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2014 Royal Rumble Results & Winners Coverage

Welcome to 2014 Royal Rumble results and winners coverage!  The latest event arrived from Pittsburgh, PA's Consol Energy Center on Sunday, January 26th and started out with a free live online "Kick Off Show" featuring a tag team title match.  The main pay-per-view featured John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the unified championships, Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show, Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt and of course, the 30-man Royal Rumble match.

Royal Rumble Kick Off Show Results:

The show featured a panel of Josh Matthews, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair discussing the matches and who they believed would win each.  They debated Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt before sending things to ringside with Cole, JBL and Lawler for the free live online tag team title match.

The New Age Outlaws defeated The Rhodes Brothers via pinfall to win the tag team titles. The match kicked off with about 15 minutes until the Royal Rumble PPV.  At one point, Cody delivered a double kick off the corner to both New Age Outlaws, then knocked Billy out of the ring.  Cody hit Cross Rhodes on Road Dogg and pinned him, but Billy managed to get back in the ring to break it up.  Goldust got involved to take out Billy and fight him on the outside, but Billy got control and knocked down Goldust outside.  Back up on the apron, Billy made a blind tag slapping Road Dogg's back.  Cody hit a move on Road Dogg but was hunched over a bit as Gunn came in and hit a Fameasser on Cody for the win.

2014 Royal Rumble PPV Match Results:

Cole, JBL and Lawler welcomed fans in before getting to the first match. Bryan arrived out first to huge support from the crowd.  Next up, the video glitch and then The Wyatt Family made an entrance with Bray sitting in his rocking chair for a while on the ramp before blowing out the lamp and going to the ring to fight.

Bray Wyatt defeated Daniel Bryan via pinfall. At one point, Bryan got knocked to the outside where Harper and Rowan got involved.  The ref promptly ordered them to go backstage drawing crowd approval.  Wyatt hugged them and said he could fight the battle on his own.  They headed backstage and as Bray turned to the ring, Bryan leapt off the corner to take him out.  Later on, the two fought on the outside with Bryan able to run Bray into the steel steps.  Back in the ring, Bryan took out frustration on the hurt leg and kept delivering kicks to "Yes" responses from the crowd. Later, Bray turned the tide by taking it to Bryan on the apron and yanking his arm down against the side apron to leave Bryan on the outside floor.  At one point, Daniel Bryan did a suicide dive outside the ring at Bray who caught him in his arms and hit Sister Abigail smashing Bryan's head int othe crowd barrier to leave him knocked out.  Bray brought a limp Bryan back in the ring to hit another Sister Abigail for the win.  Post-match, Harper and Rowan joined Bray to celebrate the win.

Renee Young interviewed Paul Heyman backstage about the Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show match for tonight. Heyman talked about how the entire WWE Universe will be subjugated to "Brock the Destroyer" after tonight's match.

Cole and crew sent it back up to the panel with each man introduced: Ric Flair, HBK and Hacksaw along with Josh Matthews.  They made their picks for Brock vs. Big Show.  Flair liked Brock, Hacksaw took Big Show, while HBK also picked Brock.

Brock Lesnar defeated The Big Show via pinfall.  Show was introduced first and stayed in the ring throug highlights of his attacks on Lesnar the past few weeks on Raw.  Next out was Lesnar with Heyman.  Brock immediately attacked Show in the ring without the bell ringing or the match starting.  Brock grabbed a steel chair and started smashing it down on Big Show's back multiple times.  The commentators talked about how Lesnar clearly doesn't want to fight Big Show.  Paul Heyman was shown laughing on the outside.  The ref yelled at Brock to knock it off as Show rolled outside the ring to recover with the match still not started.  Finally, the ref managed to yank the chair away from Brock and get out of the ring.  The ref slid back in and prepared to start the match.  As he ordered the bell to ring, Heyman handed a second steel chair to Lesnar.  The bell rang, and Show walked over to deliver a KO punch to level Lesnar.  The two ended up fighting on the outside with both guys shaken up.  The two got back in the ring and fought for a bit, but Brock managed to hoist up Big Show for the F5 and delivered it for the huge win. Lesnar still seemed out of it post-match, but managed to leave the ring and got another steel chair in hand.

