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Raw Results 06/03/13

Raw Results from Hartford, CT:

The show opened with Stephanie McMahon coming out and saying that after Triple H's match against Brock Lesnar and then Curtis Axel, he has been cleared to compete tonight.  However, Steph said she made an executive decision that he won't be competing.  She said the decision was made as a wife, mother and an executive.  She asked that the fans not be so selfish.  With boos raining on her, Vince McMahon's music hits and he comes out.

He begs the fans not to boo Stephanie, then tells them that he and Steph care more about HHH than they do.  He says it's a family entertainment, not a blood sport.  He says HHH won't be wrestling tonight or any night.  He says Curtis Axel is beneath Triple H, then says the fans are beneath him as well.

The Shield defeated Kane, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton via pinfall.  Late in the match, Bryan had a No Lock on Reigns, but Rollins and Ambrose came in to make a save.  Kane came in but was kicked and speared by Reigns.  Orton hit an RKO on Rollins.  Reigns blocked an RKO, then shoved Orton into Bryan.  Ambrose hit a move to lay out Bryan for the win.

After break backstage, Orton was shown arguing with Bryan.  Kane also got into it, with Bryan calling himself the weak link.  He said he'll have another match and beat the respect out of someone, so that Kane and Orton will respect him.

Triple H arrived backstage looking unhappy as he went into the McMahon office.  He asked what was going on, then said he's going to wrestle Axel tonight.  Stephanie says he can't and Axel isn't worth it.  Vince McMahon tells him no, and HHH gets in his face asking who will stop him.  Stephanie stepped in between them.  Vince handed HHH some papers and told him not to do something he may regret.

The Usos defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall.  Late in the match, Titus broke up a pinfall attempt by one of the Usos.  However, everyone started to brawl, and Young got hit by a huge kick, leaving him flat on the mat.  The legal Uso hit a huge splash off the corner to get the pinfall win.

Alberto Del Rio defeated Big E Langston via pinfall.  Late in this one, ADR went for his cross arm breaker.  Big E was able to roll through, breaking the hold.  Del Rio hit a German Suplex, then went for another cross arm breaker.  He had it locked it, but Big E refused to tap.  Del Rio turned it into a pinfall to get the win.

Sheamus defeated Cody Rhodes via pinfall.  Damien Sandow was ringside.  Late in the match, Sheamus missed on the Brogue attempt, and Cody hit a neck breaker for the near fall.  Sheamus blocked a Cross Rhode attempts, but then missed on a corner clothesline.  Cody went for the moonsault but missed.  From there, Sheamus hit White Noise and a Brogue Kick to secure the win.  Post-match, Sheamus and Sandow talk a bit, with Sheamus offering a handshake.  Sandow slapped his hand away, so Sheamus punched him down.

They showed HHH leaving the arena.  He told Stephanie that he's leaving so their kids don't have to see him whipping their grandfather on live TV.  He told her to go tell Vince next week on Raw he's facing Axel.

They showed a replay of what Ryback did to Kofi Kingston on SmackDown, putting him through three tables, making Kofi out of action now due to surgery.

Backstage, Bryan was pacing around upset, then kicked some items over.  Ryback shows up and told him to watch what he's doing.  Bryan tells him he's not scared of him, so Ryback says to prove it in a match.  Bryan tells Ryback to underestimate him and see what happens.  Ryback called Bryan the "weakest link" and after the match he'll be the "missing link."

Backstage, Vince McMahon went in to where Paul Heyman was with Curtis Axel.  Vince told Axel he's got a bright future ahead, but said he won't be seeing Triple H in the ring tonight or next week.  Instead, Vince told him that he'll face John Cena in a No DQ match and wished him good luck.

The Great Khali defeated Fandango via count out.  Late in the match, Fandango kept trying to attack Khali, but was getting dropped by a boot kick, chop or huge clothesline.  Fandango finally had enough and tries to leave up the ramp with Summer Rae.  He was cut off by The Miz who appeared from behind.  Miz turned around and got hit by Barrett's Bullhammer Elbow though, and then Raw went to break.

The Miz defeated Wade Barrett via submission.  Late in this one, Barrett hit Winds of Change for a near fall.  All of a sudden, Fandango's music hit causing a distraction.  Fandango appeared on the stage and danced with Summer Rae.  Barrett eventually turned around and Miz took advantage, bringing him down to the mat and putting on the Figure Four to make him tap.

They did a contract signing for the Jericho vs. CM Punk match at Payback.  Jericho showed up in the ring with Lawler introducing him, but Heyman was there to represent Punk.  Jericho suggested having the match against Punk at Summerslam or maybe at Madison Square Garden.  Jericho finally said Chicago will be fine, then signed the contract.  He told Heyman to unbutton his suit coat and stuck the contract  down his pants, before leaving the ring.

Kaitlyn, Cameron and Naomi defeated The Bella Twins and AJ via pinfall.  Late in this one, AJ dropped off the apron, refusing to take a tag from one of the Bella Twins.  The legal Bella turned around and was hit by a Spear from Kaitlyn.

Daniel Bryan defeated Ryback due to disqualification.  Bryan put in a gutsy performance as the announcers noted.  Late in the contest, he hit multiple kicks and strikes including a flying headbutt from across the ring.  Bryan had the near fall, with Ryback just getting his shoulder up before 3.  Moments later, Bryan slapped a No Lock on Ryback and held it in for a long time with Ryback struggling to break it.  He finally managed to use his strength to move across the ring and grab the bottom rope, breaking the hold.  Ryback fell to the outside.  Bryan got up and went for a running move to fly out of the ring, but Ryback was up and deflected him into the commentators table.  With Bryan back in the ring, Ryback brought a table in, set it up and smashed D-Bryan through it to end the match.  

Post-match, Ryback set up another table on the outside.  Before he could get to Bryan, John Cena rushed to the ring and stood by Bryan with his title belt, challenging Ryback to step inside.  Ryback teased it from the apron, but eventually backed off after Curtis Axel's music hit.  Axel and Heyman arrived on stage for the upcoming match vs. Cena.

Curtis Axel defeated John Cena via countout in a No DQ match.  Late in the match, Cena tried for the AA on Axel, but Axel grabbed the top rope.  Cena ran to the other side of the ring then tried to rush at Axel in the corner.  Axel moved and Cena ran shoulder first into a steel chair he had set up there a while ago.  Cena fell to the outside, with the ref counting him all the way to 9.  Cena rushed back in, but Axel kept up his attack, eventually grabbing a steel chair to bash Cena repeatedly for a near fall.  Cena eventually made a comeback, as he countered a Perfectplex attempt into the STF.  Things eventually went to the outside with Cena going after both Axel and Heyman.  Ryback appeared out of the crowd and grabbed Cena to smash him through the table he set up during the Daniel Bryan match.  Cena was out, slumped against the crowd barrier as the ref counted him out, giving Axel a third straight win.

Post-match, Ryback stood in front of Cena and told him "at Payback, Ryback Rules!"  Raw went off the air with Ryback posing in front of the crowd.

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