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Raw Results 09/23/13

Raw Results from Chicago, IL:

The show opened with ten superstars on stage, the ones who had supported Daniel Bryan on the previous Raw by rushing to the ring to help him fight off The Shield.  They were the same ones who Vickie tried to put into the Gauntlet match on SmackDown.  HHH and Stephanie McMahon came out on stage, looked at them, and then headed to the ring which was guarded by The Shield and had red carpeting inside it.  They brought up how these guys think they're fighting for Daniel Bryan, but they're really angry because of The Shield.  HHH said each and every one of the guys on stage has been beaten down by Shield, but tonight he's giving them a chance to get some revenge.  

HHH announced an 11-on-3 handicap match, and they'll all have Daniel Bryan as their partner against The Shield.  HHH also added that one of them will get a match against Randy Orton later on: Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth or RVD.  Stephanie talked about using the WWE App to vote for their choice.  HHH said "whats best for all of you is best for business."

Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston via submission in a non-title match.  Del Rio was able to send Kofi into the ring post shoulder-first late in this match.  He slapped the cross arm breaker on Kofi who soon tapped out from it.

Backstage, Renee Young had The Miz as her interview.  They showed video of what Orton did to Miz just last week in front of his parents in his hometown.  After video, Miz was going to talk but Triple H was there to interrupt.  He said he can't let Miz near Orton tonight or have Miz competing in his current condition, so instead he'll have a talking segment with his guest, the Big Show for Miz TV.

They showed video of Cody Rhodes getting fired by Triple H three weeks ago on Raw, then Orton beating Goldust the week after, and Big Show being ordered to KO Dusty Rhodes in the ring by Stephanie McMahon last week.

Erick Rowan & Luke Harper defeated The Prime Time Players via pinfall.  Late in the match, all four guys got into a brawl, with Darren Young clotheslining Rowan over the top rope and then getting set out of the ring himself.  Harper hit a lariat on Titus O'Neil then collected the pinfall.  Post-match, Young came back in the ring to check on Titus, but Bray Wyatt rushed into the ring and attacked D-Young, then hit Sister Abigail on him.  The Wyatts stacked PTP up in the ring, and Bray yelled out to "Follow the buzzards!"

The Miz had Big Show as his in-ring guest for MizTV.  He brought up Show KOing Dusty Rhodes last week.  Show said that Triple H and Stephanie would have sent The Shield to get Dusty if Show didn't do that.  Miz mades a remark about Stephanie, so she comes out to interrupt, heading to the ring.  Miz told Stephanie to take her legal threats and shove them up her ass.  Stephanie belittles Miz calling him a "utility player" - someone who will do an early TV or radio appearance, travel to a foreign country or do a local supermarket signing.  She says he failed his family friends and himself last week, and that he just didn't measure up.  Stephanie tells Miz he hasn't learned his lesson, then she ordered Big Show to knock him out.  Show hits Miz with the KO punch, then leaves the ring.  Stephanie stands over The Miz for a bit and then leaves the ring.

Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton ended in a double-countout in a non-title match.  Late in the match, Orton kicked RVD out to the floor, after knocking him off the corner area.  On the outside, Orton kept up the attack and tossed RVD into the crowd barrier.  As Orton tore the barrier apart and the ref called for the bell to signal the double count out.  Post-match, Orton kept up his attack, tossing RVD into the steel steps multiple times, and then throwing him across the announcers table.  Orton finished off the attack by bringing RVD back into the ring and hitting the DDT from the middle ropes on him.

After Raw's commercial break, they showed that during break, Alberto Del Rio had run down to attack RVD some more as trainers were helping him out of the ring.

Backstage, Orton saw The Bella Twins.  He tells Brie what he just did to RVD is only a fraction of what he'll do to Bryan.  He tells her she needs to upgrade.  Brie tells him she has a real man and a real champion in Daniel Bryan.  Orton makes some more insulting remarks before leaving the scene.

Backstage, AJ Lee walked up to Stephanie McMahon to complain about the match she was put in tonight.  Stephanie tells her she will compete in the 10 diva match, or maybe she won't be the divas champion for much longer.  AJ walks off to go get ready.