Post-match, Lesnar repeatedly attacked Show with the chair and continued as Show fell to the outside floor to further damage him with Heyman watching from nearby.  Brock finally tossed the chair into the ring, then stopped to survey the damage.  Heyman walked up on the apron and down the stairs to lead Brock backstage.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were shown in a dark room on a handheld video camera talking about the dominance of The Shield and how they'll have 27 enemies in the ring tonight for the Royal Rumble.  Ambrose said all 27 of them will be tossed over the top rope.  Reigns and Rollins chimed in saying only one of them will go on to headline WrestleMania.  Reigns told his partners he was confident he's got the winning number tonight.  Ambrose asked what number he's got, but Reigns wouldn't tell him.  They got in a bit of an argument, with Rollins interrupting to bring them back on the same page saying the only number to worry about is "3" for The Shield.

Renee Young interviewed Randy Orton about the championship match tonight against Cena.  Orton said after tonight when he beats Cena again, John Cena will go to the back of the line.  Renee brought up that there's quite a line forming including Brock Lesnar and Batista, as well as the Royal Rumble winner and Bray Wyatt who just defeated Daniel Bryan.  Orton said when you're on top of the mountain people want a shot, but nobody will touch him.  He said Brock Lesnar and Batista are good but not great like him.  He called Bray Wyatt a "Duck Dynasty" reject.  Orton said he'll make sure tonight that everyone knows that John Cena is not the one either.

They fed to video highlights for a package regarding the history between John Cena and Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with the setup for tonight's championship match.

Randy Orton defeated John Cena via pinfall to retain the WWE World Heavyweight title. The champion was introduced first and made it to the ring then waited out cheers and boos before John Cena's music finally hit to bring out Cena.  The two fought it out with Orton getting an early advantage, and the crowd at Consol Energy chanting loud for "Daniel Bryan" which Cole pointed out.  Cole said a lot of the WWE Universe believes Bryan is still uncrowned champion after a questionable loss to Orton. Orton maintained control on the outside and brought Cena back in.  Cena nearly completed an AA, but Orton escaped, kicked Cena in the gut and hit a DDT for a near fall.  Later, Orton got Cena up on the corner and attempted a belly-to-belly, but Cena headbutted him down to the mat.  Cena shook off the damage and jumped off the corner for a leg drop to take down Orton for a near fall.  Cena tried for AA again, but Orton got out again, hit a backbreaker and had another near fall.

Moments later, Orton was knocked to the outside and as Cena tried to go at him through the ropes, Orton grabbed him to DDT him off the apron to the outer floor.  With Cena back in the ring on the mat, Orton revved up for an RKO.  He went for it, but Cena ducked and took out Orton's leg then slapped on STF.  Orton managed to crawl over to the ropes to break it though.  Orton again regained control with a move to hit Cena.  However, as Orton got back in the ring, Cena put Orton flat on his back and hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle, then set up for AA.  Cena went for it but was close to the ropes.  Orton grabbed the ropes and Cena tried to yank him away, but it caused Orton to accidentally kick the ref and knock him out.  Cena got another STF on Orton and Orton tapped but the ref was unable to call the match.  Orton got one of his championship belts and used it to knock Cena to the mat as the ref was finally coming to.  The ref moved over and made a pinfall cover, but Cena got his arm up to get out.  Orton looked at the crowd as they were chanting "This is awful", but Cena sprung up and grabbed him, hit the AA and made a cover, with Orton kicked out of it.

A "We Want Divas" chant started up at one point. Moments later, Orton hit another RKO and made a cover, but once again, Cena kicked out.  The match continued, with Cena trying to get some offense, but Orton dropped him to the mat and put on an STF with Cena looking to be in pain.  Cena was able to escape and put the move on Orton, who also escaped moments later.  To further mock Cena, Orton put up John in the AA and hit it for a near fall.  Later on, Cena RKO'd Orton for a near fall.  The match kept on, with Cena trying for the AA from the corner, only to hit a Hurricanrana instead.  Cena got another STF on Orton but all of a sudden the video glitch started up from the Wyatt Family and the lights cut out.  Suddenly, the lights came back on and the Wyatts were up on the aprons surrounding the ring.  Cena rushed over and punched down Bray, then went after Harper.  As he turned back to Orton, Randy hit the RKO to drop Cena and get the winning pinfall.

