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Raw Results 11/25/13

Raw Results from Uniondale, NY:

The opening segment had Randy Orton and John Cena both end up in the ring with Stephanie and Triple H.  At one point, the crowd was chanting "YES" and Cena said the crowd is sick of all the corporate BS.  He said there should only be one champion, then challenged Orton to a match for both titles.  HHH announced that there would be a match at TLC featuring John Cena versus Randy Orton in a TLC match with both title belts hanging above the ring.

The Shield defeated Rey Mysterio & The Rhodes Brothers via pinfall in a six-man tag match.  Dean Ambrose hit his finisher on Cody Rhodes for the win.

Miz TV featured Miz interviewing Titus O'Neil pretending to be former NFL star Michael Strahan.  The real Strahan came out to the ring and told Miz his jokes were weak.  Strahan announced a main event tag match of Big Show and Cena versus Del Rio and Orton.  At one point Miz and Titus each tried a hip toss on Strahan with no success. Strahan hit a hip toss on Miz, before doing a dance with Titus and hip tossing him.  Eventually Miz and Titus were back up and hugged Strahan, before all three did the "Millions of Dollars" dance in a strange segment.

Big E Langston & Mark Henry defeated Ryback and Curtis Axel via pinfall.  Henry hit World's Strongest Slam on Axel for the win.

The Bella Twins & Eva Marie won a 7-on-7 divas Survivor Series rematch.  It came down to Summer Rae versus the Bella Twins and Eva Marie.  Summer danced a bit, then Nikki ultimately hit a backbreaker after putting Summer up in the torture rack to get the pinfall win.

Damien Sandow defeated Dolph Ziggler in a Hamptons Hardcore match via pinfall.  The match featured various weapons in the ring such as golf clubs, tennis rackets and trash cans.  Late in the match, Ziggler hit a DDT of Sandow onto a chair, but Sandow kicked out of the pinfall, then managed to hit the You're Welcome on a trash can for the pinfall victory.

They had a segment backstage with Santino talking to Michael Strahan when one of the Wyatt Family showed up with the sheep mask on.  He handed a sheep mask to Strahan who put it on.  They looked at each other, then at the camera and back at each other.  Rowan walked off, so Strahan took the mask off.  Santino made some sort of joke about Halloween and Thanksgiving, telling Strahan to cook a turkey, throw it away and nibble on the mask.

They had an in-ring interview with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan which led to a 3-on-2 handicap match against The Wyatt Family.  During the interview, Punk quipped about Triple H and said he (Punk) and Bryan could face any number of opponents together and still come out on top.

CM Punk & Daniel Bryan fought The Wyatt Family to a double disqualification.  Late in the match, all five of the superstars got into a brawl in the ring, forcing the ref to call for the bell to end the match.  Punk was hurt inside the ring, while Wyatt Family beat up Bryan ringside.  Rowan eventually put Bryan up on his shoulder to carry backstage.  CM Punk finally got up and started towards the ramp, but Roman Reigns appeared out of nowhere to spear him.  The three members of Shield triple powerbombed him in the ring to finish things off.

The Miz defeated Kofi Kingston via pinfall.  Early on Kofi extended a handshake, but both men ended up slapping each other in the face.  The finish saw Miz make a come back and eventually hook Kofi's arms for the pinfall.

Xavier Woods defeated Heath Slater via pinfall.  The match lasted just over three minutes.  R-Truth and The Funkadactyls were at ringside for Woods while the rest of 3MB were also there.

John Cena was backstage talking with tonight's guest host Michael Strahan before heading out for the main event.

John Cena & The Big Show defeated Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton via submission.  Late in the match, Cena got a hot tag from Big Show.  Cena went at it with Del Rio, who gained the upperhand on a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.  Del Rio went for the cross armbreaker, but Cena managed to avoid that and countered it into an STF making Del Rio tap out.

Post-match, Cena checked on Big Show who had sustained a Superkick from Del Rio and a DDT from Orton during the match.  Del Rio kicked away on Cena all of a sudden and tried for his armbreaker again, but Cena avoided it to hit the AA.  However, as Cena got back up, Orton smashed him down with the WWE title belt.  Orton went to ringside to grab Cena's World Heavyweight belt.  The show closed with Orton posing over Cena holding both belts up as if he was the only champion.

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