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Raw Results 02/03/14

WWE Raw results from Omaha, NE:

The show opened with the champion Randy Orton coming to the ring to brag about being such a dominant champion and asking how many times he has to beat the superstars he's going to face inside the Chamber.  He said Batista and him used to be on the same level in Evolution, but now Orton is simply better.  He called himself "the main attraction of Raw."  Triple H and Stephanie came out to the stage, and questioned why Orton is letting the fans get to him and why he keeps saying the same things each week about beating impossible odds. They questioned him as the face of WWE and said they may need to put their faith in someone else, so they booked Orton vs. Daniel Bryan for tonight's main event.  Hunter started some "Yes!" chants with the crowd as Orton looked irritated.

The Shield defeated Rey Mysterio, Big E Langston & Kofi Kingston via pinfall. Late in this one, Big E Langston got the hot tag and hit several moves including a German suplex on Reigns.  Later, Reigns hit a Superman punch, then prepard for the spear.  Ambrose tagged himself in before Reigns could do the move and hit his own finisher for the win.  Post-match, Reigns was irritated and Rollins had to get between him and Ambrose.  The Wyatt Family sound effect hit and they appeared on the Titantron.  Bray said he'll build an empire next to the sea and smile as his enemies drown. Harper said Shield needs to realize Bray has always been their king.  He started to whistle and Erick Rowan leaned to the camera in the sheep mask, saying "RUN."

They had a Bad News Barrett segment where he mocked fans who watched this year's Super Bowl and stuffed themselves with junk food, saying they probably won't survive to see next year's game.  Jerry Lawler got on a mic to call out Barrett, saying he has some bad news for him and "hopefully next week, you won't be around."

Christian defeated Jack Swagger via pinfall. The match lasted over five minutes, with Swagger going for a Gutwrench suplex at one point and Christian countering into a move for a near fall.  Christian went for a move off the top rope, but Swagger caught him and then tried for an Ankle Lock submission.  Christian avoided that and moments later got the sunset flip from the second rope for the pinfall win.

A steel cage lowered down from the ceiling area around the ring. They announced that Betty White will be the special guest host for next week's episode of WWE Raw.  New Age Outlaws made their intro to the ring for the tag team title match in the cage.

The New Age Outlaws defeated The Rhodes Bros. in a steel cage match to retain the tag team titles. During the match, a few "CM Punk" chants started up from the crowd.  Later in the contest, Road Dogg prevented Cross Rhodes, but Goldust was able to slam him moments later.  Rhodes then hit CrossRhodes for the near fall. Cody began to climb up the cage, but Lawler reminded fans the titles couldn't be won by leaving the cage, it had to be a pin or submission.  Cody tried for a huge moonsault off the top of the cage but Dogg moved away.  Billy Gunn then hit Fameasser to get the pinfall win.

Titus O'Neil defeated Zack Ryder via pinfall.  Prior to the match, The Miz came out to complain that Titus has a match on Raw and he doesn't.  Miz stormed to the back after complaining to Cole about it.  In the match itself, Titus won in under 3 minutes, hitting a one-armed slam for the pinfall.

They had a Fandango versus Santino Marella dance-off in the ring. Santino suggested during the contest that Summer Rae should face off with a member of the audience.  Emma from NXT was at ringside again, and got in the ring.  Santino hyped her up and Summer did her dance moves first, which Santino laughed at.  Emma did her usual dance from NXT, and ended up winning based on crowd applause.  Cole tried to immitate Emma's dance moves at the announce table.

Sheamus defeated Curtis Axel via pinfall.  Sheamus dominated the match for the most part, and finished off Axel with a Brogue Kick at the end.

Batista was shown walking backstage in a jean jacket and v-neck t-shirt after arriving to the arena.

Batista came out to the ring to talk about WrestleMania 30, but was soon interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. Batista asked Del Rio what his deal is, saying he doesn't have any issue with him. Del Rio told Batista he'll let him know when they're done.  He called out Batista being on his couch for the past four years waiting for a movie agent to call him, saying he was in WWE winning titles during that time.  Del Rio called Batista a "nasty perro" who's afraid of him, then voted to hurt him until he begs him not to.  Batista laughed that off, saying he doesn't get Del Rio's deal.  Del Rio punched Batista in the face, causing him to hit the mat.  ADR kept stomping away on him, but Batista made a comeback and kicked him in the gut, then teased a Batista Bomb.  Del Rio quickly left the ring.  Batista yelled at him to get back in, but Del Rio just smirked and stayed on stage. The segment closed with Batista's music and then him shouting to Del Rio, "You want it? You got it!"

The Wyatt Family defeated Xavier Woods, R-Truth & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. The match lasted about five minutes, with Ziggler getting some offense in for a bit, until Bray eventually hit Sister Abigail for the pinfall win. Post-match, Dean Ambrose appeared on the big screen mocking the scary sort of promos from The Wyatts.  He said to take their crap elsewhere.  Rollins chimed in, saying Wyatt is so delusional he's a figment of his own imagination.  Reigns spoke up telling them they're in the Shield's yard now and they don't play games.  Wyatt started to laugh and yelled "I welcome this war!"

Naomi defeated Aksana via pinfall. AJ Lee was on commentary and talked up her reign of 232 days as Divas Champion. During the match, Aksana accidentally dropped her knee on Naomi's face after a sunset flip by Naomi.  It appeared to be a legit shot, hurting Naomi's eye.  Moments later, Naomi hit a split-legged moonsault for the win.  Post-match, she was holding her eye but pointed out at Lee.

Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton via pinfall in a non-title match. Michael Cole noted that Orton's going to have matches against each of the guys he'll be facing in the Chamber, in the coming weeks ahead of the PPV.  His first is Daniel Bryan on Raw tonight, then Christian on SmackDown.  During the match, the two ended up on the outside, where Bryan threw Orton over the announcers table, causing Cole to get knocked down. Once they were back in the ring, Bryan pulled off a Huracanrana from the top rope on Orton, then put on a half-crab.  Orton reached the ropes and got outside the ring, but Bryan followed.  Orton managed to backdrop Bryan onto the crowd barrier, then rolled him back into the ring for a powerslam before a break.

Later in the match, Bryan managed to put the Yes! Lock on, but Orton was able to quickly break by reaching the ropes.  He regained control and hit the DDT from the middle ropes.  He revved up for his RKO, but when he went for it, Bryan was ready and kicked him, then did a headbutt off the top rope for a near fall.  He kicked Orton several times, but just then Kane arrived out and got on the ring apron.  Bryan knocked Kane off the apron, then threw Orton out of the ring.  He hit a suicide dive on both guys.  Kane tried to charge at Bryan, but was tripped by a drop toehold, causing Kane to hit the ring steps.  Bryan got back in the ring and as Orton went for an RKO, Bryan shoved him away, then came back with the running knee to capture the win.  Post-match, Orton and Kane attacked Bryan with multiple stomps, followed by a Kane chokeslam to end the show.

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