Fandango defeated Santino Marella via pinfall.  Late in the match, Summer distracted Santino allowing Fandango to hit him.  Fandango went up to the corner area, but Santino went up to stop him.  Fandango managed to knock him off and to the mat, then hit the big leg drop to get the win.

CM Punk made his big return to Chicago to a huge ovation from the crowd.  He was wearing a Blackhawks jersey and kept talking about how proud he is of the hockey team, but disappointed he couldn't get the Stanley Cup there tonight since it was in Montreal being engraved.  He apologized for letting fans down by getting pinned by Heyman at Night of Champions.  He says he plans to come back strong and win, because he won't let the fans down again.  Just then, Paul Heyman comes out in his wheelchair.  He taunts Punk, reminding him that he pinned him at the PPV.  Punk threatens to run up their and give him a beatdown.  

Heyman goes to leave, but his electric wheelchair isn't working right.  Punk rushes up the ramp, but Curtis Axel and Ryback come out to attack.  Punk managed to fight them off and knocked Ryback off the ramp.  Axel took Punk on stage, but Punk was able to whip him into the lights under the big TV.  Punk jumped off the stage and went to hit Ryback on the floor.  Axel attacked again, but Punk fought him off.  However, Ryback was back up and got Punk from behind, throwing him around the set.  Ryback ended up tossing Punk from high off the stage down through a table, with Punk landing on the floor.  Heyman gets up from his wheelchair and walks around, showing no lingering injuries.  Ryback says this is what happens to bullies. Heyman stands over Punk laughing as fans chant for CM Punk before Raw hits commercial.

Cameron, Naomi, Natalya and The Bella Twins defeated AJ Lee, Alicia Fox, Aksana and Tamina via pinfall.  Eva Marie and Jo Jo were at ringside.  During the match, a few of the divas got knocked out to the floor.  AJ and Brie fought in the ring, with Brie ending up getting the pin on AJ.  Post-match, Tamina carried AJ away as the other Total Divas celebrated in the ring.

Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth and The Usos defeated Seth Rollins via pinfall in the 11-on-3 handicap elimination match.  The match was an 11-on-3 handicap elimination match which also had  Rob Van Dam, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Kofi Kingston, , Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel and Reigns/Ambrose of Shield.  As The Shield were making their entrance through the crowd, two guys dressed in all black attacked them.  It turned out tone Godust and Cody Rhodes.  Security grabbed them and dragged them away through the crowd.  The Shield recovered at ringside as Raw took a commercial break.

Rob Van Dam was one of the first eliminated, as Dean Ambrose scored a pin on him right before a commercial break.  After brea, Reigns worked on Kofi Kingston some, before Ambrose tagged in and eventually after focusing on Kofi's hurt arm, scored the pinfall to eliminate him.  Titus O'Neil came in next and ended up missing a big boot on Reigns, then getting speared down for the pin by Reigns.  Justin Gabriel was eliminated next, followed by Ryder.

Later, Daniel Bryan came in and unloaded on Reigns, then hit dropkicks on Ambrose and Rollins.  Reigns missed on a splash, then Bryan hit several dropkicks on him.  One of the Usos made a tag in and hit the Superkick on Reigns, then the other Uso hit the Superfly Splash on Reigns for the pin to eliminate him.

After another break, D-Young was getting beat up by Rollins and Ambrose.  Moments later, Young was about to eliminate Ambrose but Rollins made a tag and broke up the pin off the top rope.  Rollins then pinned Young to eliminate him.  Ziggler came in and fought Ambrose, with the two trading offense.  Ziggler managed to hit a surprise Zig Zag during their fight and took out Ambrose, leaving it a 5-on-1 match with only Rollins left for The Shield.

During the final stages of the match, Ziggler, Truth, The Usos and Bryan all worked on Rollins who realized he was outnumbered.  Reigns and Ambrose tried to get involved again, only to get knocked away by Ziggler and The Usos.  Bryan ended up as the legal man against Rollins.  They went to the top rope with Bryan knocking Rollins to the mat before hitting a diving headbutt.  Bryan finished Rollins off with his flying knees to get the pinfall win for his team.  Post-match, Bryan and the fans chanted "YES" to celebrate the big win, right before Raw went off the air.

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