Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Main Event Results 11/6/13

Main Event Results from Charlotte, NC:

Harper & Rowan of The Wyatt Family defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall.  Bray Wyatt was ringside during the match.  Towards the late part of the matchup, D-Young managed to break away and make a hot tag to Titus O'Neil.  Titus ran through both of the Wyatts and hit a powerslam on Rowan for a near fall.  Moments later, Harper clotheslined O'Neil down and then Rowan hit a running splash to get the 3-count for the win.  Post-match, Bray Wyatt got into the ring to hit Sister Abigail on Titus.

Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox via pinfall.  The match lasted under five minutes.  Fox hit a suplex at one point for a two count.  However, Nikki was able to stage a comeback and eventually hit a facebuster to get the pinfall win.

They showed a video package involving hihglights about Big Show's lawsuit and how "The Authority" dismantled Big Show at the end of Raw.  Also, there was a Triple H interview discussing how Kane is now the new Director of Operations for WWE.

The Usos defeated Hunico and Camacho via pinfall.  Late in this one, Jey was able to get free and tagged in Jimmy.  Jimmy came in with quick offense including a fast Samoan Drop on Camacho for a near fall.  Hunico came in to break it up and tagged in, but Jimmy superkicked him down.  Jey made a tag into the match and then hit the Superfly Splash on Hunico for the pinfall victory.

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