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Raw Results 12/02/13

Raw Results from Oklahoma City, OK:

The show opened with CM Punk coming to the ring to discuss being attacked by Shield.  He suggested it was because of what he said about Triple H, but then said he wants no part of The Authority and just wants to be in his own world.  Stephanie McMahon came out to address Punk and said they had nothing to do with Shield's attack.  She and Punk bantered a bit, then Kane came out.  Punk challenged him to come to the ring, but Stephanie told Kane to calm down.  Kane reiterated that The Authority wasn't behind Shield's attack.  He then informed Punk he'll face Shield 1-on-3 at TLC PPV.

Cole said there's a guarantee that one man will emerge from TLC as the sole champion, after he climbs the ladder and grabs both belts. They revealed that today's poll is about what the new champion at TLC will be called, Unified Champion, Undisputed Champion or Undisputed World Champion.

Damien Sandow defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall to become new #1 contender for the IC title.  Sandow survived a near fall after a Fameasser from Ziggler late.  He came back moments later to hit the You're Welcome full-nelson slam, then secured the winning pinfall.  Sandow will go on to face Big E Langston at TLC pay-per-view in two weeks.

The Bella Twins & Natalya defeated AJ Lee, Tamina & Summer Rae via pinfall.  For most of the match, AJ was skipping around the ring as her tag partners fought the "Total Divas" girls.  Eventually, Summer Rae & Tamina made a comeback, but they couldn't get the win.  AJ got into the ring at one point, but Natalya rolled her up for the quick pin.  AJ got up after the pin and went back to skipping around the ring after.

They announced that Daniel Bryan will face Erick Rowan in singles action tonight, after The Wyatt Family kidnapped Bryan last week.

Daniel Bryan defeated Erick Rowan via pinfall.  Late in the match, Bryan hit a missile dropkick, then landed multiple Yes! kicks to Rowan's chest.  He went for the running knee, but Rowan blocked it.  Rowan hit a big boot in the corner, then went for a press-slam, but Bryan slipped out of it and rolled him up for a quick pinfall.

Post-match, Harper and Rowan shoved each other a bit, frustrated at the loss.  They were interrupted by the video glitch and blackout, with Bray Wyatt appearing on the screen.  He told them stand down, then addressed Bryan saying he misunderstood him, and viewed him wrong.  He said he sees the monster inside Bryan and believes they can be a force to bring The Machine to its knees.  He told Bryan to open his eyes, then the feed cut out before Raw's break.

They showed Daniel Bryan looking around backstage for someone.  He bumped into Kane, who told him that he'll be in a handicap match at the TLC PPV against all three of the Wyatts.  Kane said "Yes Yes Yes" before leaving, while Bryan thought over his strategy.

R-Truth & Xavier Woods defeated Tons of Funk via pinfall.  Late in the match, Clay hit a corner splash on Woods, then went to the second rope for another.  Woods avoided the splash attempt, then secured a roll-up pinfall on Clay for the win.  Post-match, Truth grabbed Xavier to yank him out of the ring as an angry Brodus Clay shoved Tensai.  Clay calmed down a bit after he realized he messed up.

Sin Cara defeated Alberto Del Rio via pinfall.  Sin Cara made his return to WWE TV after several weeks away.  In the late part of the match, Del Rio went for the enziguiri in the corner, but Sin Cara ducked.  Cara hit a splash off the top rope before pinning Del Rio to get the win.  Sin Cara celebrated with the crowd, as Del Rio recovered outside the ring.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed John Cena.  He spoke about becoming unified WWE champion, and mentioned legends from the past such as Ric Flair, or Hulk Hogan.  He said it would mean everything to him to become Unified WWE Champion now.

The Shield cut a promo from a dimly-lit area talking about CM Punk, then said to "believe in the Shield."

The Shield defeated The Rhodes Bros. & Big Show via pinfall.  Late in the match, Big Show got speared onto the floor by Reigns.  Cody splashed onto Reigns on the outside, but appeared to have hurt his arm or shoulder.  Ambrose and Goldust went at it in the ring with Goldust trying for the superplex onto Rollins.  Rollins moved away as Goldust hit the Superplex, then quickly rolled him up for a pinfall to win it.

Renee Young interviewed CM Punk backstage about having to face The Shield 1-on-3 at TLC PPV.  He started to get excited talking about it, wondering which creative genius came up with the idea.  He sang some music from "West Side Story," then got more serious and said he's going down, and taking the Shiled with him.

Ryback & Curtis Axel defeated The Miz and Kofi Kingston.  During the match, Miz managed to escape from Ryback, before tagging in Kofi.  Kofi ducked a clothesline, and Miz ended up getting hit by it from Ryback.  A bit of chaos ensued, then Ryback hit Shell Shock on Kofi for the pinfall win.  Post-match, the heels left the ring.  Miz helped Kofi to his feet, then slapped him in the face, before leaving the ring.  Kofi asked "Are you kidding me?" as he looked out of the ring and the announcers said the two competitors were trying to help each other become better.

Mark Henry defeated Fandango via pinfall.  Fandango went off the top rope towards the end with a big splash, with Henry trying to catch him, but instead Fandango fell on him for a near fall.  Moments after that, Fandango fell into Henry's arms for the World's Strongest Slam.  Post-match, Henry danced towards Summer Rae who refused the advances.

The Real Americans defeated Prime Time Players via pinfall.  Late in this one, Cesaro was doing his spin move on Titus, when Zeb Colter got on the apron and told Cesaro to stop or Titus might puke.  Cesaro did and Titus stumbled over to tag in Young.  Young came in and started to clean house, but when he went for a move off the top rope, Cesaro hit the European Uppercut on him, then pinned him.

There were tables, ladders and chairs around the ring for the official Cena vs. Orton unified title match contract signing.  Stephanie McMahon and Triple H arrived out to the ring first to discuss that there will be one winner and one undisputed, unified champion.  She added that they "guarantee it."

The two current champions, WWE champ Orton and World Champ Cena, were both introduced and came out to sign the contract in the ring at a table.  They each got time to speak, with Cena's statements being about how HHH originally hand picked Orton to be his next star in line, but Orton got lazy, and Cena took his spot.  Cena said he's the first to arrive and last to leave each day.  He said Orton believes he's entitled to everything because of family history, but Cena works for what he's achieved.  He said if Orton gets anything from him at TLC, he'll have to earn it.  Cena then challenged Orton to leave or make a move now.  

Orton tried to knock the table onto Cena, but Cena avoided it and tackled Orton down.  The fight spilled out of the ring.  Cena got a ladder shot to Orton's shoulder.  Moments later, after recovering from an Orton series of headbutts, Cena hit him in the gut with a steel chair a few times.  Back in the ring, Orton recovered to knock Cena down with a ladder shot to the face.  Orton prepared for a follow up move but Cena was able to get out of the way and sent him through a table in the corner of the ring.  He concluded with an Attitude Adjustment through another table, before grabbing both title belts to pose like Orton did at the end of last week's Raw.

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