caught him and hit a backbreaker.  Cesaro then had a headlock on Cara and swung him around before hitting the Neutralizer for the win.  Post-match during replays, Colter talked about how impressed he was by Cesaro, saying that's what happens when you do things the right way.

They showed a new promo for Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt family.

Backstage, Vince walked into the backstage area where Vickie was eating a Hardees cheeseburger.  Maddox was also there.  Vince is in a bad mood and says he has doubts about Ryback and Cena facing off in the ring tonight.  Maddox suggested they have the lumberjacks who will be part of their Payback 3 stages of Hell come out tonight for the face-to-face. Vince likes the idea and tells Vickie she should share her cheeseburger with Brad.

Randy Orton and Roman Reigns fought to a no contest.  Late in the match, Rollins got involved, with Orton trying to DDT him.  Reigns made a save and pulled Rollins to the outside.  Daniel Bryan got into the ring then did his running leap out of the ring onto the two guys on the floor.  He got a "YES" chant from the crowd after the move.

Daniel Bryan defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall.  Late in this one, Bryan went up on the corner with Rollins cutting him off.  Rollins went for a superplex, but Bryan slid out of the move, then crotched Rollins.  Bryan went to the top and this time nailed a huge back drop, but Rollins countered from the air and fell on top of him.  Reigns got up on the apron, but Orton took him out, then Bryan rolled up Rollins for the pinfall win.

Kaitlyn was in the ring and asked for the secret admirer to finally reveal himself.  Big E Langston came out all dressed up carrying flowers.  Kaitlyn was surprised.  Big E seems nervous saying most people think he's a big bad tough guy, but he cares about more than that, he cares about Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn said she doesn't get it.  Big E pretends to go in for a kiss, then drops Kaitlyn on the mat.  AJ Lee comes down to the ring and starts to taunt Kaitlyn saying she hopes she feels how she did when Superstars played with her emotions while Kaitlyn was chasing the divas title.  AJ keeps berating her until Kaitlyn is crying.  AJ vows to win the divas title at Payback. Kaitlyn eventually attacked her and the two went at it, with AJ eventually escaping the ring.

Damien Sandow defeated R-Truth via pinfall.  Late in this one, Sandow hit his Elbow of Disdain for a two count.  Truth made a comeback, hitting his move set, but ultimately Sandow took him out by the knee, then hit the Silencer to win it.  Post-match, Sheamus comes to the stage and congratulated Sandow.  Sheamus brought up their match for Payback Sunday, saying he'll kick off Sandow's head in Chicago.

Backstage, Stephanie and Vince were talking in an office, when Triple H arrived.  HHH and Vince start arguing, so Stephanie says she's sick of it and storms off.  Vince and HHH won't apologize to each other.  Vince starts saying he wants HHH to be bigger than an icon or legend, he wants him to be "the man."  HHH says he understands but won't apologize.  Vince says he can fight Axel on next week's Raw.  HHH doesn't want to though.  Another argument starts up and Steph comes back.  She asks for a group hug, but Vince says he doesn't hug other men.  She says they can both hug her together.  Vince reluctantly does it and they barely have a group hug.  Vince leaves, then HHH walks off.  Stephanie is seen smiling at what she did.

The final segment of the show had all of the Lumberjack superstars surrounding the ring.   Cena comes to the ring first.  An ambulance comes out to the stage with Ryback getting out.  Ryback goes up on the stage instead of down to the ring.  Cena and Ryback argued back and forth on the mic a bit, with Ryback saying Cena sees him as a threat now.  Cena talked about Ryback being legit but says he does too much whining and crying now.  Cena told Ryback on Sunday he'll walk into hell and out of Payback as the champ still.  Ryback says the legend of Cena will come to an end on Sunday.

Cena took off his shirt and tried to leave the ring to fight Ryback, but lumberjacks threw him back in.  Cena tries to go another way but is stopped.  Ryback runs down, but Cena ducks him and sends Ryback out over the top rope.  Ryback and Cena end up brawling in the ring, with lumberjacks separating them before Raw goes off the air.

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