Post-match, Orton went over, grabbed his championships and exited through the crowd.  The Wyatt Family met outside the ring, then got in to attack Cena, hitting a barrage of moves including a splash in the corner and a huge clothesline.  Bray Wyatt had Rowan and Harper hold up Cena, then went over, grabbed him for Sister Abigail to leave Cena out on the mat.  The crowd approvingly chanted "Yes!"

Renee Young interview the new tag team champions The New Age Outlaws.  Road Dogg did their typical in-ring promo to show Renee how to introduce them better.  Renee fed to a replay of how they won the belts earlier on tonight.  Road Dogg talked about it being 14 years between title reigns, and it's a new record.

They had various pre-Rumble interviews from superstars saying how they'd win it this year.

Royal Rumble Match:

CM Punk was the #1 entrant as already announced.  Coming in second was Seth Rollins of The Shield who battled Punk for a while before another countdown brought in #3 Damien Sandow.  The two heels teamed up to beat on Punk.  Cody Rhodes came in fourth, and moments later, Punk eliminated Sandow.  Rhodes and Punk started to work on Rollins as the countdown started and brought in #5, Kane.  Kane came in and punched down Rhodes then started on Punk in the corner.  Kane hit the sidewalk slam and several other moves before setting up for a chokeslam.  Punk escaped the chokeslam and eliminated Kane second.  Alexander Rusev from NXT came in at #6.  Rusev beat up on everyone for a bit, before Jack Swagger's music hit and he came down to hit multiple Swagger bombs on Rollins and Rhodes.  Rusev and Swagger went at each other, with Rusev trying to pick up Swagger, but Rollins clipped Rusev's leg from behind and 3 guys ganged up on him.  Next up was #8, Kofi Kingston.

Kofi came in and jumped up to take down Punk then nearly put him over the top rope.  He turned his focus to Rusev, but Seth Rollins hit a double axe handle on Kofi to stop that.  Kofi and Rhodes teamed up on Rusev.  Next up, #9 arrived to the ring with Jimmy Uso rushing in to take down Rollins and Rusev before attacking Kofi and Rhodes a bit.  Goldust came down at the #10 spot with Cole noting that he eliminated Rhodes from the past two Rumbles. Multiple guys teamed up to toss Rusev out of the ring next.  Punk managed to send Kofi off the apron, but he flew into Rusev's arms.  Rusev carried Kofi over to the crowd barrier and put him on it before attacking him there.  Kofi stayed on it after Rusev left, then stood up and was able to run and jump off the barrier to the apron, staying in the match.

Dean Ambrose entered at #11. Dolph Ziggler was #12, with nobody eliminated since Rusev.  R-Truth came down for #13 but got beat up by Ambrose and Rollins quick. Ambrose soon eliminated Truth from the match, then Jimmy Uso next.  Swagger tried to use his foot to drive Kofi off the apron, only to have Kofi remove the boot and smash him in the head wit hit.  Kevin Nash surprised everyone with the #14 entry causing the crowd to erupt.  He quickly rushed over and knocked Swagger out of the match, then went after the 2 Shield members.  Roman Reigns came in at the #15 spot to complete all three Shield members entering.

Reigns fought off Kevin Nash then tossed Kofi out of the ring to the floor.  Nash got dumped over the top by Reigns and managed to hold the top rope, but Nash couldn't hold on and was eliminated.  Coming in at #16 was Great Khali, but he was eliminated by Reigns moments later. Goldust eliminated Cody, then Reigns tossed out Goldust himself.  That left all 3 of Shield and CM Punk.  Next up, was the return of Sheamus at #17 who rushed in to make a big attack on The Shield, beating up all 3 guys and isolating them in different corners.  At #18, The Miz rushed down to join the match along with all 3 of Shield, Sheamus and Punk.  Fandango was the #19 entrant, drawing the crowd to hum/sing his theme music a bit.  El Torio came in at #20 with Los Matadores introducing him.  He quickly took out two members of The Shield.  Fandango tried to press Torito overhead but ended up getting eliminated by the mini mascot.  Moments later, Reigns picked up Torito and threw him out at Fandango to eliminate him.

