Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Main Event Results 01/29/14

Main Event results from Toledo, OH:

Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth via pinfall.  Xavier Woods was ringside with Truth for the match.  After a break, Del Rio was working over Truth's neck.  Truth finally got his feet up to stop Del Rio on a charge move in the corner.  Del Rio hit an armbreaker drop and continued to control it.  Later in the match, Truth escaped the Cross Armbreaker.  Truth went for the superplex moments later, but Del Rio pushed him off to hanging in a tree of woe.  Del Rio hit a double stomp on Truth and scored the pinfall win.

They had a backstage segment where Aksana and Alicia Fox were hyping up Tamina.  The Bella Twins and Natalya showed up to brag about a recent victory they had.  There was some arguing for a bit before Natalya said "may the best diva win."  The heel divas called Natalya "old" and Natalya implied that Tamina was manly in nature.

Natalya defeated Tamina via pinfall.  Tamina had control of things early, working over Nat's legs.  Tamina tried for a Superkick late, but Natalya rolled underneath her then scored a rollup pinfall to win it.  AJ was on commentary during the match and helped attack Natalya post match.  The Funkadactyls rushed down and helped out Natalya, forcing AJ to flee.

Big E Langston & The Uso Brothers defeated 3MB via pinfall.  The match lasted approximately ten minutes of TV time.  Late in the match, the heels kept working on Jimmy, but he escaped and made a hot tag to Big E.  Langston did various power moves to knock down the opponents.  Later, the Uso Brothers hit a double superkick on Mahal and McIntyre, then each got on a ring corner.  Langston hit the Big Ending while The Usos both hit Superfly Splashes so all three guys could get pinfalls.

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