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2013 WWE Survivor Series Results

Welcome to 2013 WWE Survivor Series results from the latest pay-per-view in Boston.  Tonight's event features several compelling matches on the main card as well as a free live online kickoff show with a match involving The Miz and Kofi Kingston.  Highlighting the main card will be John Cena defending the WWE World Heavyweight title against Alberto Del Rio, and Randy Orton defending the WWE title against The Big Show.  Also, there will be a five-on-five superstars, and seven-on-seven divas "traditional Survivor Series matches."

All of the events begin at 7:30 p.m. EST with the live stream Kickoff show featuring Kofi Kingston and The Miz.  The main show starts at 8 p.m. EST on cable and satellite.  Results from the matches will be listed out below for fans following their conclusion.

Survivor Series Kickoff Show Match:

The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  Miz was friendly towards Kingston at the start with a handshake that Kofi eventually accepted.  However, after the two traded pinfalls late and Miz eventually got the win, Kofi slapped Miz in the face rather than shaking his hand.

5-on-5 traditional elimination match:

Cody Rhodes pinned Dean Ambrose for the first elimination. Face team was up 5-4

One of the Usos eliminated Jack Swagger after Rey Mysterio KO'ed him and The Uso splashed on him for the pinfall.  Face team was up 5-3

Cody Rhodes pinned Antonio Cesaro to eliminate him third.  Cesaro achieved his spin move on Jimmy Uso, but Cody Rhodes had tagged in and came in to hit his move on Cesaro to pin him.  Face team up 5-2

Reigns pinned Jimmy Uso after spearing him down to eliminate him about five minutes after Cesaro's elimination. Face team up 4-2.

Reigns hit a spear on Cody Rhodes about a minute later for another elimination. Face team up 3-2.

Seth Rollins pinned Jey Uso next after stomping him face-first into the mat for the next elimination.  Match even at 2-2.

Rey Mysterio pinned Seth Rollins with a quick rollup pin right after Rollins was tagged in by Reigns.  Faces up 2-1.

Roman Reigns pinned Goldust after hitting the spear.  Match even at 1-1.

It came down to Rey Mysterio vs. Roman Reigns in the match.  Despite Rey's attempt at a quick attack and a 619, Reigns responded with a big spear to take Rey down for the pinfall victory.  Roman Reigns was the sole survivor of the match for his team.  Post-match, the announce team talked up Reigns' strong performance, as he essentially won the match on his own.

Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston for Intercontinental Title

Big E Langston defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Title.  Late in the match, Langston blocked a double axehandle attempt from Axel.  Axel stumbled around the ring a bit, before turning around and getting put into Langston's Big Ending finisher for the pinfall.

7-on-7 Divas Elimination Tag Match

Competing in this match were Jo Jo, Eva Marie, The Bella Twins, Funkadactyls and Natalya from "Total Divas" show on one team against the team of A.J. Lee, Tamina, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Aksana, Alicia Fox and Summer Rae.

Natalya won the seven-on-seven divas traditional elimination match by submission.  In the late part of this match after quick eliminations of the other divas, it was Jo-Jo and Natalya against Tamina and AJ.  Tamina was eliminated then tried to beat up Jo Jo a bit.  That allowed AJ to pin Jo-Jo for the win.  Natalya was able to withstand Tamina's attack and put AJ in the Sharpshooter to make her tap out, leaving Natalya as the sole survivor.

Mark Henry vs. Ryback

Mark Henry defeated Ryback via pinfall.  Ryback came out to interrupt the Hall of Fame panel in the arena, saying he can intimidate them, the fans or anyone else in the locker room.  He issued an open challenge and Mark Henry came out to make his return to WWE.  Late in the match, Ryback had control and went for the Meathook clothesline, but Henry was able to counter with a crossbody move.  He then put up Ryback and hit World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena (World Title Match)

John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinvall to retain the World Heavyweight title.  Late in the match, Del Rio put the Cross Armbreaker hold on Cena, but Cena told the ref "no" when asked if he wanted to give up.  Cena lifted up Del Rio from the mat to Powerbomb him down.  Both guys were down on the mat for a bit as they recovered from it.  Moments later, Del Rio went for the Cross Armbreaker once again.  However, this time Cena avoided it and shoved Del Rio away then grabbed him to hit the Attitude Adjustment for the win.  Post-match, Cena was shown hugging his dad at ringside before slapping hands with fans around the ringside area.

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan defeat The Wyatt Family via pinfall.  Late in this match, CM Punk hit his Macho Man flying elbow off the corner onto Harper, then went for the GTS.  Rowan came in to prevent that, but Bryan rushed into the ring to knock Rowan out.  From there, Punk hit Harper with the GTS for the big win.  Post-match, Bray Wyatt pounded on the crowd barrier, frustrated over the loss.  He tried to get up on the apron as if he was going to get into the ring, but Daniel Bryan did his "YES!" chants in Bray's face, causing him to back off.

They showed John Cena getting ice on his arm backstage talking to Triple H, Stephanie and Kane.  He said he'd be good to go on Raw tomorrow night.  Randy Orton burst into the room, causing some tension between he and Cena for a bit.  Cena eventually left, leading Orton to ask what he was doing here.  He didn't get an answer so he stormed off, with Triple H seeming uneasy over it all.

Big Show vs. Randy Orton (c) for WWE Title

Randy Orton defeated Big Show via pinfall to retain the WWE Championship.  During the match, a steel chair was involved but Show punched it out of Orton's hands.  He tossed Orton over the guardrail into the stands.  Back over the rail, Show hit a KO punch on Orton to knock him out.  Show rolled Orton back into the ring to go for the cover, but Triple H's music hit to interrupt.  HHH walked out on stage with Kane and Stephanie to watch from the top of the ramp area.  Show teased the KO punch as he looked out at HHH, then turned around and was hit Orton's RKO.  Next up, Orton measured up show then did the running punt kick before taking the pinfall.

Post-match, Hunter and Stephanie clapped as they walked down to the ringside area.  After the announcers reviewed replays of Orton's win, John Cena's music hit and he came down to towards the ring, walking by Kane, Hunter and Stephanie.  He held his belt in the air, then entered the ring with Orton.  The two then closed out the show face-to-face with their respective title belts held up in the air.

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