The #20 entry was Antonio Cesaro.  Luke Harper came in at #21.  Jey Uso was #22 for the match, with the commentators noting his partner was already eliminated earlier.  Still remaining in the match, all three of The Shield, CM Punk, Sheamus and Antonio Cesaro.  The #23 entrant surprised the crowd with JBL making his debut in the match.  He left the commentary spot still wearing a suit and tie to get involved.  He took off his coat and asked Cole to take it for him. As JBL handed the coat to Cole, Roman Reigns rushed over and dumped him out to eliminate JBL fast.  Erick Rowan came in at #24.  The Miz was soon eliminated by Harper from the match.  Ryback came in as the #26 entry and tried to push out Rollins and Sheamus together.  Former Rumble winner, Alberto Del Rio, came down for #27.

At this point, all 3 members of The Shield were in it, as well as all 3 members of The Shield.  CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Antonio Cesaro, Sheamus and Ryback also remained.  The #28 entry was The Animal Batista finally making his return to the match.  Cole noted Batista is the 2005 Rumble winner and a six time world champion.  He immediately started to beat up The Shield and then The Wyatts, eliminating Erick Rowan first, then going at Ryback.  Ryback prepared for the Meat Hook clothesline and charged at Batista in the corner, but got dumped out to become the next elimination.  Alberto Del Rio rushed over to clip Batista in the leg.  Batista was able to pick up Del Rio and dump him out moments later.

Next came the #29 entry, Big E Langston who rushed into the ring and started to hit multiple backbreakers on Sheamus.  He tried to dump out Sheamus as the crowd chanted for "Daniel Bryan" to be #30.  However, the final entrant wasn't Bryan, but Rey Mysterio which draw noticeable boos from the crowd.  Soon after his entry, Sheamus and Big E fought it out near the apron.  Sheamus managed to clothesline Big E off the apron to eliminate him next.  The final remaining competitors were Harper, all 3 of the Shield, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, Antonio Cesaro and Batista.  Rollins hit a huge kick on Mysterio to eliminate him from contention.  Cole pointed out that Rollins and Punk have been in the match since the start for 47 minutes now.

Roman Reigns was able to eliminate Harper next, with Dean Ambrose trying to push out his Reigns in a sneak attack.  Reigns was able to stay alive though.  Soon after that, Antonio Cesaro tried to dump out two members of The Shield, but instead Reigns pushed out all three guys including his teammates.  All the remaining guys did their finishing moves on each other.  Kane came out of nowhere and grabbed Punk from the side apron and yanked him out of the match to eliminate him late, leaving Sheamus, Roman Reigns and Batista.  Meanwhile, Kane hit a chokeslam to slam Punk through the Spanish announcers table.

It was down to a final three of Roman Reigns, Sheamus and Batista in the ring.  The crowd booed as Daniel Bryan wasn't included.  Batista quickly gained control, taking it to both opponents.  The crowd chanted out "No" to support Bryan.  Moments later, Sheamus hit the Celtic Curse on Batista to slam him down, before pointing to the WrestleMania 30 sign in the rafters.  He set up for a Brogue Kick on Batista, who started to slowly get up.  Batista ducked the kick, with Sheamus stopping himself short of the ropes.  Moments later, Batista dumped Sheamus over the top, but Sheamus held on then punched Batista away.  Roman Reigns rushed over and rammed Sheamus off the apron.  Batista tried to quickly dump Reigns out, but he managed to hang on and roll in under the bottom rope.

It came down to The Animal Batista versus Roman Reigns.  The crowd chanted "Roman Reigns" as Batista stood up.  Reigns charged at him, but Batista speared him down drawing plenty of boos from the crowd.  As Baitsta turned around, Reigns hit a huge spear on Batista to take him down.  He picked up Batista and tried to run him over to toss him out, but instead The Animal reversed it and tossed Reigns over instead.  Batista is the 2014 Royal Rumble winner and will go on to headline WrestleMania 30 with a title shot.  Reigns recovered on the outside post-match.  Cole pointed out that Roman Reigns set a new Royal Rumble record with the most eliminations ever.  However, The Animal won his second-ever Royal Rumble match.  The replay was shown with many of Reigns' eliminations. Batista's music played on as he posed on the corner of the ring and pointed at the WM30 sign with fireworks going off.

Batista won the Royal Rumble match after making the final elimination - Roman Reigns.  Batista will now go on to headline WrestleMania 30 with a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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