Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Main Event Results 03/11/14

Main Event results from Little Rock, AR:

The latest episode of WWE Main Event aired on Tuesday, March 11th on the WWE Network online and included several big title matches on the card. Among those featured were AJ Lee, Natalya, Mark Henry and Dean Ambrose.

Los Matadores defeated Curtis Axel and Ryback. Late in the match, Fernando got a hot tag to Diego. Diego came in and took out Axel and Ryback with a bunch of quick offense. Fernando managed to knock Ryback down near ringside, with El Torito getting on the apron. Axel kicked Torito off the apron but he fell onto Ryback. Axel was distracted by that, so Diego rolled him up for a pinfall.

AJ Lee defeated Natalya via submission to retain the Divas Championship. Tamina was ringside for AJ. Prior to the match, AJ said she was bored. She said she has no competition and will show once again why she’s longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time. In the match, Natalya fought back late and hit a body slam for a near fall. AJ put a Black Widow on moments later, but Natalya powered out and tried for a Sharpshooter. AJ fought it off, but Natalya re-applied it. AJ got to the ropes once, and then another time with Tamina pushing the rope forward for her. Natalya argued with Tamina about her involvement and AJ hit a Shining Wizard on Natty. She followed with the Black Widow and made Natalya tap out.

Dean Ambrose defeated Mark Henry via pinfall to retain the United States Championship. Rollins and Reigns were ringside to support Ambrose. Before a commercial break, Henry argued with the two guys on the outside, allowing Ambrose to get a dropkick on Henry’s knees. After break, Ambrose worked on Henry’s legs even more, hitting shots to his legs and putting holds on him. Henry managed to come back and went for a second rope splash. Reigns distracted him, allowing Ambrose to yank Henry off the corner and hit his finisher, before getting the pinfall.

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