Friday, November 29, 2013

SmackDown Results 11/29/13

SmackDown Results from Uncasville, CT:

Renee Young spoke with WWE champion Randy Orton in the ring to start the show, asking about the Survivor Series controversy with his win.  He said Big Show never KO'd him and he was playing possum.  He added that he didn't need The Authority's help to win the match either and they "tainted" his victory.  Renee tried to ask Orton about the title unification match against John Cena, asking how it made him feel.  She kept giving various adjectives to describe how he might be feeling, and eventually Orton got annoyed and left the in-ring interview to walk up the ramp.

Mark Henry defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall.  Henry had Big E with him while Axel had Ryback in his corner.  Henry won with World's Strongest Slam.

Los Matadores & El Torito won via pinfall over 3MB as the "Plymouth Rockers" team.

Tons of Funk defeated R-Truth and Xavier Woods via pinfall.  Brodus won the match with a splash from the second rope on Woods.

Renee Young interviewed CM Punk, asking about Daniel Bryan's kidnapping by The Wyatt Family.  He said he hadn't heard from Bryan lately and didn't seem too concerned over it.  He added that he wasn't sure why The Shield attacked him, but maybe they were carrying out orders from people with authority.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Titus O'Neil via disqualification. At one point, Cesaro got the spin move on Titus, but Darren Young came in to break it up, causing the DQ.  After the spin, Titus vomited into JBL's hat and then shoved it in Cole's face.  Titus also vomited on Zeb Colter after.

Bray Wyatt had a promo talking about how The Wyatt Family will turn Daniel Bryan into a monster by the time they're done with him.

The Rhodes Brothers defeated The Shield due to disqualification to retain the WWE tag team titles.  During the match, Dean Ambrose was on guest commentary with JBL and Cole.  Cody Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes on Rollins towards the end, but Ambrose came in to cause the DQ.  Post-match, CM Punk came down with a chair to help the Rhodes Bros. out, and Vickie Guerrero made them have a six-man tag match.

CM Punk & Rhodes Bros. defeated The Shield due to disqualification.  The Wyatt Family came out and stood on the stage.  The crowd started up some Daniel Bryan chants.  The Wyatts came down and attacked The Rhodes Bros, causing a DQ.  Post-match, Shield attacked Punk, so The Usos and Rey Mysterio ran down to help him out.

CM Punk, Rhodes Bros, The Usos & Rey Mysterio defeated The Shield & The Wyatt Family via pinfall in a 12-mah tag match.  The close saw Rey Mysterio hit a 619 and Punk hit the GTS on Erick Rowan for the victory.  Post-match, the winning team posed in the ring to end SmackDown.

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