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SmackDown Results 01/31/14

SmackDown results from Toledo, OH:

The opening segment had The Shield in the ring talking about how if they were in a Chamber match with Orton, one of them would walk out champion.  Reigns said it would be him, which caused Ambrose to get agitated and interrupt.  They argued over the Royal Rumble, with Ambrose telling Reigns to toss him out of the ring like a man face-to-face next time.  Reigns got in Ambrose's face with Rollins interrupting to put both his teammates over a bit.  They noted that it was the Wyatt Family who cost them the Royal Rumble.  That brought out Vickie who tried to set something up, but before she could, Triple H came out and took the mic to walk to the ring.  He talked about how all this talk was about a loss, and there's no money in it.  He eventually booked The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family for the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Antonio Cesaro defeated Dolph Ziggler via pinfall.  Cesaro went for a late European uppercut move, with Ziggler grabbing him and hitting a DDT to counter.  Ziggler had a nearfall.  Later, he went for the ZigZag to finish, but Cesaro grabbed the ropes to prevent it, then followed with a Cesaro swing.  He finished Ziggler off with the Neutralizer.  With the win, Cesaro gained a spot in the Elimination Chamber match at the PPV.

Fandago defeated Xavier Woods via pinfall.  During the match, Emma from NXT was shown at ringside and got a reaction from the crowd.  Woods climbed the ropes late in the match with Fandango crotching him.  Fandango followed up with a Falcon Arrow to suplex slam Woods on his back from the corner for the win. Post-match, Fandango kept beating up Woods, causing R-Truth to make a save.  Woods and Truth danced to celebrate.

Ryback & Curtis Axel defeated The PrimeTime Players via pinfall.  During the match, Ryback tossed D-Young outside and argued with the ref a bit.  On the outside, Young got into it with Axel, punching him.  As Young returned to the ring, Ryback hit the Meathook Clothesline.  Axel made the tag to hit his own finisher to get the win. Young was bleeding from his mouth after the match.

Post-match, Titus went in the ring to yell at Young, saying the match didn't even last for two minutes.  Young got on the mic to ask what was going on.  He said they were family, like brothers. O'Neil complained that since he started tagging with Young it's the first time in his life he's been considered a "loser," saying he came to win championships.  Young tried to calm Titus down saying they could discuss it backstage.  Titus said it was time to get rid of dead weight.  He hit a huge boot to Young, then stomped on him before tossing him into the crowd barrier several times.  Young was knocked out as Titus headed backstage.

Christian defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall.  Christian made his return to SmackDown after recovering from a concussion.  In the match, Swagger hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb late, then had a near fall.  Christian went for a Sunset Flip, then got a two count.  Swagger managed to get him into a Patriot Lock moments later, but Christian reversed into another near fall.  Several moments later, he managed to knock down Swagger and hit a Frogsplash to get the win.  With the win, Christian earned the final spot in the 2014 Elimination Chamber match against Antonio Cesaro, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and champion Randy Orton.

Kofi Kingston defeated Damien Sandow via pinfall.  The match lasted about two minutes.  Late in this one, Kofi hit the SOS to take the pinfall victory.

They showed highlights from Raw with Heyman and Lesnar threatning Brad Maddox and demanding the Authority book a solid match for Brock against either Batista or Orton.  When they got no response, Lesnar took out his frustrations by beating up Cody Rhodes and Goldust.  They showed a part of Michael Cole's weekly chat with Triple H, where HHH booked a match for this Monday night with New Age Outlaws vs. Rhodes Brothers inside a steel cage.

Cody Rhodes defeated Road Dogg via pinfall.  Goldust and Billy Gunn were ringside during the match.  Late in this one, Cody put Dogg on the top rope and kicked him in the gut.  He hit a disaster kick to send Billy Gunn off the apron, then moments later hit one on Road Dogg for the win. Post-match, The Rhodes Brothers and New Age Outlaws brawled in the ring, with the Rhodes clearing NAO out of the ring.

The Shield went out to the ring for the main event six man tag match.  The Wyatt video glitch sounded off to interrupt and they were shown on the screen.  Bray said he admires their courage, since normal men lose sleep over dancing with reapers.  He understands "war and injustice is their game" and said he "digs it."  Bray said he likes to play games too.  Harper told them you reap what you sow and "you three boys picked a wonderful hill to die on."  Bray got back in the camera and said it's dangerous to invite the devil into your backyard, because he might like it and decide to stay.  The promo closed with Rowan looking at the camera in his sheep mask saying "Run."

The Shield defeated Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio via pinfall.  The match lasted over 13 minutes of television time.  Late in this one, Sheamus got hit with a Superman Punch by Reigns and sent to the outside.  Daniel Bryan did a flying dropkick on Reigns and put the Yes Lock on him, only for Ambrose to break it up and send Bryan out of the ring.  Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Ambrose on the outside.  Rey Mysterio made a tag in and got Reigns against the ropes.  As Rey went for a 619, Reigns quickly reacted by getting up and spearing Mysterio for a pinfall.  The show closed with Shield standing tall as the winners.

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